Canada Day 2021 @ Celtic Court

      Our kick off event went very well.  We had a dozen people for lunch then we headed up to Celtic Court. As the front car for the drive I felt rather disappointed with my skills when I arrived at St Anthony St with just 4 cars behind me.  I quickly turned back to locate the missing.  None to be found. My worst fears realized – not only broken down but vaporized into thin air.  Ah but I had not fully appreciated the power of some drivers to morph into butterflies and reappear in the parking lot.  10 cars and 20 people arrived. we had a fine time chatting. The weather held fine and our fears of heat stoke were baseless.
     Barc had his ’46 TC parked there and his son John as driver. You know there is always a last minute challenge.  As John took the TC  to East Bay on a warm up drive in the morning he discovered it had 0 brakes. A careful drive home and a call out to us soon had Don to his aid.  It was discovered hydraulic brakes do need fluid and moving parts! How are your fluid levels? Quickly set right John had a delightful run to our gathering.
     A wrap up gathering under Don’s tent in the garden rounded out the day.  Susan E was part of the crew who planted the gardens there a few years ago and it was great to see them used.  Be sure to suggest a seat in the garden if you go to visit.
     Thank you to those who got their cars out for Canada Day . We are a country worth celebrating.  See you soon.
Bill e