I struggled with our BCCCB Canada Day opening photo because I didn't want the sad face of our Canada Day Mascot, (Bill English) peering down on his temperamental B to set the stage for this story. But! They made it here, they had a ball, and to tell the truth, this was one hell of a day. Lets go have a hamburger and some great salad Bill, that'll cheer you up! Lets step into the world of the BCCCB for our Canada Day Celebrations shall we and see what fun this club has.


Bill MacDonald had emailed me earlier in the week to set a time to depart to Baddeck to set up the events tent before the festivities. Great! The more hands the better. As if our watches were synchronized, we arrived at our planned meeting spot at the exact same time. Perfect, as was the rest of the day. We headed of to Baddeck with the tent strapped to my luggage carrier, destination, Peter and Sandy's hacienda on the hills of Baddeck. When we arrived, straight to work we went.


Moments after we arrived Haylette, oops, scratch the extra e Haylett and Nina arrived in their great looking Healey, sporting a new top. Nice. It didn't take long before they were pitching in helping to get the tent up and in no time we were finished.


Yes we were done in no time so Peter had some extra time to take one of his grand children out for a toot on the Morgan. How many kids get this opportunity? Anyway while they were on their drive, other club members began to arrive bringing with them, some great grub. Brian and Gloria as well as Bobby and Anita were amongst the first to arrive.


Before the first arrivals were out of their cars, Donnie arrived carrying a chocolate cake with boiled icing. Look out Don, Anita is looking straight at it, hold it a little higher so she can't get at it. We have next, Bobby the bun guy. Oh Bobby, how we love your buns.


Lets get to the show shall we. Once more Peter had roped off the parking lot at the Tourist Bureau for our British Car, Canada Day display and one of the first cars to arrive was Bob and Judy in their freshly finished  72 MGB. Lets have a look shall we. The panels are very straight and gaps are correct and the interior is perfect. It took some time to finish and hopefully all the gremlins are dealt with. I am sure these two are going to enjoy this great looking car.


Above you have Norm and Bob returning from a little toot in Norm and Joan's B. I think they were cruising for chicks. Norm has his Tilley hat on to protect him for the sun.... or is he wearing it to hide the bump on the back of his head? Yes I know Joan, I am going to get a smack for this but a little bird told me that Norm got into the car to start it up and he asked Joan to open the garage door. I am not sure what happened next but as Norm was backing out of the garage, watching the side view mirrors, The garage door smacked Norm in the back of the head, Thank heavens he was driving slowly, Norm's head was like a bumper. It could have gone very wrong if he was going a bit fast or if he didn't break in time. A lot of the cars are here already, nestled between Paul and Estelle's Lotus at the far end and Bob and Judy's B. Lets get the show on the road.


The cars were parked and the banner was set up, now for the flag. Normally I would have a British Flag set up but for Canada Day I bought a Canada flag. Now my Canada flag was a tad small and Bob Jardine went out and purchased a much larger version of one, very nice. Now below that we have the Queen's Jubilee flag that Don had and it looks great on our flag pole. The cars were lined up starting with a newer Jaguar... we'll get to that shortly. Next we have Bob's B, Brian MacDonald's Spitfire and Peter and Sandy's Morgan.


We have Jennifer's great looking B, Norm and Joan's B and next to that the very popular Austin Cambridge of Sharon and Ricky, This row is finished up with Brian McKeigan's Spitfire. Hidden in the back we have Lee and Sheila's B, My B, Haylett and Nina's crowd pleasing Austin Healey and Donnie's LE. Next up, Bill MacDonald's B, Bobby's Midget, Joe and Jean's Bugeye and the very sporty Lotus belonging to Paula and Estelle Voynovich. A great line up and there were many whom I had heard saying, "Oh my, look at the cars". I think we make Baddeck a popular destination for many on Canada Day.


