Twas three weeks before Christmas

And all through the land

British car owners were baking and all was at hand

For a spirited party

With lots to eat

And stories galore of fun that was neat.


So the 2016 season has come to an end with the Christmas party once again hosted by our club hostess with the mostess, Carol Miller.  Now as usual there were great dishes to eat, lasagna,  meat balls, salads, some great  pasta dish created by chef Bill MacDonald and deserts galore.  



Everyone gathered in the spacious rooms of Carol’s home and enjoyed  snacks, drinks  and conversation.  Of course there was the usual character, the Elf Off The Shelf , our very own secretary Bill English, who mingled and mixed and kept everyone on their toes. 




The Elf was not the only distinguished guest because as the evening progressed we were visited by that jolly old gent himself Santa Inch, Tr6 speedster John Inch. 

In keeping with tradition, after everyone had filled their tanks from the bountiful table, we presented gifts to some of our more distinguished guests, mostly to the wives who really own the cars. 


Santa inch and the Elf Off The Shelf did the honours but I think that Santa Inch had the best job of all.  It seemed that he was able to entice our lovely ladies to sit on his knee and receive their gifts from him in a more fitting Santa fashion.  Boys will be boys. 


That being said, Bob Jardine was overcome with the idea of meeting his second most favourite celebrity,  I believe JT is number one, but both wear red equally well.


Special thanks went out to Carol, Barc and our special guests the Elf and Santa Inch for a job well done. 

So Good Bye until next year, and a very Merry Christmas to all and all the Best for the New Year.

Remember,  If you weren’t there you missed a great evening, we’ll see you in the New Year.