Like everything in life, there is always tomorrow. Yesterday, while waving good-bye to the enchanted Isle De Madeleine, we knew tomorrow we would be here on this field sharing the British Car Experience with a lot or other enthusiasts. We knew that there will be lots of laughter and being a member of this great club, lots of food. We are here because of the Cymbria Lion's Club British Car Days and as you read on you will understand that this is more then a British Car gathering, it's an event to help a community. After a brief conversation with Al Peters of the Lions Club, I for one am very proud to be a part of this and I will explain as this story goes along. Thanks Al Peters and the Lions Club for hosting this event and A big thanks going out to Bob Jardine and Bill MacDonald for looking after all the arraignments for our club. Read on to see how this little show with a big heart, that the BCCCB attended, with great numbers I might add, went. Enjoy.


Once again we are on the C.T.M.A. Traversier, this time heading to P.E.I., we know the layout of the vessel well so there isn't much need to explore. Belly full, now to fine a little hideaway to perhaps.... nap. Nina found her spot and I did mine but I had awaken to see a few members relaxing in the same area. Gary texting and Carol with her book Haylett on the far left checking out his iphone and Donnie... well he's not reading a book nor does he have an iphone. Thinking that over the years he mastered the art of sleeping behind the wheel of a police car in a Tim Hortons Parking lot, he is sleeping in a seated position looking as though he's doing something.


We exited the boat knowing we all needed fuel. Gas on the Maggies was .10 higher then here so we all met up at the Petrocan for fuel. We literally jammed up the place. As one filled up another would pull in and we gathered waiting for everyone to get here. Brian was to lead us into Cavendish but where is Brian and Gloria as well as Peter and Sandy. We waited, never thinking the were still on the boat, we are all here and it's getting very dangerous here near the pumps so we moved on. The only route out of Souris is the number 2 highway, so either we will catch up with them or they will catch up with us. We weren't out of town when the phone rang, Peter, Where are you? Well at that point we just left town heading in the direction of St. Peters. I told them to follow the number 2 and they will catch up. Where to pull over and wait? Why not St. Peters I though. it's much better then the side of the road. So we continued on. 


A great place to pull over and spend 5 or 10 minutes. While members checked out the shops I stayed and watched diligently to make sure Peter and Brian wouldn't drive by, I snapped a few pics and watched a few locals come over to look at the cars. Two young gentlemen jumped out of one car and said "there it is." They were referring to Paul and Estelle's Lotus. They were peering into the windows and taking pictures with their smart phones. It only took a few moments for Peter and Brian to arrive and we all jumped back in our cars. Not before Judy bought a little trinket, sorry Bob, Peter and Brian took to long arriving.


With Brian now in the lead, he had a little, or shall I say big jewel of a restaurant to show us. "Rob Roy's." 20 people landed on their doorstep and they looked after us like family, The owner even came out to introduce himself. A very nice gentleman, Now if my memory serves me correctly the folks who own this place have a huge blueberry industry on the island, so you know, after our fantastic meal and service by a young lady who's last name was Cake, we had to have desert. I can only speak for me here, my desert was amazing. This is a first for me, blueberry pie with no top crust, in it's place was whipped cream. How does one cut a piece of blueberry pie with no upper crust? Well the filling on this pie stayed perfectly intact, the perfect V. Not sure how they did it but it was great. 


Cavendish Corner Motel will be our place of residence for the next two days and after checking in I asked if a hose was available, and there was. Without thinking I yelled that the hose was behind the motel, Alfred and Gary beat us all to it. As they shammied off Donna's B a few of us went out back and washed our cars.


 I had to make a little side trip to the P.E.I. Preserve company and then to the liquor store and after that, to the Friday night Meet and Greet. If the parking lot here at the Lions Club is any indication of what's going to happen tomorrow, it's going to be a popular show. I seen a lot of regular cars but there was a few cars here I hadn't seen before. This show is going to introduce to everyone, John and Bev Stevenson's MG TV R8 and as it turns out, this is one popular car. Inside the Lions Club we were serenaded by soloist Carol Perry. A big BCCCB thank you Carol for a job well done.


Cash bar, tons of mussels and cold cuts on the menu. The place is filling up with some of the greatest car owners I have ever met. Above, Don, John, Bev, Gary and Alfred having their fill of mussels. Sorry guys, looks like I caught you with your mouths full.


