To start this story I must apologize for not writing a great number of stories this year. Life is forever changing and pulling us in different directions and the past year my life has changed not allowing much time to spend with this great car club. I will continue to try to spend time laughing with the amazing people who make up the BCCCB, maybe just not on a steady bases as I have been doing. I chose to surround myself with people who enjoy life, therefore the BCCCB will always be a part of it.

It's a guy thing..... Always wanting to spend time with the guys. Not that we don't love the women in our lives, it's just that it's nice to get away from time to time to talk about sports and our beloved cars, we can also say things and scratch ourselves if we wish, without getting slapped.... Well today is the... Men of the BCCCB's day to do just that. Peter sent out the email and with just a few responders the date and time was set. I am thinking Peter made arraignments with Mother Nature as well, as she had offered up a glorious day to enjoy the guys run around the Trail.  Read on!


The Sydney area crew started their day at Cunningham Castle in Blacketts Lake. Don, Alfred and myself met up here at Barc's to start our amazing and adventurist day. Always a nice drive through Blacketts Lake and on towards Coxheath. The bridge was out all summer but to my surprise, it's now rebuilt and accepting traffic. I took a picture of Barc riding shotgun in Don's car, both with the same grey hair .... I mean gray hats, looks cool as we head off towards the highway.


A little error on my part had me waiting at the abandon Ultramar while the rest went into Peter and Sandy's to hook up with Peter. No big deal... I went to the Irving for a nature call and some red bull and before I knew it, Peter's bright white Morgan could easily been seen coming towards me as it set quit the contrast amongst the green background. I knew our next stop was a few miles away, and as normal... with all the heat that is swirling about in the foot well of a B, I kicked off my sandals and settled in. 


I felt maybe a coffee was in order.... I had a red bull in me already but I think to much caffeine is never a bad thing. Here at the Dancing Goat, It was interesting watching Barc getting his big feet out of the Morgan, it was suggested he lift himself up the from the seat and step over the door. Not Barc's style. "Not in a beautiful car like this" he said. The second picture is of a couple of old goats in front of the Dancing Goat.... Oh my.. The cars!!!!!! Not my buddies!!!!


Alfred just finishing up a windshield cleaning as a nasty bug splatter was directly in-front of his face obscured the magnificent view through the windshield. Time for a mug-up and perhaps a tasty desert. Hard to find a seat here as the Dancing Goat is forever busy but we did and we sat and chatted for about 20 minutes. Time is ticking and we are running just a tad behind schedule. Lets go!


I have to say that we sure are blessed today with amazing weather. Driving through Margaree Valley sure was nice and then here at the windswept region of Cheticamp, you couldn't ask for a better day, not even a wave breaking on the shore. I was juggling between a cranky dash camera a gopro and a digital camera today to capture every moment. Unfortunately these are all distracting and from time to time a hit the shoulder. Today being as beautiful as it is, we are also sharing the road with many bicycles, so I had to be extremely cautious. In picture number two you can see we all gave the bicyclist plenty of room.


Finally the park. Boy is it hot. I would rather be driving in a hot British car going around the Trail rather then peddle a bicycle for sure. Wait... let me rethink that..... They did pass us once or twice.... Not saying how they did that this early in the story. They may have even arrived at their destination before us. Nah... peddling isn't for me. I'll take an old British car with gremlins over a bicycle any day.

Time to put the go-pro on the wand and hold it up high over the windshield. This is what I bought the go-pro for, for capturing great videos and picture of our great club doing what we do second best.... driving through the countryside... eating is what we do best.... or is it repairing cars? Anyway many of the picture you will see in this story were captured by go-pro video and a still picture taken from that. this is one such picture. I still have a full HD setting to try but I am happy with this settings results. Love the wide angle shot as we ascend French Mountain. 


You just can't go up French Mountain without stopping at this amazing look-off. The cars with the beautiful background is never a boring picture regardless how many times you see it. Again Peter takes a knee.... Not sure if it's for prayer or a picture. But I though I did hear... Oh heavenly father, please shine a light on my beautiful Morgan to see that she makes this trip uneventful. Alfred..... You should have taken a knee in prayer with Peter.

I can't use every picture I had taken. I snapped away 144 photos and about 40 minutes of video which I am pulling photos from. Here is another Go-pro shot. This time the wand is stuck out between my vent window and side mirror for stability. It is a four foot wand and about three feet is sticking out of the car. In this picture of us coming down Mackenzie Mountain, the guys were wondering if a passing car was going to clip the camera. All was fine and the video came out great. 

