Once called Dominion Day, Canada Day is a celebration of the British North American Act of 1867 which united three colonies into a single country... Canada

I am sure you don't need a history lesson, we the BCCCB are here to celebrate Canada Day in the lovely village of Baddeck. But first I have to say. Each story written  begins with BCCCB outing of course, then the pictures and finally the story. These events are simple, nice drive or an event such as this. The stories are simple as well, perhaps time consuming but every picture is worth a thousand words and I just look at a picture and the words flow. The most difficult part of every story is selecting the photos. I take over 100 pictures of events and of this event, 232 pictures. How do I  select from that? This particular story has to be one of the hardest to select the pictures for. I am not sure if it's the scenery, the cars, the people, the venue or just the fact that it was a cloudy day blocking out the harsh sun making all the colors jump off the screen at me. It was a difficult choice to pull 60 photos out for this story. This is what I have come up with and I hope you enjoy the photos and story as much as I do... of Canada Day 2013 .....BCCCB Style.


My early morning wakeup look out the window didn't present a wonderful scene, the roads were wet but that was quickly remedied once the sun warmed things up. My car was packed and with the BCCCB events tent strapped securely to the luggage carried, off to Baddeck I flew... I mean drove. John Inch and the Lovely Joan Butts were already here ready to help. I unpacked and was ready to set up when Donnie and his lovely companion Elizabeth arrived, just in time to pitch in. Black to black, red to red, yellow to yellow went the tubing, cover it with the fabric and before you knew it, the BCCCB events tent is up. A few pegs hammered into the ground and add a Canadian Flag and shazam! We are set up! Surrounded by roses, their scent filled the air. What a perfect spot here in Sandy and Peter's beautiful yard for a Canada Day BBQ.


One by one the old British cars rolled up the street. Each car stopped to drop off a a tray or bowl of some great food to help make this a great day. Above you see Ray and Georgina dropping off a tray. I received an email  earlier in the week from Peter saying  "Enough folks: Desserts: Don, Bob, Joe & Haylett; Salads: John, Preston, Paul, Lee, Brian". My reply was.... "LOL,,, lets hear it for the guys of the BCCCB... while the lovely ladies are kicking it back with their feet up Don, Bob, Joe & Haylett; Salads: John, Preston, Paul, Lee, Brian. are doing all the work. Very proud of you gentlemen for giving your lovely wives / better halves the day off. You just know that this is going in the story" I said. I am guessing that maybe only one of these fine gentlemen actually did put together a dish. It's always the lovely ladies who do it all and get the least credit. So! thank you lovely ladies for putting together some great food. A few more did bring food but I am not sure who, so sorry I didn't mention you but thank you all the same. A quick rebuttal to my email was from Joe Renzi, who wrote... "Jean is making the butter tarts. I'm bringing Jean".


They say it's cheaper to go up then go sideways and Peter took to that literally. A hoist is much cheaper then a 12 foot extension to the side of his garage. Above you have a pic of Don showing Elizabeth the stacked white Jag atop of an amazing Morgan. While we were in Peter's Playroom, Peter was busy preparing for today's events. here he is setting up an improvised cooler for all the pop. Thanks so much Peter for all you do to make this the day that it is. 


Peter was up early once more. The parking lot of the Tourist Bureau is secured with caution cones to allow or BCCCB car show. With Peter and Sandy's car already here, myself, Ray and Georgia, as well as Don and Elizabeth were the first to arrive.  Check out the sky..... going to be a great day!


The name Baddeck is derived from the Mikmaq term "Abadak" which has been translated as "place with an island near." Established as shire town in 1851, Baddeck has many historic properties. These two homes directly across the street from the tourist bureau surely look as though they are turn of the century and it's houses of yesterday that lines the streets of this picturesque town. No wonder countless of people visit here.


Let the games begin! One after the other cars and people rolled in. One of these eye pleasers is Judy... I mean Bobby's very nice MGB. Flawless paint and one of the more sought after Bs with the chrome bumpers, sure looks good. Judy, rather then a hat, had donned a bandana. Perhaps much more functional then a ball hat, as the wind can sometime plat havoc with them. Looks good Judy


Here we are, Bill and Susan English. I lifted the camera to take a shot and Bill threw his arms in the air as a triumphant wave to say we made it. Gone past the 10 K mark without needing a tow home. Whatever demon that possessed this car has been run off with a chrome moly steel socket wrench, or .... seeing whereas we are talking about Bill English here, he could have chased the demon off with a home made improvised tool of some sort. However he did it... Job well done. As Bill exits his, now trusty steed, he donned a Canada Day hat .. "Mr Canada Day" it is.


