’74 MGB Back On the Road Again!!

Wilf’s B…On the Road Again!! Hot August Nights 2018 saw the return of Wilf’s 1974 MGB. After 2 years of attempts to get the car up and running, the B was finally back on the road and looking its finest for the 2 day event. This spring, Wilf had the head replaced and the carbs redone. Just … [Read more...]

“The Crab” Restored

A 1971 Austin 1800 Land-crab, owned by BCCCB member Bill M, arrived in Cape Breton from British Columbia in February 2017. One year and six months later with a total restoration, the Land crab is back on the road. It was fully restored and made its appearance at recent car shows in North … [Read more...]

A New Website

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