What did you do this Father's Day Weekend? Well, a few members of the BCCCB attended the Cape Breton Auto Show held at Center 200. Steve Lewis and his crew hosted this event the last number of years with proceeds going to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Cancer Centre. As owners of an old antique it's an honour and a sense of pride to show it off, so why not gather as many as you can and show them off together. Now add in an admission fee and donate a portion to the Regional Hospital Cancer Centre. How's that for pride? Showing off your ride and helping fellow Cape Bretoner's at the same time. Count the BCCCB in is all I can say.


 The introduction photo and the photo above is the sight you see moments after you walk through the doors. Impressive! I took my little buddy Brandon with me to his first car show and to see his wide eyes and his smile made it worth it. Off to the right of the first photo, the BCCCB had their display and what a great assortment of cars and colours they put together. I mean really... when does one see a Lotus Esprit, well here is a perfect example for you to examine. Paul and Estelle's Lotus alone, is worth the price of admission. 


You will get to see another picture of Carols Healey a little later in the story but for now I will say that this picture doesn't do the car justice. On our trip to the Maggies last summer, we noticed scratches on the fender. It looked as if someone dragged a suitcase across the flawless paint. Carol had the car buffed before the show eliminating the scratches and bringing the shine up to a blinding gleam. a few cars down from Carol's was Mary and Mike's B. I swear every time I see this car, it looks better then the last. Mary and Mike are really showing their pride in their great looking ride. 


We'll get back to the BCCCB a little later on in the story as there are plenty of other cars worthy of mentioning. One in particularly is this 55 Chevy. As you descend the stairs, this is what greets you at the bottom. The shade or two lighter colored flames looked as though it was 3D. The multiple coats of clear coat and I am sure wet sanding, creates this effect.


The Cape Breton Car Show attracts many verities of old and even new autos. Classic to custom, from trucks to cars, all can be seen here. The 1965 GMC was an eye pleaser, as was the 1970 AAR Cuda. I once had a 70 Challenger and traded it for a Cordoba. A trade I though was great at the time .... but now... Oh how I would love to have that 70 Challenger here today.


No car show is complete without a concession stand. Brandon and I decided to get a burger at the same time many more did. We had to wait for ours to cook. After about a 15 minute wait Brandon and I dug in. Across from us was my pals, Peter and Sandy as well as Carol. How is it that Peter always gets to sit with the lovely ladies. What a charmer this guy is, it might just be the fact that he is always smiling.


 I took a picture of Brandon near the lowest car in the show ... The lotus.... and the highest truck in the show. The poor guy didn't know what to look at next. An $8 Dodge Viper die cast model caught his eye as well, had to get a little memento of his first car show. Next show he and I will bring my MGB and I'll teach him the art of polishing and buffing... If I can pull him away from his IPad long enough.


While outside looking at the cars, a Hearst rolled in. Nothing special but the side door was open and Brandon and I had to see if there was a casket inside. Much to our surprise... there was a skeleton  behind the wheel of a fully blown 350 casket. A real death trap. A few moments later the ground shook as an old Duster and Satellite rolled in... I almost lost a filling as they passed by.


Back to the BCCCB. I mentioned the shine on Carol's Healey earlier, well the shine on John Inch's Triumph TR7 comes in at a very close second. Both these cars are museum quality but both John and Carol use their cars whenever the opportunity arises. Do yah think that maybe this is why they are always smiling, Speaking of a museum piece, what's that beside Carol's Healey.


A Morgan! This is an awesome example of British engineering. Right hand drive with an extremely low profile. With the doors cut out as they are, I am sure I could drag my knuckles along the highway. Peter takes extreme care of this car and he just swapped out the factory carb with a Weber. This car better run perfect because there is no room for tools if you wish to take clothes on a trip. Peter designed a very well thought of luggage carry to help out with any luggage issues he and Sandy may have on their journeys. Next Mike And Mary's very white B. I can't begin to say what they did to this car but everything from body to engine has been done and it looks and runs so good, you just know this car is loved.


I don't know how much you know about the next two beautiful cars. I will say that they didn't look like this when Alfred and Bob brought them home. I have always said that it take the passion of a new owner to breath new life into an old car and that statement stands true when referring to theses cars. It's a heck of a lot more then a coat of paint here to make these beauties look and run as good as they do. Show room quality, car show quality and maybe not daily drivers but driven whenever Bob and Alfred's better halves wish to go for a spin. Two beautiful cars.


Although not in the least bit similar, I am going to call Paul and Don's cars bookends as they flanked the BCCCB group, Don's car was nothing more then a box of parts a mere year or so ago, now it's here making car guys and girls mouths water. I am sure the celebrities of the 60 all tried to have one of these in their garages. Regal, classy and sporty all wrapped up into one little MGA. Paul and Estelle's Lotus had the crowd's attention. This go fast style makes my fingers tingle as I would love to grip that leather steering wheel at about 200k. The low profile of this car would make it feel like it was on rails at that speed. A guy can dream can't he.

A new addition to the BCCCB iron is Alan and Joan Hayter's 1996 Jaguar XJ6. I do like this car. There is something about the name Jaguar that screams success.


I can't show you everything that was in the show. It's kinda "if yah weren't there you missed it" thing. This site is dedicated to the British Car Club of Cape Breton but showing American muscle is not beneath us. The two cars above are just an example of some extraordinary cars that were in the upper concourse of Centre 200, I have to say that I was in awe at the sights. Brandon's Grandfather joked about putting him in the rumble seat. Not know what a rumble seat was, today he got his chance to see one. My gosh what beautiful cars. 


From the bleachers above the BCCCB display I snapped of a few interesting pictures. Just look at lights reflecting off the paint of these beautiful cars. Here's a picture of Mike and Mary talking to Don beside their white B. The two Tilley hats look cool on the tonneau cover. A must to wear on those very hot sunny summer days with the roof down. 


A different view of Peter and Sandy's Morgan, and yes, Peter is still talking to the ladies. You can see more what I am talking about referring to the lack of luggage space in the Morgan. There is no trunk and the spare tire is recessed into the small luggage compartment. Here is another picture of Don's MGA ... it just looked so good from this angle I had to show the picture.


John Inch and Paul's car looks great. I should have taken an engine pic of John's TR6... the word clean comes to mind. At last the last picture. Don't let the lack of people fool you... it's lunch time. Earlier this place was shoulder to shoulder. Slow walkers tied up the rows as there was no room to walk past. Not a bad thing because I guarantee when you stopped ... there was something very pleasing to look at. I just received a call from Donnie Peters and he tells me Carol's Healey received the best British Car award And Alan Hayter received the best import award. Way to go guys and Gals. There were a few other prizes awarded to BCCCB members. Random draw kinda stuff  but any prize is a great prize here at the Cape Breton Auto Show.

Well there you have it. A few pictures and words to tell a story that took in two days of a great show. There is always something to do to keep you away from these events, grass mowing, groceries, paying bills. Well I guarantee you all will still be there tomorrow, this great show won't be. So this is were I say, "If you weren't there you missed it. Come along next time."

The BCCCB would like to thank Steve Lewis and the gang for all the hard work organizing this event. A true pleasure to be a part of. Stay tuned for the next BCCCB adventure.