John Inch and I walked to Peter's to retrieve some chairs from John's Magnum. Yes, once again John's beautiful TR 6 spent the day at home, anyway upon our return I was surprised to see Nina and Haylett along with their beautiful Austin Healey sitting pretty at our show. I was under the impression that a few cars from the Healey Conclave in Quebec were going around the trail and I though that these fine folks were going with them. Sure am glad they chose our Canada Day event instead. Next Mary and Mike arrived in their beautiful white B. Once again Mary climbed out of the passenger side. I know, one day soon we'll see her drive "her" car.


Paula decided with all the festivities going on, including a parade, maybe our 3 year old Niece Campbell, might be interested in coming along. Sure enough, just before the parade Paula arrived with her, What did she want to do first? Jump in uncle Lonnie's MGB.


Look at the shine on Lee and Sheila's car. I mentioned earlier about the clouds blocking out the harsh sun making colors jump out. This is one of those photos. I just love the way Lee's car shines here today. Next we have the highly energetic Bill MacDonald talking to Bill "Mr Canada Day" English and the charming Susan.

Here is a nice shot of Bill MacDonald's car snuggled up close to Norm and Joan's Pageant Blue MGB. I know it's just a coincidence but our official blue car club polo shirts.... that Joan is wearing, is the same color as their car.  Looks good! Back to Bill's car. No, no one did a mural of three pylons on his car. Bill's car has an amazing shine. I swear I could shave in this cars mirror like finish.


I went for a little walk through town to enjoy the sighs and sounds if Baddeck when a thunderous roar could be heard coming up Main Street. Brian and Arlene's Black Beauty 1959 MGA could be seen driving through this historic village. I am sure that I  wasn't hard to see amongst the crowd as I was wearing my white club tee shirt with the big BCCCB chest silk screened 0n the front.


I am sure you have all heard of the class clown, well, how about a club clown with class. Good old Brian is involved with the Shriners as well as the BCCCB. Where in the heck does Brian get time to be active in clubs, do normal everyday chores and over the past number of years build two beautiful old British Cars to flawless, off the assembly line condition? Perhaps better. Living right I would say. There is always that old saying... "Behind every great man is a great woman telling him what to do." Arlene, your doing a wonderful job guiding this clown.

The BCCCB car show is now the highlight of this Canada Day in Baddeck. The place was abuzz with people. Barc had mentioned to me that it's nice to see so  many people asking questions about the cars, more so he thought then other years. Well, I have stopped for fuel many times and people would ask questions about my B and they say that they see a lot around lately. I tell them about the club and it's a show such as this or, when these cars are parked outside a restaurant, that people get a chance to talk to us about the cars. Now's your chance, ask away.

Lots of blue shirts seen here today. I love seeing club colors, shows pride. Speaking of pride, how about the shine on that large piece of real estate called an engine hood on Peter and Sandy's Jag. Hand wax or a quick detailing wax, it all takes time and shows pride, the end result is always spectacular. Looks as though Barc is dazzled by the shine.


 Above we have John, Lee, Sheila, Carol, Haylett and Estelle gathering at Lee and Sheila's little camp beside their great looking B. What a nice relaxing day here in Baddeck. Pizza shop on one side of us, bathrooms on the other side and the parade will pass behind us, a perfect spot on a perfect day.

I am thinking that this story is getting a little long. I am trying to get it done in a timely fashion but to do so I have to delete pictures. How in the heck can I do that? Each picture is beautiful and it would be a sin not to show the best ones in this story. Here, shooting through the trees, I captured 4 great looking Bs and Mr Canada Day, Bill English and Susan kicking it back relaxing.


 The lovely Jean is nestled in behind her and Joe's Bugeye. The sun came out from time to time so good ole Jean set up her umbrella to avoid the high UV rays. They even have the roof up on their car. Joe was showing us his air horns earlier and it sounds like a tractor trailer when he blows the horn. When one turns to see, they get quite the surprise when they see a car they can jump over making that noise. Next Bill wanted to see the trunk space in Paul's Lotus. Much to Bill's surprise, there was very little trunk space left, the engine took up all the space. 

Another great shot! I am standing on the sidewalk waiting with Campbell and Paula as the parade approached and just turned for a second and though this was a great shot. Nothing exciting happening, it just caught my eye.

Who doesn't love a parade. I took about thirty pictures of the parade but I can only show a few. It took about 15 minutes for all the displays to pass by and Baddeck and Victory County was well represented. Yes, Baddeck is the place to be on Canada Day. I have been taking pictures for countless years and perhaps, while always looking for the perfect shot,  I see things others don't. I may not always take the picture but I think I see things others miss. I noticed today, perhaps because Campbell was with us, the looks on the children's faces. With wide eyes and smiles while waving is the parade passed has to be one of the most beautiful pictures of any parade. A simple thing like a couple of lawn mowers brings a smile to a child's face. The mustang rolling up behind the mowers put a smile on my face.


