How times have changed! While lobsters today are considered a delicacy, in Colonial times they were considered “poor man’s food” and served only to children, prisoners and indentured servants. "Tidbit from the web"

Here we go again! Grab your nice shinny Lobster tools. I looked them up on the web and advertised on many sights are described as... seafood crackers, Hammer and seafood doohickeys, which I am assuming are pics. Now not trying to sound barbaric but I seen a member sitting on the lawn with a brick that he lays the lobster on and with a quick smack with his massive hand, had the lobster claw opened faster then any "seafood Cracker." Also I was schooled a few years ago by none other then Bill English, in another use for a pair of wire cutters. Snip snip and the meat was out. This is our story of one of our most popular BCCCB events, complete with an entertaining auction. Read on.


Here you see a before and after shot of Carol's Back yard.  The beautiful and tranquil back yard was transformed into party central, complete with  party tents, a pool and... Vikings no less.


I was early, as usual, and I started the task of putting together the BCCCB Events Tent when my name was yelled out..... Lonnie! Alan Hayter had arrived and he needed help with the large crate of lobsters. The rather large lobsters were pulled from the Atlantic approximately 37 minutes ago and even had a box of frozen lobster bait on top of them to help keep them cool in the sweltering heat.


Just to make sure all was well with our coruscation friends, Alan sprayed them down with cold water to keep them from over heating, before they were meant to over heat...... in the lobster pot that Carol is preparing. One burner set up and another belonging to Peter and Sandy is on the way.


"A Bye" A popular Cape Breton greeting but today the phrase is meant to introduce Donnie Peter's nuts and bolts restored 1960 MGA. Don's lovely daughter Jenessa had the first ride in the passenger seat for a run around the block but today, for the cars first real big drive.... Donnie's traveling companion is the lovely Elizabeth from Inverness. Car looks great and so does she. Don is having a little issue with the rear shocks but seeing whereas he built this car, I am sure changing them out isn't an issue.


Well... it wasn't only me who was early. Paula followed me in the SUV with food, tables, beverages and ..... Campbell. The pool here at Carol's is a delightful treat and Paula thought it would be nice to bring Campbell along to cool  her down today in the heat. My guess, if we didn't take Campbell she would have stayed home in the house all day. So, here in all her glory, the next Olympian who Carol can say got her start in her pool.


Back to the back yard. The tubing for the tent,s roof is almost assembled and with a little help from Don and Carol the final result is there for you to see. The shade is going to be a welcome relief and the lobster tables are settingin  the tents shade.


Here is a couple of great looking cars of the BCCCB. John Inch's 1973 TR 6 with a few upgrades and Donnie's MGA with more then a few upgrades and then hidden just besides Donnie's A is Carol's Healey, Body upgraded and looking fine. Hidden in the shadow of the "Big" Healey is my "Driven hard and put away wet" Green MGB. The only upgrade it's gotten is a head but it does require some TLC before the Windsor show.


Paul and the very attractive Estelle sure look good in that Lotus. I don't get to see this car outside of club events but I can only imagine what that car looks like coming at me in the other lane, or, how about passing me at about 140 k .... cool car. The auction table is filling up!


Cycle of life. I snapped a picture of Sandy as she cautiously walks down the walkway stairs after hurting her knee, and then there is a picture of Campbell, cautiously walking down the pool stairs before entering the pool.

Nice shot of John's TR 6, Donnie's A, Carol's Healey, My BRG B, and Francis's B parked beside Carol's beautiful house.

On the lower part of the lawn there was another cluster of cars. I think they followed Paul's lead and parked under the huge tree for shade. Mike is driving Mary's car again. If I tease her enough maybe one day I'll have a picture of her in the drivers seat.


Lee and Sheila arrived and they are prepared. Chairs, umbrella and a cooler. Everything you need fit in with this motley crew and enjoy your day. Good luck finding a spot under the tree.

Here is yet another nice picture. I can't call it a B hive with the powerful TR6 of Ray and Georgian's and the backside of  Paul and Estelle's Lotus in the shot. But certainly an eye pleasing picture.


Alfred and his British Racing Green B had arrived. Car looks great Alfred. Next, nestled amongst the  trees with Don's A and Carol's Healey we have another British Racing Green B, Susan English's B. It's out and about without a tow truck hitched to it. It was a bad year for this car last year but all that's on the past. This whimsical car arrived with not only Bill and Susan in it but also a very nice flower arrangement could be seen sticking up towards the windshield. 


"C Alan go" Yes Alan Hayter had gone home to pick up the lovely Joan and their beautiful MGC, an MG with attitude and Right-hand drive to boot. Check out the front plate. My research indicates it's licensed in London DVLA office Borehamwood

Now this is a party! we should have a bonfire in the middle of the circle. Paula and Campbell are out of the pool to say hello to the guests.


It may look like everyone is here but they are still coming up the driveway. Brian and Arlene arrived with an MGA as well. I think good ole Brent is speechless as he drools over this black beauty. Need a napkin for your chin there Brent?


  Had the VIKINGS  arrived on the Gokstad ship? Or perhaps he Oseberg ship? Look out! Eric the Red, A.K.A. Bill English is here to pillage and plunder ..... Your pockets. Bill, over the past number of years has been out Lobster Fest Auctioneer and has always dressed for the part. Folks, if you only attend one event, this is it, just to laugh at this ham. I think neighbours were looking over their hedges to catch Bill's act.


