• Charity (practice)--the practice of benevolent giving and caring

  • Charity (virtue) the Christian theological concept of unlimited love and kindness

Charity can be measured in a number of ways but in today's world it's either a donation of money, time or goods. All this was seen here today at the I.W.K. Telethon. I suppose if I researched enough I will find out how this all began 29 years ago but that isn't necessary. It's about here today that counts. Yes 29 years ago and countless of millions in donations later and once again the record has been broken in monetary donations. The crew of the British Car Club of Cape Breton are very honoured to be a part of this for the last 4 years. Through searing  heat and relentless rain we stayed to entertain. The few hours we spend entertaining the visitors by showing them these beautiful cars is a simple donation of time that makes us all feel good. Here is what went on at the I.W.K. telethon behind the Civic Center in Sydney.