There's our club clown Brian, jumping off the Shriners Caboose float, directly behind our cars. Good job the horses were behind the Shriners caboose or Brian, the club clown, may have created some great laughs if he had stepped into some..... well you know. 

Back to where this story began, Peter and Sandy's lovely home. As I was on the street taking pictures of these beautiful cars parked on the street beside their beautiful property, I noticed that there was a continuous stream of  traffic passing by. There is no way in heck, is this quiet street, normally this busy I thought. I think people just wanted to do a drive by to see the British Car display.  


What a great shot of Bill English going down the road with his Canada Day hat on. People must be in awe at that sight ... too funny. Speaking of looking in awe. How about Brian and Arlene's MGA with the rose bushes of the Smith's estate beside it. Perfect.


Arriving at Peter's, I had seen that Carol was already putting out the hot dogs. Peter must have the BBQ fired up already. The events tent nestled in the garden makes everything look so regal. People, I am sure, drove by earlier in the day and were wondering what was going on at the Smith's residences. If they drove by later in the day, they would have seen exactly what was going on and had an eye full of beautiful cars to boot.


Yes,, good ole Pete at the Q. Yes Pete at the Q and Merriam and Carol close at hand to help out. I am thinking by the looks of things, Peter has a new BBQ and the old standby is fired up as well. One can never have to much grill space, especially on Canada Day. I see good ole Joe coming out of the house. I bet he was checking out the deserts.


Seating is never an issue here at the Smith residence, one can throw a chair anywhere, on their beautiful lawn, sit under the events tent, sit along the garden wall or sit under the pergola style veranda. Here on the veranda Carol had to run the gauntlet with burgers on a plate. Good luck Carol.


Jean chose the rock wall to eat her lunch. Above she is cutting up and avocado to have with her meal, very healthy stuff they say.  What a beautiful garden setting coming into the Smiths home. After coming home after a hard day of whatever, I am sure they must exhale once they step onto their walkway of their beautiful yard. It's just a feel good place that can surely make anyone relax. 


And relax we did. Again.. I know this story is long but again, how could I cut these pictures from the story. Car clubs of all sorts are designed to promote the cars, share repair tips and perhaps go on drives. The BCCCB does all that but we added an extra touch. Here at the BCCCB we promote good ole fun and Camaraderie. The result of such is what you see above. It's hard to believe that none of us knew each other a few short years ago. Look at us now. Any British car owners are welcome.


Looks to me like Alfred is taking a last run at some of the delicious salads just before the deserts are set out. Just look at the cake Bill MacDonald made, yes made. Bill is the king of cuisine and is quite at home in the kitchen. Way to go Bill and your efforts are recognized and  very much appreciated.


Canada Cakes, Boiled icing cake, squares, butter tarts and cookies are all set out for your eating pleasure and a pleasure it was.


Desert is ready and they lined up in an orderly fashion for a treat. What a well behaved lot here at the BCCCB. Moragh and Joan helped with the serving and thank you so much for that. It appears that the line had slowed to a stall as Bob Jardine surveys the bounty. "What to try what to try" I am sure he is thinking.......


Why not one of everything he decided. The lovely Judy said that there is something wrong with this picture. Plenty to go around and look at the smile on Bob's face, he thinks it's a great picture.  A few cherished  members in their blues sitting on the wall enjoying some desert in the last remaining moments of this great day hosted by Peter and Sandy.


Last but never least, Bill English's turn to survey the bounty. He looks at Bill MacDonald's empty strawberry Canada Day Cake. I think he drew his finger across the side of the dish just for a morsel of flavour. There is still plenty of other choices Bill. Bill made his decision and I am sure he enjoyed it as everything here offered up was delicious. What a way to celebrate Canada Day.  

Well, there your go. It would be an understatement to call this another BCCCB event, it was a heck of a lot more then that. The words escapes me to truly describe today but I will say fun and entertaining to say the least. The venue for a Canada Day event here at Peter and Sandy's estate nestled in the hills of Baddeck is without a doubt the perfect place to be. With the street lines with beautiful cars and the yard filled with beautiful people, lets not forget an events tent full of food and Peter at the Q. If anyone can come up with a better way to Celebrate Canada Day, please tell us. I think we have all other private events beat. ....... You know how it goes ..... "If you weren't there you missed it. And missed it big time you did. Come along next time".

Thank you very much Peter and Sandy for your hospitality.