The “event schedule” had us heading for the Red Shoe, in Mabou and we were determined to go for a drive.  We actually thought we may be going alone, but finally on Saturday we connected with Carol and Craig who also were looking forward to the run as much as we were.


Sunday morning was sunny and warm and Pete pulled the red XJS out of the stable.  Carol called from Value Village  to say they were on the road along with Anita and Bob.  We arranged to meet them at the Ultramar West of Baddeck so we headed out around 11:00 am with map and phone numbers in hand.  First we stopped at Irving for gas.  Perhaps a good time to remind folks is that the pumps at Ultramar are long gone and Irving is your last chance to gas up before Wagmatcook.


About 11:30 we spotted the beautiful blue Healey glinting in the sunshine coming down the 105.  Looks shinier than the last day I saw her on the road that grey rainy dull day in July in NB.  Just behind were Bob and Anita in their Midget.  Turns out the Healey was thirsty so they headed back to the Irving for gas and we caught up on the news with Bob and Anita.  We asked about their little dog, I always called her Killer because she didn’t know she was little and sadly passed away in D.R.  Always so sad when you lose a pet, it takes time to adjust. Then in a very short time Carol was back and ready to go.


Just an FYI, the Irving is a very poor place to rendezvous or get gas, a disaster waiting to happen.


So off we went to Mabou.  Bob and Anita in the lead, then the Healey while we took the Don Peters position in the rear.  Red, Blue, Red seemed good to us.   All along cars were tooting at us, felt pretty darn good to get out after all the rain.


In what seemed like no time we were at the Red Shoe (which is still missing).  Right out to the patio we went.  They have a new red canopy and it was lovely and warm.  Our waitress was young, pretty and efficient.  The food was excellent and the servings huge.


After we ate our leisurely lunch we headed out to the cars and a burgundy Midget flew by and just like a humming bird to a feeder he came back.  The Midget is a restored ’79 owned by Cecil Gosbee from Inverness.  He had been trying to connect with us and couldn’t, but he saw the Run on the event list and took a chance.


We had a quick chat outside the Red Shoe and headed back through Inverness.  We stopped at the Tourist Bureau there and had a longer visit and took a few pics.  From there we drove off toward Margaree,  once we hit the Cabot Trail heading home Pete decided we had to find an ice cream place.  After all, if Barcley was with us we would indeed be required to stop for the treat.  Then the Lakes Camp Ground came into view so we pulled in.  You could have vanilla or vanilla, but it hit the mark.  After we finished our treats the road to home lay ahead.  We pulled off at Baddeck, with the Midget and the Healey tooting as they continued on.


That concludes our Father’s Day Run.  Sorry I am neither the expert photographer or writer that Lonnie is so this will have to do.  See you on the road, we missed you guys.


Sandy & Pete