Everything was set and it was a tad after noon so rather than stand out in the hot sun we decided to take in lunch with Paul and Estelle. Linwood was decided on but when we got there, they said they didn't start serving lunch until the 3 of July. My heavens, the money they must have lost today. Leaving Lynnwood we decided the Bell Bouy was our next stop. along the way we met Haylett and Nina and they joined us as well. What a great bunch to have lunch with and for that matter, what a great lunch. Along the way I seen a sign for kite flying. I wish I had more time to explore this, it sure looked interesting. There you go, there was a heck of a lot to do in Baddeck today.


Getting back to the black Jaguar. New Members Bruce McKinley and his lovely wife Noreen are the owners. What a great looking car! Bruce introduced himself and it turns out that he is my Aunts Brother, Small world. Anyway, I was quite taken with the car and the fact that it's black makes me like it even more. Bruce mentioned that he felt a little out of place amongst the antique cars. Not a problem, the word Antique isn't in our title. We are the British Car Club and this great looking Jag fits the bill and welcome to the club... you won't be disappointed. Oh! Can't wait to se the S-Type.


I am sorry to have to Introduce Frank and Theresa as well as their great looking B to the club in this fashion but as most of us are aware of, this is what happens very often with newly acquired antique cars. It may take a while to work out the bugs but it will all come together, I posted this pic because I wanted to show the club spirit when one of our own breaks down. Above you see many members trying to correct a stuck needle valve on one of the HS4 carbs. I think the needle is to old to fix and needs replacement. Again, this is what happens when one first buys and old B, especially when it's been tied up for a while. It will all come together in time. I know.


Boy oh boy was it hot in Baddeck! Standing in the hot parking lot wasn't the greatest idea so many of our members sought shade next to the tourist Bureau. It appears that there was just enough shade to accommodate everyone. Me, I am a sun worshiper and I enjoyed out mingling and soaking up the sun. What a perfect day.


More Sun worshippers, Anita, Bobby and Lee, Life is good isn't it? Next we have Haylett talking about his Healey. It's always nice that the owner is close at hand to talk about their cars as there are many who ask a lot of questions.


Everyone loves a parade and I swear that Baddeck Parade gets better every year. Now, just before the parade Peter received a call that our events tent blew down, so Peter, Joe and I headed up the hill to his house to access the damages, if any that is. Oh man, I struggled to keep up with Peter. I need to work out I thought as I tried to slow my breathing so Peter wouldn't see that I was ready to take a break. Anyway when we arrived, sure enough the tent was down and there was a broken plastic fitting. A simple fix and we were on our way back to Main Street, just in time for the Parade.


Everyone loves a clown and our very own lovable Brian McKeigan is just that, a clown. One moment he was on a float as it it came down the road and the next moment he was gone.


There he is! Hitting on my wife I believe. Caught yah clown. Not really, this was the end of the parade route, almost next to our cars. Here you see Brian with his lovely wife Arleen, Paula, Sharon and Ricky.


The parade is over and now it's time for the BCCCB Canada Day BBQ at Peter and Sandy's. I think many Celebrate Canada Day with a BBQ but I bet few are as good as this. Peter and Sandy really know how to host such an event. Lee, Sheila and Joe have their chairs ready for inside the shade of the tent and our ole buddy Brian the clown has transformed back to himself. He hated to get mustard on his clown suit I bet.


Our great club is growing and last year we all gathered on the patio but I have to say that it was rather crowed. This year the BCCCB Events Tent was a blessing and I believe after a year, we out grew it. Not quite just yet but getting very close.


Above, Brian MacDonald has everyone's attention making an announcement in reference to The Smith's guest house. This is where you will find the loo or lavatory if you wish, he said. All eyes are now on Sharon in the second photo, as she presents a cheese tray before supper. Thanks.


Hale hale the gangs all here! Wow the tent is filled to capacity and it was much needed to block out the harsh sunrays. If you look very closely you can see a little bit of duct tape holding one of  the fittings together. Pretty lucky I would say, that there wasn't more damage when the tent fell. Just outside the tent is the buffet area. What a great setup and all this just off of the patio so the food was always close at hand.


