Yes, have yourself a BCCCB Christmas, we sure did. We gathered at Carol's house once more, not only celebrate Christmas but to celebrate friendship, camaraderie and and the true joys that owning one of these old British cars have created. You have often heard me say that it's the best people who own British Cars and my statement has be proven true time and time again. Here within the confines of this festive house was food, drink and merriment abound. Of all the Christmas parties happening in our lives, I think that the BCCCB Christmas Party is the one not to miss. Read on once more, of yet another BCCCB adventure. A story I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed telling. The story of the 2012 BCCCB Christmas Party.


Arriving a tad late, Paula with her hands full and me balancing plates of sweets in one hand and a camera in the other, I snapped my first photo of Alfred, Barc and none other then Bill the Elf English. I am  sure the conversation here concerns Donna D's rearend as Alfred had in his possession the pinion bearing he extracted from the very noisy rearend. The bearing was severely pitted and loose and he speaks of the damage of the ring an pinion mating surface. I have pictures of the bearing but I will show them at another time. Further along towards the kitchen, I seen Joe and Paul cleaning up a red wine spill on the kitchen table. Busted bearings and spilled wine, now this could be my kind of party.


Awe yes, Let me introduce a couple of ladies of the BCCCB. Estelle Voynovich and Susan English. Then in the next photo we have Carol readying some treat trays with Bill the Elf helping out. I can't move on without mentioning clutchless Paul and good ole knuckle buster Joe. Joe and Paul are pretty much finished up replacing the clutch in Paul's Lotus. One final touch, change out the slave cylinder so Paul never has to work on the clutch system again. I am sure Paul and Estelle are looking forward to a trouble free summer 2013.


No sooner had Carol readied a tray when it was picked up and passed around to her guests. Above we have the dashing Norm Connors handing out some delectable treats. The next photo we have the lovely Susan English passing out her tasty h'orderves in the living room. Here in the living room we have Mike and Mary MacIssac. They were telling me that the motor was out of their car getting a new front and rear engine seal replaced. The car is back home now and they even took it for a drive on the 7th of December, roof up of course and they said that there was no oil under the car after it was parked. Now Mary says... to get her painted. There is nothing better for an old car the the passion of a new owner. I have a feeling their car will be perfect before long.


It doesn't matter how big your house is, everyone seems to want to gather in the kitchen, and by the looks of things, it's the men who are gathering here. There can't be any work to be done. lol. Norm is still passing out finger foods and I see Paula and Jennifer enjoying a chat and a beverage. And look, Good ole Bob Jardine made it. His lovely partner Judy couldn't make it or did Lee's lovely wife Sheila but I am sure we'll see plenty of them after the cold winds of winter gives way to the warmer air or summer.


 Walking around the corner from the kitchen I seen Naughty Alton with the Chairman Of The Board. No not Frank Sinatra but none other then Donnie Peters and his lovely companion Lynn. This is the first time we met Lynn I sure hope our first impression was a good one. Now once again, back to the wine stained kitchen table where the lovely Estelle and Jean Renzi are sharing a story or two.


Carol's house is huge and very comfortable. Here in the living room all looked very comfortable chatting awaiting the dinner bell. 

Just before our potluck feast, Dianne and Chris Burk arrived. Chris had spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital this year and it was great to see him and Dianne here tonight. Bill the Elf was quick to welcome Chris to the party, I wonder if Bill the Elf knows of Chris's alter ego.... Santa Claus. While going through some old archived BCCCB photos I came across pictures of a very failed attempt of a BCCCB Christmas Photo. On the 23rd of November 2008 we gathered at Barc's for a Christmas Photo. With Paula dressed as Misses Claus and me with the camera, we needed a Santa. On this day back in 2008 it was my first time meeting Chris and he was to be our stand-in St Nick and what a perfect Santa he was. I just love the photo of Chris and Dianne's Grandson watching the transformation of Poppy to Santa. A priceless photo... what was going through his little mind.


  Did someone say "Dinner is ready". What a spread! I can't name all the dishes that was set before us and once again if you went home hungry it was your fault. Donna, Alfred and Lee were first to nibble. Next we have Naughty and Nice, Jennifer and Alton. I mentioned last year that Jennifer and Bill English were the official BCCCB Christmas Mascots. Bill had on his Bill the Elf outfit and Jen's and Alton's Naughty and Nice t-shirts are a very nice.... or naughty touch.


Just look at this layout will you. A feast fit for a king, and queen for that matter.


 A lot of mouths to feed and plenty of food to do it. My what a well behaved group, no cutting in line here. Here I am, stretched out on the couch feeling a little better then yesterday typing up this story and I am looking at the food in these pictures. Now I am getting hungry and this story may have to wait while while I scrounge in my own kitchen for some food. I am sure whatever I conger up won't taste as good as all the food here at the 2012 BCCCB Christmas Party.


Time for the best part of supper...... the sweets. If your can remember past years, the cakes that Don and Jenessa made, well to be different, this year it was Christmas colored cup cakes. Cup cakes along with other great treats was the perfect way to top off any great meal. As I mentioned, I was a tad under the weather and wasn't up to my usual eating standards, so I passed on the treats but being a member of this great club, I know that there will be more events like this to come.


Finally Carol had a chance to eat, surrounded by Francis Joe and Paula. Carol never stops, always making sure all are looked after and she no sooner finished her last morsel of food when Donnie announced it was time to gather near the tree for a few awards. Awe yes, the Kings Speech. Donnie spoke of the great year we had and all the adventures we had embarked on and as a small token of appreciation for each who made us look good and helped with our fun 2012 summer, awards were given.


