It was a group of 5 brave hearts that gathered under a dark sky and set out for a TD [top down] drive Sunday. Carol led a brief and unsuccessful stop in Bras d’Or to look for more support.


With Kelly’s Mountain between us and the next group of waiting members we passed through the clouds and descended into the Baddeck region where we met Sandy and Peter.

Now encouraged by the fellowship, more parts and brains Bill led to the Orangdale turn off and on to the train station. Sandy with Peter helping in the Jag, Susan ably assisted by Bill, Carol had imported a navigator for the trip- Karen from New Jersey and Don Peters were the 7 explorers headed for Cape Breton’s interior ocean coast.


The railway station was closed but we did see the large diner car from the Newfoundland Railway. Nfld had a narrow gauge railway so you won’t be seeing this car at a station near you! With Bill E leading we then headed briskly off in the wrong direction. A few parking lot circles and we were turning left for Marble Mountain. A lovely drive on a quiet back road brought us to the bridges near Seal Cove. A stop for a picture on the bridge involved the local community, much to our surprise. With the road blocked traffic backed up -1 vehicle- and cameras were clicking from the decks around the gut [a narrow point in a bay or harbour]. So look for us in many family albums as ‘ the rare birds of late summer’ spotted on the crossing. There was some laughter as the photographer jumped from the bridge to move his car.

The next road section was a fine example of NS TIR helping the community by providing 2.5 km of teeth jarring washboard. Nobody was doing their washing and we thought we might have turned on to a railway but…. Just bumps.


Near Little Harbour, Malagawatch, we found our lunch spot the Smokehouse restaurant. Sausages and pan fired fish were on. The view was spectacular and the site quite unique.

On to the Marble Mountain Lookoff. This is a former limestone quarry site with a great view and very nice beach.

Now the question- do you return over the wash board or face the construction? We chose to return to Orangedale and then on through Wilburn to Iona and the ST Columbo Church.

Then 223 through to North Sydney. There we parted as the sun shone brightly. LBCs going left and right to their homes.

Thanks for a great day. Karen enjoyed the outing and we shared the last sausage at breakfast on Tuesday!