Mabou Market & Red Shoe Run June 9th

  A decent day was in order with good driving weather for our run to the  lovely village of Mabou, located on the Ceilidh Trail. After our rendezvous meetup, we set out from Sydney to the Northside for a beautiful scenic ride over Barrrachois Mountain, through Ironville, Boisdale, … [Read more...]

2018 BCCCB Annual Christmas Party!

The annual BCCCB Christmas party was graciously  hosted at Carol's again this year. A variety of potluck dishes were brought for all to enjoy. The highlight of the evening was the gift "exchange" under the watchful eye & rule enforcer dressed as "The Elf". A good time was had by … [Read more...]

Cars for Cruisers 2018

August 21, 2018 Under grey skies & comfortable temperatures, 7 of our Club's British cars ( Sunbeam Alpine, TR6,  4 MGB's, Morgan ),  arrived at the Joan Harris Cruise Pavilion to welcome passengers from the Veendam. The morning passed quickly, talking to passengers mainly from the U.S., many … [Read more...]

BBQ 2018

BBQ 2018     Wasn't it amazing, a great time, fine food! And such a fine car showing, did you see the.... sorry some of you may not have been there so I'll start at the beginning. August 18th was too wet for a BBQ at Barc's so we gathered on the 19th, Sunday. 18 British cars arrived with … [Read more...]

A&W / Mira Run

The A&W 2018 There are days when you want nothing more than to drop the issues, ditch your parents and enjoy a Teen burger and root beer at the drive in. It's 19xx  and all the crowd is going to meet at the A&W. I might even get a date for the beach party too. Well that may be optimistic … [Read more...]