Two lines from Stompin Tom Connors song "Shakin The Blues"

When your down, don't frown

You gotta shake the blues somehow

Well what better way to shake off any lingering winter blues then to gather at the Mayflower and show off some beautiful British Iron. This weekend we had the opportunity to rendezvous with some of our amazing members that we hadn't seen a lot of this winter, and to see what they had done to their cars during their hibernation.  The space is limited so only a hand full of cars could attend. This show had a few repeat cars, a few cars that we rarely see and yes... the newly refurbished and also............. first time showers. You gotta read this story to see what I am taking about.


The last time we were here in 2011 it rained as well. Chairman Donnie Peters had all the possibilities covered. When we arrived at the mall, the hose was waiting for us, we had our buckets and soap so lets have at it. Above you have Alfred Dinaut washing Donna's beautiful B. Alfred was well prepared I might add by wearing a rain coat. Also Good ole Bob Jardine, who just got off work in time to give his and Judy's car a hose job.


Next a little sneak peek at Brian and Arlene's "Black Beauty." A 1960 MGA..... yes you read it correctly.... an MGA.  First time driven and fresh form a nuts and bolts restoration. I am sure Brian just loved the fact that this beauty's first run was in the rain. Yet another sneak peek of a first time shown car is from our newest member John Inch. John's 1973 Triumph surely is nice to to look at and if you didn't get a chance to see this car, don't worry. John will be out scooting around, as he loves driving this beautiful car. I don't think Don signed up for wash man but seeing he also is wearing a rain coat, and it's pouring out, why not grab the hose.


All cleaned up and then, in a usually empty corridor at the back of mall, the cars were brought in to be dried off. The customers and employees of the Mayflower Mall who use this quiet entrance are now treated with a colourful British Car display. As I snapped pictures with my camera, many passerby's took photos with their smart phones. Come back tomorrow guys, you will really get a chance to see and perhaps sit in a car that you don't see everyday.


Oh My Heavens! Is that Carol and the Healey? Carol's Healey wintered home in it's nice warm  garage but only after having that great looking body tweaked at the spa. New paint and some new chrome parts really makes the ole girl stand out. Hehehe the Healey don't look so bad either. Good ole Joe is always there to pitch in. Carol and the Healey were the last in the door to be dried off. Lets go! How many of you can say that they drove through a mall? It may not seem like much... it's a fun adventure and you just want to hit the gas and take out a mall kiosk. Yeah... I need therapy. Good ole Joe is first to run the mall's corridors.


Brian MacDonald is next to Navigate the narrow corridors in his very nice Triumph Spitfire. Just so you know, this great looking example of a Spitfire is for sale. Behind Brian we have good ole Bobby Jardine in his 73 MGB. It took Bob a few years to get this car where it is today and the time and money was well spent. Bob use to sell these cars out of Halifax, so Bob knows what makes these cars tic. 


Ladies and gentlemen.... here we have before us, after years of restoration, Brian and Arlene's 1960 MGA. I'll show more pictures a little later in the story. What a great looking and flawless example of an MGA. Following closely behind Brian is our newest member, John Inch in his outstanding 1973 Triumph TR 6. John's son Jason has turned up the art of detailing to a new level. There wasn't a spec of dirt or dust anywhere on this car. I even watched Jason spray the under body of the car before entering the mall. Nice car.


Donnie's "Numbered" MGB LE is always an eye pleaser. The MGB LE was a model developed to be the last of the production on the MGB. Next, Carol sure is enjoy her Mall drive with in her Healey. Good ole Joe jumped in for the ride. This car was very popular with those who took the time to come to the far end of the mall for a look, and why not, it's gorgeous. The amazing blue paint and perfect chrome was kind of a magnet for the eyes.


The once quiet far end of the mall is now abuzz with people, colors and cars. Donnie was the last to arrive at the rendezvous point with his car, so when he arrived at the end of the mall, this is when placement of the cars began. Push it here, push it there, doing our best to make the display as eye pleasing as possible.


Even Carol got into the act of pushing and pulling the cars around. Above Carol Joe and Brian are pushing the old Austin Healey Sprite into place. Take it easy easy on ladybug's headlights Carol.


Above you see John and Jason Pushing the very shiny TR 6 into place and now to settle the old Healey into her nest for the weekend. Forewords backwards they pushed to turn the big Healey around  to back it in just in front of the large window. Great spot.


