Engine Extraction

Who’s That?

The Engine comes out.

One day in April an eclectic group gathered in a small building located in suburban North Sydney. No subway or bus service assisted the travel of these adventurers. But arrive they did. It was called a Tech Session and the Odd Fathers of BcccB were there to dismantle Bob’s car. I hope Bob had agreed to this.

While some snacked, sipped and lounged in the posh surroundings others stood pensively near the car. An intrepit few were twirling wrenches and soon pieces started piling up along the walls. There weren’t any lights and we assumed that was part of the master plan to protect the perpetrators of this act. In a matter of a few minutes confusion had set in and things were normal – jack it up no tie off the bonnet you can’t we need to what about the bolts underneath not now catch the oil it can’t be. Before long everybody had tried to do something and the collective impact was an engine hanging from the engine lift boom.

Now to be fair and honest we only took the engine out. Poor Bob has the job of putting it back i’spose. But he wasn’t there to see where we put the bolts -or where they came from. Bob was busy supplying the drinks and biscuits baked by Judy, keeping the lights on etc. There is a jar with a lot of bits in it but the floor was covered and shelf space was occupied. One might even imagine a few pockets containing bits. Oh, not important bits just odd things.

We calmed Bob by saying the next step was a through cleaning, which he could do, and then assess what other parts might need to be ordered.

With a wink and a nod we all agreed “Oh yah, we’ll be back to help another day!”.

Don, Alf, Brian, Bill & Bill, Barc, Mike, Joe, Bob -thank you for a fine effort. There were a pair of legs protuding from under the car as we left, did anybody do a head count? Sorry for the blurry picture but it captures the speedy pace of things in Bob’s shop April 6 2018.