Road Ready..Set…Go!!

It’s been a looong winter and spring but things have been getting under way in the garage for the summer season of running the roads of Cape Breton in the MG…even had a few test drives! A few replacements of this and that were long over due. The first job was to replace the headlights to halogens and then putting in new bulbs for the reverse lights which now have the same wattage!  The floor mats, although having a smart MG logo, were tired and worn so were replaced with new mats having a bright red logo on each. Nothing can be as annoying as a sun visor falling down in your line of sight. After many years of “MacGyvering” ways to keep them in place, I got some new clips. So that takes care of the top side except for a good cleaning and wax job yet to be done. That brings me to the wheels which had some missing badges on the hubs. With those replaced that just about does it for the small jobs for 2020. Generally the car is working great and ready for the road!! Looking forward to my preferred way to Zoom, not virtual!

And last but not least, back for another season of overseeing our road trips, straight from the UK,  is Mr. Bobble head, “Jack” the bull dog…always agreeable, despite wrong turns, bad weather or mechanical issues…the perfect co-pilot 🙂

Donna (Alf)