The calendar say April and no... we are not looking out our windows at beautiful white sand, no not here in Cape Breton anyways. We are looking over endless miles of white pure wind tossed snow. But persevere we must, to prep our cars for the warm sunny driving season ahead. Alfred had suggested a Spring Tech Session. The "Spring has Sprung" tech session at his and Donna's huge warm garage and guess what the topic was...... among other things, Replacing springs. The springs on Donna's car were flat and had only 2 brackets holding them together, so the springs were changed out on  both sides between noon and 2:30. The "new to Donna's B" Springs were off Donnie's LE and Alfred had then re-arched at Ocean Spring for $129 which included  new main springs.  The price of a brand new set is 130 each plus shipping.  Made sense to stay local since the leaf springs were in great shape. Alfred and Donna laid out blueberry cake and coffee and before you knew it .... Alfred and Don were toiling at the old bolts holding the old springs in place. With Big John Inch and Brian McKeigan watching and Wilfred getting things ready it wasn't long before spring 1 was sprung. Look at the arch of the new spring on the floor... Nice! Trust me on this, if your springs have never been changed on you old British car, they sure don't look like the one on the floor behind Alfred. My guess is, the old spring is pretty much flat.

With Alfred going strong , pulling and tearing, the first of the two springs are off the car. Now I wasn't there to help but looking around the garage floor it appears that they have the correct tools and procedures being used. The car is well supported in the right spot making easy access to the bolts. I see pry bars, wrenches and new parts to go on the car. A absorbent sheet under Alfred to soak up any blood from busted knuckles... good move. Now what about the milk jug? Nuts and bolts perhaps?

Good ole Donnie now getting his well used mechanics gloves dirty. The undercarriage of Donna's B is well undercoated with my favourite... grease and graphite. It's very messy but boy oh boy, you will never find rust. There was a few other details to be looked after..... Like the wire leading to the gas tank. An improvised ground wire was used so Donnie had that looked after. There was an issue with the Newly added Day Time Running Lights and our electronic genius figured that out. Now Alfred's and Donna's amazing B is ready to hit the road this summer. 

Donna being the hostess she is, after all was completed in the garage, Donna had everybody in for French onion soup and sliced French bread with melted cheese. Geez ... Then desert consisted of cherry cake, tea and coffee. Holy Mackerel.... sorry I missed this. This is the simplified version of this story. Again I wasn't there to document everything but I am hearing the odd rumour of things getting difficult and the air turning blue. I am hearing stories of things like swear words and blood spilling. No this isn't a bar fight it's just a typical day of working on an old British Car.

You know how it goes..... If your weren't there you missed it. Come along next time.

Thanks Donna and Alfred for hosting this and thanks Barc for the pictures.