A gorgeous sunny morning with promise for a hotter afternoon.  We managed to put out the cones last night without the assistance of grandsons and we managed pretty well.  Pete laid out the tent early and assembled the top much easier to up later.  By 9 a.m. all was pretty much ready, fridges, coolers out and in place and around mid morning the first rumble of LBC’s.  First on the scene Judy and Bob Hodge from River Denys in their gold TR7 ready for their first Canada Day with BCCCB.  Always so nice to see new members at our celebrations.  Soon after other cars soon started to come in drop off food and down to the Tourist Bureau.  Carol and baby blue,  Don P. In the shiny red “A” and hurray for Barc in his Japanese MG.  Food arriving, fridges filling and tables out.  By noon most everyone was in and parked including Paula in her blue “B” with a booster seat for the navigator, Campbell.


Sixteen cars in all and we left the Morgan and XJS at home.  Really hot on the main street and a large crowd. Canada Day in Baddeck gives the ladies of our club especially Mary and Morag , two of our “B” girls, who can find a bargain anywhere,to go shopping.  I saw lots of chairs and umbrellas and many were moved into the shade of the Tourist Bureau as the sun shone brighter and hotter!


As usual, lots of tourists so everyone had a chance to put their best car forward as it were. Come to think of it a darn good show.  A Jag, three TR’s, two Healey’s, two MGA’s, a lotus and various MGB’s.  WOW! I am sure many of us made new friends and saw lots of old ones. As usual, Haylett and Nina get the longest road trip medal coming all the way from New Glasgow in their 67 Healey.


The parade started around 1pm and a good one it was.  Kudos to the folks who worked so hard bringing this together!  As the parade winds down, people start putting away umbrellas and chairs and head for the Smiths.


Very soon the BBQ is hot, the food is out and the real socializing begins.  Some folks in the tent, some on the deck and a resourceful few under the cooling shade of the Birch tree, finally big enough to be useful.  The food is awesome and lots for everyone.  Now I would be remiss if I didn’t give special mention to Don’s chocolate cake with boiled icing.  I know he spends hours making sure it’s a perfect desert.  Many people drive by to see the cars and of course Miriam, who doesn’t have a LBC comes and helps.  It wouldn’t be the same without her. 


By supper time, the rumble of British cars is gone, all is quiet and those of us left behind wait for the fireworks.  Really the best ever this year!