By the time Paula came into the living room all the seats were taken...... but one. I think you can all guess where that seat was... that's right, Barc's lap. Barc had to let her go as Paula was one of the presenters this year. All are ready Don, time for the awards.


First award, Lee and Sheila for the purchase and light restoration on their great looking orange B. Once again, as a member of this club, if you look good, we look good, and knowing the cost involved in a resto, being light or a full blown restoration there is a great cost involved and a little token for the effort is warranted.  Next for the years of work and the buckets of money Brian and Arlene put into their MGA, surely an award is due here. Congratulation guys, both cars look great.


Next on the list of awards is Francis and Bonnie, the his and her BCCCB Bean Counters. As the club grows, so does their responsibilities. To tell the truth...... I don't want the responsibility of handling club funds so a little BCCCB token of appreciation is warranted here for sure.  Next on the list of deserving recipients is good ole Carol. My heavens where would we be without this lovely lady. Her beautiful home is always open for a club event. The Christmas Party and the Lobster Fest are two very well attended events and I am sure the house is not perfect after we leave. Thanks Carol. There were two other awards presented but the recipients weren't in attendance. First for Bob and Judy for the restoration job on their beautiful red sled MGB. It was a time and money consuming project but the end result is fantastic. If I remember correctly, they took the car to P.E.I. on a shakedown run. A faulty fuel pump was the only problem. Great car guys. Next an award for Peter and Sandy for there great Canada Day Party. The day long event in Baddeck is just fabulous thanks to the efforts of these two amazing people. A little token to say thank you is waiting for you to pick up.


Next... As a thank you an award was given to Paula and I for hosting the English Garden Party. An award wasn't required here, we did it for the fun and to tell the truth, if it wasn't for the scullery maids, the Garden Party would never have happened. Not to mention the participation of our members. My gosh.... I looked at the pictures over and over again thinking an award might be nice for the best dressed woman and I came to the conclusion that it was an impossible award, as each and every woman was stunning. When the beautiful ladies of the BCCCB started arriving at our house all dressed up, I thought the paparazzi were close behind thinking these ladies were celebrities. These lovely ladies may not be on the big screen but rest assured they are celebrities with the BCCCB.


There is one last award. There is no name or title of this award, it's basically an award of respect and thank you. Don came up with this, the award went to Barc for his help and wisdom he contributes on pretty much every project that comes along within the BCCCB. From Paul's Lotus to Peter's Morgan, Barc always gives input to help. His knowledge is endless when it comes to this old cars from across the pond. The award is an 8 inch electronic photo album loaded with over 300 BCCCB photos from years gone bye. You can always add to the photo library as the photos of the BCCCB Adventures unfold.


The next picture reminds me of a song from Britney Spears "Opps I did it again". Now. Omitted from the Christmas Party story last year was a little detail about a casserole that that was brought by Mike and Mary that was left behind in the fridge and wasn't put out on the buffet table. Just an oversight, it could happen once as there is a lot of food around. This year I am not omitting anything. A very scrumptious looking chicken casserole was overlooked in the oven and not put out on the table. It happens! The funny part about this is that it's Mary and Mike's dish once more. Oh my, these fine folks are going to think that there food contribution isn't welcome.  Not so, I seen Carol take it out of the oven and check the temperature, it wasn't quite done. She returned the dish to the oven and continued to place all the food on the table. In the kaos of getting everything ready Mary and Mike's tasty looking dish was overlooked and it only came to be noticed when Mary looked for the dish when she was leaving. Now, just before Mary and Mike left, Sharon and Ricky arrived with a big dish of rice. If I wasn't under the weather I would have strapped on a bib and went at both dishes but as it stands, the extra food went into the leftover food supply to be eaten another day. Next year Mary, we'll all be watching for your dish on the table.

 Oh yes, the after supper snuggle. I quickly snapped a photo of Naughty and Nice on the couch in the family room relaxing after a great meal.


Time to have a look at the awards. There are 5 large beach bags with the club logo embroidered on them and Keep Calm and Carry On British Motivational mugs. Most of you know already that this phrase was posted everywhere in England in anticipation of being invaded by Nazi forces in 1930. The phrase today is still  well used in many forms from cell phone cover to underwear, but for our purpose, a cup  is the best way to to relay the phrase.


There also were Tea pot and cup sets sporting this popular phrase and even a little twist to the phrase. During my pursuit of Christmas awards I even came upon a beer stein that said "Keep Calm and Drink Beer". If the stein had of read "Keep Calm and Drink Speckled Hen" well we all know who that would have gone to.

Well there you have it. 2012 slipped by soo fast and it was a great year. Our great club is getting larger and the possibilities are only limited by our imagination. Our 10 year anniversary is coming up in 2014 and we have a year to plan events. So I am predicting a very exciting next couple of years. Breakdowns this year were almost non existent. I believe the only inconvenient stops were while on our trip to P.E.I.  This tells me that we are all looking after our cars. In 2013 you will see cruising the roads with us a very freshly painted Austin Healey and two... yes two nuts and bolts restored MGAs and if the wrenches fasten up the bolts in a timely fashion, A very nice Sunbeam Alpine will be captured in my lens. Now if that's not enough, Woody's MGB will be finished it's restoration. So look out, Spend a few dollars now on your car so you don't miss a moment of fun in the 2013 BCCCB driving season. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

Well in closing of a great party, a great story and a great year, I have to say.  If you weren't there you missed it. And there is no one to blame but yourself. Come along next time.