Backtracking a tad in the story. I pulled over in front of the Evangeline Restaurant in Cheticamp. A few of us had eaten there before and it's awesome but it was decided a little further up the road would be nice. We often stopped at the Rusty Anchor but I was in the mood now for a new stop, so we drove a little further down the road. A little further down the road took us past the house on the hill that a lottery winner had built. I took a quick picture as we passed but only managed to get a portion of the house that isn't hidden behind Timmons Store. Be it Urban Legion or just people talking, it had fallen on my ears that the winners went crazy with the money and lost everything. Not true at all!! I am sure the owners wished that were the case as the truth is a tragic story. They won a large sum of money and built this glorious house. Well after settling into their now charmed life, the husband noticed a coyote hanging around and thought it should be destroyed before something happened. While walking with his rifle he slipped and fell discharging the firearm thus ending his life. How tragic. Am am told that these people were very nice people and very deserving of the win and with great family ties, the lady of the house is very busy with family. A sad story.


The "Little further down the road" brought us to the Mountain View Motel and Restaurant. This is a first time eating stop here. We have stopped here once or twice to take a break but never to eat. So lets try this place out shall we. The place looks great with a large parking lot and Alfred even found a nice spot under a shade tree. Smart boy.


Nice cozy and quiet restaurant. Our hostess was Debbie and she was awesome. Of course we joked with her and she joked right back making our stop very pleasant indeed. Full menu and the ever popular seafood is always a plus. While Barc opted for the deep fried clams the rest of us, the fish and chips. Very good. After a hardy meal and some great laughs it was time to continue our day. I was last to leave the restaurant, yeah I was chatting, but when I got out in the parking lot, Alfred's engine hood was up. Of course my simple mind is thinking Alfred is showing off a shinny new part but nooooo. Alfred's beautiful B won't start. Not to worry... we can pretty much fix anything. Turn it over Alfred, as I open a can of red bull. Sounded like no fuel or no spark. Hot day and with the fuel line near the header, a vapour lock was suggested. Donnie bled the gas line and no change. Turn her over Alfred as I placed my red bull in the frame rail in front of the rad. I put a screw driver in a plug wire ... no spark.


First I thought the Coil was to blame, so I put my spare flame thrower on... still no spark so we took off the distributer cap. Looks like no spark at the points.  Donnie attempted to adjust the points, which was closed, while I unpacked the spare distributor. A simple swap out and the car fired up. Timing was sure to be off so I told Alfred to go for a quick run down the road to make sure the timing wasn't to far advanced to cause havoc while climbing the next mountain. He returned with an all is well smile and I said, `Alfred! open your hood. I forgot something important!` With a concerned look on his face he popped the hood and I retrieved my red bull from the frame rail beside the radiator and away we went.


With Peter and Barc now in the lead, we headed towards North Mountain. It's no wonder the trail is popular, it's gorgeous. We seen many bikes and RVs, SUVs and sedans along the way and I am thinking... What we should be doing is telling them that you haven't really enjoyed the trial unless your in a convertible and in the case of Peter and Barc, enjoying the trail with their asses is only inches off the ground. Not to many... in fact, I bet I can count on one hand the number of people who enjoyed the trail in a Morgan. A first for Barc I am sure.

Up North Mountain we went. Another go-pro photo. The Morgan actually pulled away from me.  Bored out, cammed up and duel carbs and the Morgan still pulled away from me on the mountain. With cameras in both hands and my knees steering, it was either downshift with my teeth or do what I can in fourth gear.

Atop of North Mountain ready for the steep decent with all the sharp curves.... Awesome!! Bring it on! Lots of dead wood here but after the snowy winter we had, I am guessing these trees were snow covered from December to April. If your the adventurous type, come up here in March. It's crazy and you'll love it. 30 feet of snow easily.

Another awesome Go-pro shot. I have to say that the Morgan looks great on the road. I had mentioned many stories ago about what it must be like in a mini van coming from the opposite direction and seeing us in these amazing cars. I bet many would just love to be in the driver's seat sharing the day with us. We get lots of waves and with technology as it is, the smart phones were out taking photos as we drove by. I bet we are face book sensations.


This is awesome I have to say. Once again, if I dare write something from another story. Many stories ago, I said to Peter at a BCCCB event, "oh how nice it would be to be a millionaire", "What would you do differently Lonnie?" Peter had said. Thinking for a moment my reply was....... "Not a darn thing". Millionaire would be jealous of us here today. Blue sky, beautiful cars and great friends. I think I am a millionaire in a different meaning of the word.


Have to say... I am loving the go-pro. Just turn it on and let her go, the p ull off a picture whenever something looks good in the video. French mountain... to tell the truth... every mountain along the trail offers up some great picturesque moments. If your looking at the first photo above and only see three cars driving down the road.... reprogram your mind. I see Blue skies with a harsh shadow of my car telling me is a very sunny day, I see lush green trees, I see a road cut into the side of a mountain and a sharp corner way in the background. I also see the ass of a beautiful green B.... but I am bias. Most importantly I see a bunch of guys in old British Sports cars, navigating the sharp turns on mountainous roads having the time of their lives. Now in the second photo I see...... two Mazda MX6s coming up behind us. Nice cars but I bet these old British cars caught most of the attention.


