The 1994 Enfield Bullet 350

I took courage from the quick start and easy drive our B gave me last Sunday.  With some fear, trepidation but confidence born of years facing impossible tasks I brought the Enfield Bullet motorcycle out into the sun.  I let it warm up, added fuel, checked a few fluid levels to show I cared, then – kicked it over.  No surprise it just rumbled. I took a break after my leg began to cramp. Later I approached it again from behind so it wouldn’t be put off, jumped quickly aboard and kicked ‘er over and over and over.  Susan smiled on my new found exercise and asked how I would do the other leg.  Not discouraged I did the spark and fuel checks, choke and power. Then without discussing it with the cycle I again began stamping on the start lever. Soon I had a throaty rumble, a few vicious kick backs and finally running!

Now wiser people would celebrate this moment but seek to further understand why it took sooo much effort. Not I. Bristling with confidence I donned my leathers, helmet and gloves then sped off.  Once I had the mail from the end of the driveway only then did I concede to return this monster machine to its stable to rest.  Thank heavens it snowed Monday and I was unable to consider a “bike ride”.

Note: This model is the longest production run for any motorcycle.  It has been in production basically unchanged since 1948.

Bill e