Peter at the Q sporting his British Car Club Cape Breton BBQ apron. Looks as though there are scullery maids at the soiree as well. Good ole Brian MacDonald stands at the ready to deliver the food. Looks like it's kind of a drop and run delivery as members swarmed the table. Hotdogs, hamburgers and a selection of salads are on the go here, enough for over ( a quick count) 40 people.


Supplying food for 40 is no easy task, especially for the cook. Peter was pumping out Hamburgers and dogs like a line chef. Way to go Peter. Sharon has the empty hamburger bin ready for a refill.


What a great day! I know I said it before but really, can you beat this? Lets start of with a nice drive in the hot sun. A car show in the Village of Baddeck with lots of people milling about. Also,  there are lots of things to see and do. A Canada Day BBQ on the hill overlooking Baddeck Bay and to top it off, meeting new friends such as Frank and Theresa as well as Bruce and Noreen. Folks, it doesn't get much better then this!


I think everyone's had there fill. the girls are relaxing as the guys clean up.... lol not really. Peter as Sandy's friend Merriam was here once more to help out. This girl is a godsend for sure. One could see that this girl never stopped all day. I am sure Peter and Sandy thanked you and perhaps many from the club did as well but here officially is a huge BCCCB thank you from all the club for your help.


The two Cheese Cakes you see above are the brain child of our very own Bill MacDonald. What a guy! Mind you, there is a C missing but it looks like you ran out of space. The second photo you can see Joe lifting his cup in respectful discuss at the television, to Spain as they score the first of four goals on Joe's Italian soccer team. Sorry Joe for your loss but it did make for a great photo. On a good note, good ole Billy Mac is cutting the cheese cake in the background.


Cheese cake anyone? I know the lovely ladies here are saying... I am not having a piece, yes I am, I am not having a piece, yes I am. It was just to good to pass up. Thanks Bill. Finally as desert is being served, The grill master, Peter, gets to take a break and is able to sample a fine hamburger. Thanks Peter, all was perfect.


Time to call her a day. This great party/BBQ has come to an end. With the heat and all the food, the couch at home is a long way away so off into the sunset we must drive. Above we have Norm and Joan as well as Frank and Theresa hitting the road. The rest of us will be along shortly. A few followed Frank to make sure he made it home safely. The flooding front carb was quite a concern but we'll look at that in days to come.


Good ole Bill and Susan English were a tad late arriving as they had an earlier engagement. Now just before their arrival, Peter received a call saying that Bill's car quit on the Shore Road. Off to the rescue I went. I drove from Lynnwood to the highway, no Bill. Then I thought did he mean the Bay road, so off in the other direction I flew. No Bill. Bill was on the Bay road but he got his car fired up and I met him back at Peter's. Peter did call my cell to say that Bill and Susan arrived but with all the wind and radio blaring, I didn't here it. Not a big deal, I surely enjoyed the drive and looking at the countless people milling about the streets of Baddeck was nice.


Time to break down the tent and pack it away for the lobster fest. It doesn't take long when there are many hands. Good ole Donnie and Brian pitched in and had it down and tucked away in no time. Now to head home for us, tired and hot yet happy and full. Bill was a little nervous about his B and he wanted to lead the way home encase he had problems. Well he didn't, the car ran flawlessly. I snapped this pic of Bill and Susan just after the Seal Island Bridge, I love it because this is what owning a convertible is all about, cruising down the road on a hot day just living life to the fullest.

Folks, what a perfect day. I once read a quote from Charlie Chaplin that goes "A day without laughter is a day wasted". Well here at the BCCCB we haven't wasted to many days as laughter is abundant. I ask myself, what would life be like without out the British Car Club of Cape Breton? I am sure that I would still be laughing but surely not as much as I do now. Anyway, once more you know how it goes.... If you weren't there you missed it. Come along next time.

Photo contribution ... Donnie Peters