There is no escaping construction. The roads of the Cabot Trail are finally being fixed up to match the prestigious ranking that travellers and magazines have talked and wrote about for years. Still a long way to go to be perfect but it's coming. At this particular stop I shouted back to Alfred... `How's it running` Knowing the timing is off I did expect some displeasure, `like a bucket of bolts he said. It's Ok as long as your running I was thinking  We will throw a timing light on it when we get home to correct it.


It just doesn't get any better then this.


I wonder, if I lived here in Ingonish, would I get sick of scenes like this. The road sloping towards the water then skirting the shore with Ski Cape Smoky in the background is just an amazing scene. Add a few old British cars to the scene... Perfection! I mentioned what a beautiful day it was, well you can see that the hot sun has the colors kind of washed out and the hot sun is reflecting off Alfred and Donnie's Bs. I do enjoy watching the guys behind me through my rear-view mirror, I always see great sights. Cresting Smoky I noticed that there was only Peter and Barc behind me..... Where is Alfred and Donnie. Alfred did say his car was running like a bucket of bolts so we pulled over and waited. Cars were going by waving but still no Don or Alfred. I was thinking it was just a timing adjustment but after a while a car pulled over telling us that our buddies are pulled over with the hood up.  I better check and left Barc and Peter on the side of the mountain.


So-long guys... back in a minute. Arriving at Alfred's car I had seen that the distributer was off again. What's up? I guess, the pinch ring didn't have a good hold on the distributer and was well advanced shutting Alfred down. Donnie had the pinch ring off and spreading it when I got there. All was back in place and the B fired up. I took off back to Peter and Barc and waited once more but no Alfred and Donnie. Back I go.... They got about 1000 yards and Alfred's B shut down again. I fired it up to adjusted the timing and of course... I got electrocuted. The wires were arcing like crazy so I pulled a few off mine to replace his thinking this could be it. Still no go. Barc and Peter got tired of waiting and came back up the mountain. Getting late now and Peter was worried about the setting sun so he dropped Barc off and went home.


Finally Alfred's car fired up and died just as fast. Barc in all his wisdom said "sounds like fuel starvation". Well we are all sitting on a half a tank.... including Alfred and the pump is running. Donnie took the fuel line off and sure enough ... no fuel. Alfred put a new tank on and now we know the float needs an adjustment. So, I jerry-rigged a fuel transfer system and what do you know ... Alfred's car fired up. I'll give him half my fuel I thought, all should be well. Half my fuel..... I started my car and my needle was in the red. We needed fuel bad. Wreck Cove or Ingonish... hummmmm. It was decided Ingonish, so off we went. I coasted down the mountain just to preserve fuel, yes I got to see that beautiful scene where the road is sloping towards the water then skirting the shore with Ski Cape Smoky in the now foreground once again. Approaching the ski hill I saw a number of cars parked there, must be a function of some sort I thought..... Noooooo not that simple...... I was quickly flagged into the parking lot.... Road closed due to a motorcycle accident. REALLY!!!! What to do and I want to get home. Wait for god knows how long or try Wreck Cove. I called Wreck Cove and sure enough they were open until 8, so off we went. Made it no problem, and when Alfred pulled up and shut of the car it ran on. I should have adjusted the timing back a bit but it was running so why take the chance. Next stop... Englishtown Ferry.


Our adventure isn't over yet. Waiting at the Englishtown Ferry an Ambulance rolled up, lights flashing. Wouldn't you know it.. out from the passenger seat came the driver of the motorcycle that crashed. Decked out in his biker apparel and sporting a neck brace he lit up a smoke. His passenger was in the back of the ambulance being attended to by one of the paramedics. The driver didn't request a fast crossing and all other cars were allowed on, so their injuries couldn't have been life threatening. I did talk to the bike driver for a moment and he said a car crossed the centerline and he locked up the brakes losing control of the bike. He said nothing of hitting the other car. I told him it could have been worse and wished him luck and that was the last we seen of the biker.

I have said many time joking... You don't have to be a millionaire, you just have to look like one. Well today, the guys of the BCCCB looked like millionaires and if they felt anything like me .... They felt like millionaires to.  It was a perfect day. In closing of this perfect story of this perfect day I have a couple more line to write. I re-read this story numerous time. I watched for grammar, spelling and Punctuation, and yes I am sure there still is a mistake or two.  I am doing  this so my dear friend and club member Jean Renzi knows I am thinking about her.

If you weren't there you missed it...... Not sure that applies here, it's a guy's run. I thinking .... If you weren't there, we missed you. Be sure and come along next time.