Carol’s Place, Annual Food & Auction July 6/19

What a gorgeous day for a ride to an outdoor gathering in our LBC’s !! It was Carol’s annual party for food and fun.  Pete was busy  cooking  lobsters and Bill was handling the BBQ.  As usual, both did an excellent job of preparing food for the group to enjoy. With a table indoors lined up with several dishes to go with the main course, it was a feast for all. Dessert was also yummy and didn’t leave much room for seconds of anything.

Before the food was devoured, we were treated to “the auction”.  Bidding and  laughing began in earnest. Both the antics of the auctioneer and his assistant, as well as,  those of the bidders kept everyone awake for a deal or no deal. After all was bid and bought, everyone went home satisfied and The Club coffers were once again topped up for the next gathering.

Thanks goes to Carol, our host, the cooks,  “auctioneer & assistant”,  and all those who came and brought goodies to eat and auction. Everyone contributed to make this another great event for the BCCCB  🙂

Now on to the annual British Motoring Festival July 12-14 in Windsor, NS!!