MGA Guru Visits BBQ 2018

On August 19, 2018, the annual BBQ for the BCCCB was graced by an invited guest from the U.S., Barney Gaylord (MGA Guru) who was traveling with his son. After selling his home he lived in for 35 years, he packed up his life and went on the road with his MGA and a trailer "carrying camping gear, … [Read more...]

’74 MGB Back On the Road Again!!

Wilf’s B…On the Road Again!! Hot August Nights 2018 saw the return of Wilf’s 1974 MGB. After 2 years of attempts to get the car up and running, the B was finally back on the road and looking its finest for the 2 day event. This spring, Wilf had the head replaced and the carbs redone. Just … [Read more...]

“The Crab” Restored

A 1971 Austin 1800 Land-crab, owned by BCCCB member Bill M, arrived in Cape Breton from British Columbia in February 2017. One year and six months later with a total restoration, the Land crab is back on the road. It was fully restored and made its appearance at recent car shows in North … [Read more...]

A New Website

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