If you look closely you'll see that the police are watching, and yes at one point directing the big Healey into place. The trees and the window is a great backdrop to both Carol's Healey and Brian and Arlene's Fresh MGA. Brian will have the MGA showing like it just came from the factory. Heck, with everything new, it's just like it left the factory... yesterday.

The final result. 9 of 40 club cars had shown up and that pretty much filled the area. My legs are sore my eyelids are heavy. Batteries are disconnected and time to go home. I am sure everyone feels the same way.


While waiting for Barc to return to pick us up, I snapped these to pictures. two very prestigious front ends. Both new paint and new chrome. Jay Leno, eat your heart out.


I was working Friday so most of the following pictures are from Friday night and Saturday. Friday evening was slow but Donnie said it was really busy with lookers throughout the day. Our BCCCB shows are more then just a look at kind of thing, they are more of an interactive car show. Owners are on hand to talk about their cars and you can even sit in these cars to see how they feel. If your young, short, or a contortionist you will slide right in. Above you have Joe talking about his Healey Sprite and Donnie talking about the Austin Healey. If you look closely you will see a very young lady getting her picture taken by her mom while sitting behind the wheel of that gorgeous car.


Good ole Bob has found a spot that needs fixing. I looked up from across the display to see Bob fixing a door ding on his B. By the time I got the camera ready Bob had moved on to Brian's Spitfire and another door ding. Bob, do you have a smudge of blue, green, black and yellow on your artist palette.


More people trying out the cars. All these sit-ins are all supervised to make sure there are no zippers or seatbelts sticking out of door jams. I am sure the kids love this stuff and as for the two young ladies, Tiela and Staz, they sure looked good sitting in the very expensive MGA. They have that movie star look about them. 


I was strolling around the display and noticed some pretty amazing front ends and though they would be nice in the story. First the clear headlights on Brian's Spitfire. Very impressive. I may have to look them up for my car. Next, how about the wide, low looking front end of John's Triumph TR 6. Looks mean and sporty at the same time. 


How can one not love the front end of a Healey Sprite? Add a set of eyelashes and heck the car almost looks human. Then there is the Healey............ Gosh what a car. Baby Blue is her name and turning heads is her game.


Lets talk about Brian's MGA for a bit shall we. For starters we were lucky enough to bump into Norm Peterson, an MGA owner. Norm knows these cars like the back of his hands. Full of insight on the As he is. Maybe one day he will join the club. Anyway.... just look at the paint on this car and from what little you see of the engine bay, it all looks detailed and fresh. Now look below at what it once was.

Yep .. that's right. This is a picture of Brian and I as well as Joe and Barc lifting the body off the frame of that beautiful MGA you see above. That was a few years ago and lots and lots of money ago.

Just a quick pic of the good folks checking out the cars and us with our Club blue golf shirts. Nothing wrong with showing club spirit and pride. Just a coincidence that the color resembles the color of Paula's car. I could be wrong but I think our club colors more resembled the blue that use to be on Baby Blue.


Now Saturday Night, and getting close to departure time. Time to reattach the battery and maybe put up the top. There is a threat of rain in the air and it's still only may so the air is a tad cool in the evenings. Oh the simplicity of attaching the batteries on the Sprite and the TR 6. Just pop the bonnet. The Bs is a little more difficult. Lift up the roof, take off the access panel then connect. It's a pain in the seat.


Roofs up! Brian has to figure the roof out on the A, I have a feeling it was only put up when it was installed but he figured it out. Brian MacDonald had the top on the spit in a split second.


Time to fire the cars up but first, just as I was getting Paula's B ready, three young gentlemen wanted to have their pictures taken in the car. I mentioned earlier about the girls with the movie star look about them. Well these gentlemen put on their sunglasses and took pictures of themselves behind the wheel. Sitting in these car, they all had that movie star look about them. All in the name of fun.


Remember that once lonely corridor we came in through when we arrived at the Mayflower mall. Well here we are again pointed in the opposite direction. the BCCCB Mayflower Mall show is over. I had a video recorder in my car to video the cars leaving but it fail to operate. To bad, as John's Triumph TR 6 was just in front of me and with the torque this car has, the car was chirping the tires every time he hit the gas. This is the first BCCCB car event for 2013 and it's just the beginning of a summer full of drives and social events. in the words of Stompin Tim once more. "When your down, don't frown - You gotta shake the blues somehow." My advice is..... Buy a British Car.

There you have it, the BCCCB Mayflower Mall show. 9 cars wasn't bad and I do have  to take my hat off to Donnie Peters for organizing this event,  and to those who attended for making this a great show. You know how it goes..... If you weren't there you missed it. Come along next time.