A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. ~Irish Proverb

Mother's day is the day we at the BCCCB drop the checkered flag to start off a new driving season. The plan usually is to go for a nice drive in the country and stop off for a dinner around noon so as members can enjoy supper with family later in the day. Over the past number of years a run to Iona was our destination but after countless phone calls and the odd email I couldn't track down any restaurants in the area that were open. Rankin Memorial High School's Safe Grad Turkey Dinner was our choice but they stopped doing it due to the decline in enrolment. Last year it was the Barra Strait Inn. An amazing meal and an amazing hostess without a doubt, but, due to some renovations this place wasn't open for Mother's day. So where to go? Many Options were put forth and it was decided.... Louie's Cozy Corner in St. Peters. Lets Go!


My count is 12 cars and 21 people who had joined us today. This is a great run for our first of the year as we, not only get our sweethearts out for a beautiful meal but also the fact that it's a short run, it's a good chance to see if there are any problems with our cars. As it turns out, after replacing the sump gasket on the Jag, Peter noticed another leak. I am sure it frustrated him but for most of us, this is normal. Now for Mary and Mike's beautiful white B. This car has been at the spa as well, getting a splash of paint and a new top. The car looks great but as usual, when you tear things down and put them back together, having an issue afterwards is common. Today the headlights won't come on. Bobby Fuller and I am thinking Don has their hands in it and determined that the wire behind the grill isn't attached. the mesh grill has to come out to get your hand in to fix it. An easy fix.

Here is a better shot of Mary's B. I love the paint job. The car had a dent or two and a few flakes of rust here and there but now... flawless. Francis and Bonnie arrived with their 70 /71 MGB.  Their car has the 1970 rare split rear bumper but it's registered as a 1971. I am sure someone slipped up somewhere. I have a soft spot for this car. It was built bumper to bumper by the three Amigos, Don, Barc and myself. I should have kept it. Oh well.... it's 10:30... lets go!

A white car got between Joe and Peter ruining any cluster of British Car shots. That happens. The mist was heavy in the air and there was a threat of rain but the rain stayed away, for now. You can see the heavy mist obscuring the hillside along the number 4 highway. The #4 highway.... There are those who don't like it and then there are those who do. Those who don't like it, I think is because of the varying speed limits not exceeding 90 from Sydney to St. Peters. For those who like it, such as me, finds the #4 chalk full of scenic delights. I will admit that I enjoy driving fast but 100k plus in a British Car can be a white knuckle experience. I'll take the #4 any day. 

An hour and 7 minutes exactly, while doing the speed limit from Sydney will get you to Louie's Cozy Corner. The Bras D'or Lakes Inn just off the swing bridge in St Peters did offer up a great Mother's Day menu but for pricing we decided on Louie's. The Bras D'or Lakes Inn did have a lot of cars in the parking lot. That could say that the food is great or you'll have to wait for a table. I am happy with Louie's. I called and reserved for 20 lets see how this works out. I have eaten here before and the food and service was great, lets see what it's like with 21 people. Donnie B is parked in front of Louie's, a great advertising shot and Peter was parked just feet away. Sandy wasn't comfortable with the parking spot, so Peter followed Alfred and Donna to the post office parking lot.

Norm and Joan pulling in, in their beautiful B just as Peter moves off to the post office parking lot. The Parking lot here at Louie's was pretty full and while I was outside taking pictures the rest went in to be seated. Hope all goes well.

Above you see Alfred and Donna's B, Bill and Moragh's B and Peter's Jag. Looks as though the chrome bumper B of Bill and Moragh is sitting a little higher then normal. Should be, Bill installed new springs and shackles. No more bottoming out. Parked behind Louie's we have Lee with the orange B, No lovely Sheila today, Bobby flying solo with the MG Midget, Anita is still sunning herself down south. Then Francis and the lovely Bonnie and Mary and Mike in the freshly painted B.

Jean Renzi and Paula were the first two in. Paula went up to the desk and said she was from the car club. "We have your tables reserved" the hostess said and from this point forward all was perfect here at Louie's. Three tables with reserved signs on them and enough seating and elbow room for everyone. Pick your seat and lets see what's on the menu.

All settled in. What a regal looking bunch with appetites. You can order from the menu or all you can eat buffet. All you can eat! Just pass me a plate.

What a spread at the buffet table. Looks like Bill and Sandy are getting a little look-see under the lids at the far end of the table. I didn't take any pictures of the food, maybe I should have. Turkey, salads, pork, beef, Chinese food, various steamed vegetables, rice, mashed potatoes as well as fish and shrimp. And the line-up begins. 

I can't speak for everyone but I had to take a second run at the buffet table. I am not proud of myself but it was just that good. Everyone full! Save any room for desert? My back was to the hostess when she came out with the desert cart. Paula mentioned it an as I turned around I seen that the server had parked her cart next to Don and Lee. I think she knew that this was the right move. Unbelievably, Donnie refused desert. He had plans for desert elsewhere. For the rest of us, a tasty treat was welcome. Peanut butter pie, Strawberry layer cake and Lemon layer cake are just a few of the tasty treats available to us. Paula and I shared a Strawberry layer cake... very nice.

 Another look at Mary's Snow White B. I said a while ago that all an old car need is the passion of a new owner to bring it back to life. Once people lose interest in their cars, sell it. The new owner will bring your once pride ride back into shape, just like Mary had done to this beautiful car.  A quick after supper chat in the parking lot before heading home. Peter and Sandy as well as Don continued on to Port Hawkesbury then home via the Trans Canada. For the rest of us. back through the scenic #4 for a leisurely drive home. 

I was one of the last to leave Louie's so I was  the tail gunner coming home but that gets boring. I had to pass, sorry guys. I got in-between Norm and Mike and I had to snap yet another picture of Mary's white B. Them  taking the lead I took this shot of Norm and Joan's Pageant Blue B. Just shortly after this  the sky's opened up. Let it rain I say, the day is done and it was great!

I hope all had a good time today. A big BCCCB thank you going out to the management and staff at Louie's Cozy Corner. The food and service was fantastic.

You know how it goes.... If you weren't there you missed it. What did you do? Come along next time.