A&W / Mira Run

The A&W 2018 There are days when you want nothing more than to drop the issues, ditch your parents and enjoy a Teen burger and root beer at the drive in. It's 19xx  and all the crowd is going to meet at the A&W. I might even get a date for the beach party too. Well that may be optimistic … [Read more...]

British Motoring Festival 2018

On a frosty evening in January at a BCCCB meeting it starts with 2 words -waddabout Windsor? And there are responses like Yah for sure; definitely; maybe we could do more; and so on. As the winter progresses and the storms drive us deeper into memories for relief we see “Windsor” as a dream come … [Read more...]

Motor Madness with some BCCCB History

Motor Madness at the  Emera Center ( Northside Hospital Foundation Fundraiser) June 16, 2018 What a great family event and for a very worthy cause! The weather cooperated and people were able to enjoy the festivities both inside and outside. Besides vehicles of every description, there was lots … [Read more...]

BCCCB at C200 Car Show & Swap Meet

This past Friday and Saturday members of the BCCCB participated in a car show and swap meet at C200.  We had been invited to participate by the Custom Cruisers car club who wanted 6 – 7 of our cars for a display in the upper concourse area.  Because of the limited space available, they only wanted a … [Read more...]

Engine Extraction

The Engine comes out. One day in April an eclectic group gathered in a small building located in suburban North Sydney. No subway or bus service assisted the travel of these adventurers. But arrive they did. It was called a Tech Session and the Odd Fathers of BcccB were there to dismantle Bob's … [Read more...]