Cannot Record!!!! ???? Yes that's right, cannot Record. Alfred, Don, Paula and myself went for a run and there was no camera card in my camera. Read on... I sent out an email on this very hot day concerning a nice evening run around St. Anns Bay, a run I have done often in the past. One reply, John Inch. "Love to go" he said but to busy. Donnie called earlier in the day concerning pulling an engine out of someone's B and I mentioned the run, he was in. Arriving at the Bras D'or View Restaurant, Paula and I were the only ones there. Don was running 15 minutes late, he informed me via a phone call while waiting and Alfred had gone to the Cedar House to wait for us. 

Finally Don had shown up  and he pulled in front of our car saying "you guys eat yet." Nope, I was hoping for a stop somewhere different along our drive, so off we went. I snapped a picture or two coming out of the Bras D'or View as we drove towards Alfred at the Cedar House. Sure enough, there was Alfred nestled in the shade of the Cedar House Sign. Stopping for a moment, Both Donnie and I popped our hoods, I disconnected my secondary fan while doing an adjustment to something and forgot to hook it back up again. My engine temp was a tad high that's how I remembered it. Donnie popped his because he realized he forgot to put on a vent hose when he installed the very nice MG crested air filters. I was snapping pictures like a fool. The screen on my camera is hard to see with the sun as bright as it was but as we drove on, around St. Anns Bay, while taking pictures I noticed my camera screen was different. Not being to concerned, I continued to drive and the snapping pictures. It wasn't until we got inside the Clucking Hen on the North Shore that I noticed the dreaded words "Cannot Record". Crap! No camera card. I quickly retrieved the one from the DVR in my car.

What's this? No Money No Honey is what I read. Come on!!! The Credit card machine is broken and as I looked at Paula, I pulled the inside lining of my pockets out indicating I had no money, I am a plastic kind of guy.  Paula laughing said "that's nothing new with you and I have no money either." I think she was holding out. Alfred to the rescue!!! "I got this guys" was the best words I heard all day. Thanks Alfred. Now if you never stopped at the Clucking Hen before, take the time to do so. Inside dining, enclosed patio dining (where we were) and outside dining. After the hot day we were out in, enclosed patio dining was the place to be. Out of the sun and the windows were wide open allowing the breeze to cool us down.

Nice restaurant. The hens were on everything. One hen even had on a British Car Club of Cape Breton hat. Great service and great atmosphere here guys, worthy of stop anytime.

Moving on.... Next stop, Little River Harbour Warf. Just look at the protective wall keeping the North Atlantic out. This would be a great spot to visit when that wind and waves are pounding Cape Breton's coast, Just to see if the waves break over these walls.

Look out there! Where? In the middle of the harbour, Lobster crates submerged. I received an email earlier from Carol Miller saying she may have some trouble getting the lobsters for our lobster fest Sunday, maybe the guys of Little Harbour can spare a few. As it stands.... the crisis is adverted, Alan Hayter scored all the lobsters we need. Can't wait to go.

Whose car is whose. The very bright sun washed out the colors. The sun can be seen just beaming off Alfred's car, or is it Donnie's? Just look way off in the distance towards the mountain top, can you see the heat haze? May have been a little hot for this run but it sure was nice getting out. So far this summer, between events and Rain, there had been very little drives, so this was a nice escape for an evening.

The Englishtown Ferry, ready with the ramps down when we got there. Down the ramp, on the boat, presented a club ferry card for payment and within moments we were away. I went back to Alfred's car to give the Ferry Card to the money collector and when I turned around, a guy was out of his car snapping pictures of our cars. Again, I love when that happens.

Ah yes, the last pictures of the day. Just look at the hot sun's rays reflecting off the waters of St. Anns Bay. You can almost feel the heat from the picture, and yes it was that bad. Well, not really bad but boy was it hot. Exiting the Englishtown Ferry, homeward we drove. Alfred stopped by our place for a cold drink before heading home and we had a great conversation that closed out a very nice day. 

I salvaged what I could out of this run's pictures to tell the story but it truly isn't about the pictures or the story, it's about the fun of getting together with these great cars just to have a good time. None of us knows what tomorrow will bring but what ever, good or bad, I can say I smiled and laughed today. All because of a little car club on an island that juts out into the Atlantic, The British Car Club of Cape Breton. You know how it goes.... "If you weren't there you missed it. Come along next time"