Viking Bill takes stock as does some of our members. Lee can be seen with a smile, something on the table he likes. Sit down Anita, the shows about to start, one wrong move and you might be the owner of something for a car other then a Triumph.


With a Viking sword in hand Viking Bill demands your attention. A nose itch or a pony tail adjustment may be considered a bid. I was frightened to raise my camera as Viking Bill's method of pillaging is borderline criminal. The is even a rumour this notorious Viking took an $11 bid from a 3 year old. Donnie enticed Campbell to yell 11, thank heavens someone else bid 12

Pillaged and Plundered Bill the Viking did. I see a couple of empty chairs, could members be gone to the corner store to find an ATM machine, or did Viking Bill Strike the Pagans down with his mighty (Wooden) sword.

I didn't take the time to count the Members here but by the looks of things, between here and those gathered by the pool tells me once again that this is a very popular BCCCB event. Where else can you get a day time running light module for an old British Car for $10 or a set of micro fibre car wash towels for $3. Check out these videos. Tire stand auction (click) bucket (click)


While all the fun was going on out on the lawn, somebody was having fun on a floaty in the pool. Don't be alarmed, Sharon is behind Campbell pushing her around in the pool.


Ole Buddy Craig at the pots this year and thank god. Last year, Craig was unavailable and due to lack of enthusiasm  from other members to attend to these pots, I started to cook the lobsters and chaos ensued.  I never cooked lobsters before, Paula doesn't like them and they sure don't like me, I also never had to attend to one of these burners before. I put the lobsters in the pot, elastic and all. Ricky Cousins quickly came over and relieved me of that duties after he removed the lobsters from the pots and took off the elastics. Between the elastic error and the stubborn burner I was happy to be demoted back to picture taker and story teller. 


The grill was available for those who wished for something other then lobsters. Boy oh boy, I can't believe how many preferred beef over lobsters. Thank god the Millers have a large grill. Norm, Lee an Anita can be seen here tending to their beef, yes mine is in there somewhere as well.


The kitchen table had a selection of salads to tickle your taste buds, no one left hungry for sure. I had diner poolside with Paula and Campbell.


Craig has it all looked after. Timed to perfection he pulls out the bright orange lobsters one by one and placed them on awaiting plates. Mikes turn, look at the size of those lobsters. Next up, the lovely Bonnie. Bonnie opted for the metal tray because she knew the cardboard plates would never hold the weight.


Donnie is looking after Elizabeth as he struggles with the lobsters. Next year, Donnie will say, "Honey, while your up could you grab my lobster". Enjoy the pampering now Elizabeth, it won't be long he'll have you pumping brakes or changing engine oil. Next we have the lovely Georgina. For years I picked on her and Ray about their love of lobsters and they took it with a grin. I'll leave them alone this year, it's just nice to see them.


Ah yes, the lovely Marie Mary and Magic Mike The Ms are all around this table. All I could hear from Mike as he made his lobster disappear was "YUMMMM." Just take a look at the size of those puppies. Biggest lobsters I have ever seen.


Peter and Sandy sharing a table with Don and Elizabeth and in the back ground Jean Renzi and dressed for an Hawaiian Luau, Alfred Dinaut. Not to far off the mark Alfred. A feast, entertainment, all we need is tiki torches. Good ole Sharon is doing the rounds with her camera as well. Both her and I take more pictures then anyone ever should.


John, Joan and Jean, Relaxing with a belly full. Then there is Sharon, Marie with the guy who uses a brick and his fist, Ricky. His methods may be a bit unorthodox but after watching for a moment, very effective.  This guys a pro.


Anita is still picking away at the massive lobsters. At this point, those with any room left had moved on to the desert table. More deserts inside. I am thinking the chocolate boiled icing cake was best left inside. Between the smell of lobsters and all the sugar around, there wouldn't be a fly in Sydney, they would all be here.


I have no idea what time of the day it is now but it appears, by the look of the length of Norm's shadow, its getting late in the afternoon and it looks as though the day is over, people are packing up. I know many of our members were inside tiding up, doing dishes and such. On the outside the guys, and Carol, were cleaning things up here. Putting away tables, breaking down and packing away the tent making sure all was left as tranquil as we found it.

Moragh and Bill are heading back to their car but it looks as though something has caught Bill's eye. It's either the MGC or the Lotus. We all know how he likes to upgrade his car. Just recently, new tube shocks for the back of his B. To upgrade to a C or a Lotus, I am sure is not out of the question for this guy.


The day is coming to an end and as I walked to the car with my camera I caught Arlene and Brian saying their farewells. I thought Brian was saluting me because Joan Connors did a little salute to me earlier. Gotcha!

Well "Bye The Lord Harry" that is it. Lobster Fest 2013. Things just don't fall together, it takes a bit of effort to make events such as this so successful.  Starting out with the emails and the offerings of food, to the Events Tent, the Cook and also the extra burner. From the auction items donated to the lovely ladies helping to clean things up, all are a part of what made today a pleasure. Now! Throw in Bill the Viking English and stand back to listen to the laughter, it's then you know that all the little efforts combined made this years Lobster Fest a perfect day.

You know how it goes... If you weren't there you missed it. Come along next time. Thanks to all who participated. Thanks to Craig the Cook and a special thanks to Carol for Graciously donating her beautiful Estate once again for this event.