Bob Judy and Haylett's turn to be served. Every 15 minutes or so Members of the Lions Club would come up stairs with a fresh pot of mussels. I am not sure if they ran out, I was to busy mingling to notice but rest assured, there is a big dent in the mussel reserves of P.E.I. as everyone had their fill. I fine looking bunch of Cape Bretoners sitting eating mussels. Who's that in the lower corner, is that Gerry Hull? I wonder what car from his Stable did he bring. Thinking the eye pleasing Healey.


 Party central. Look at my bed, 6 beautiful women, now this is a party. I am not sure what the count is here in the room but this is the way to celebrate a great tour. It was said the next day that it was a wonder we didn't get kick out, or at the very least told to cool it down a bit. Now think about this. Our day started at 6am to be at the Maggies Ferry for 7. A long boat ride with an all you can eat buffet breakfast that will suck the life out of you. Next a nice drive to Cavendish with a stop at Rob Roy's for lunch, then here to the motel. Wash the cars go to the British Car Days Reception and now, here in mine and Don's room, having a little get together, and I know we are all beyond tired I am sure but we are still laughing. I don't remember to much after the last guest left, . I do remember something about trying to show Bev my abs. That sent her running for home. Moments later I fell fast asleep.


Rachael's for Breakfast right next door. Not sure of the time but we have to be at the field by 10 so it's early. Boy am I gonna sleep when I get home. I am thinking that the tourist season is slowing down because the folks here were a little overwhelmed by our numbers. That being said, we were looked after very well. Fast service and a great meal so it looks like they handled our numbers very well.


Show time! We are getting so good at putting up the BCCCB Events Tent. By the time the tent bag was set on the ground to what you see here took about 7 minutes. The sun was warm today but the wind was a tad cool this morning so we put up two sides as a wind block. Inside the tent was then to warm. As the day progressed it became very beautiful, the temperature and wind combination was perfect. The tent isn't finished just yet.


Nina and good ole Bill English are here adding a little bling to the tent with the addition of the Cape Breton Flag, just encase people didn't know who we are, and then the Canada Flag as well.  Not finished just yet. Francis placed inside the tent an iPod with a speaker docking station. Cape Breton music filled the air. A very nice touch Francis, thank you very much. A little later in the day, there was a young couple with a baby who used the shade from the tent to cool down a bit. With the music playing the Mom danced around with the baby in her arms. A true feel good moment for sure.


I had just finished taking a few pics when I saw Bev readying her camera for the day. Without getting to far into this, the little bugger snapped a shot of me having a nap while sitting in the hot sun up on the patio. Next I caught good ole Bill getting his car ready to take passengers on a tour of the show. What am I talking about you ask? Keep reading. The next 18 photos are of a few cars that were seen at the show.

These are just a few of the many cars that attended the show. The count was just under 80 cars, so there was plenty of eye candy around.  Someone asked me, while I was playing crib, what car did I like the best. Without hesitation my reply was the white Jaguar XKE. Go back and look. MGB Bill Johnson's whine colored B with aluminum slotted rims is for sale, and knowing Bill this is a great car to buy. The SunBeam Alpine is for sale, needs paint but what a car to buy if the price was right. Then we have Ron and Lynn Gray's beautiful orange B. This car has to be the cleanest car here. Ron's car is for sale and the price is well under half it's apprised value. This car is a multiple show winner and I can see why. If I was in the market, Ron's B would be in my Garage.


These four shots, two above and two below are a scan of the field. There was a time, a few years ago, that this field was full of British iron. The cars would be lined up 6 rows deep and flanked on both sides. Now there is a lot of cars here from other clubs but if you look closely, the BCCCB has the entire back row. What a great club turn out to represent the British Car Club of Cape Breton. Be proud of yourselves guys and gals. 


Cars were coming in all day, so 10 minutes after these picture were taken, the scenery had changed again. So if you walked through and turned around to walk back, there would have been a different car lined up somewhere.


The Lions club had a canteen set up and being the only game in town, they cleaned up. Here you see Donnie buying his lunch. A little tid-bit to this, a little later in the day, I was up on the patio overlooking the field when Bonnie yelled up that the canteen was closed. Wow! They must have run out of food. That means they were busy. Great!


Donnie, Peter and I were sitting outside the canteen having a chat with Al Peters when good ole Alfred stepped up to buy an even split. Save your money Alfred, I have the winner I yelled. As it turns out, my number wasn't even close. Anyway, Al Peters told us a little about the Cymbria Lions Club, First off, the trees planted around the property are dedicated to Lion Members who past away. What a great dedication of remembrance to those who  dedicate their time to their community. Al continued to speak of the number of families in the Lions jurisdiction, and I believe the count was 600. He spoke of aide moneys the Lions had donated to people in need last year.. $12,000.oo was donated in aide for medical reasons. Some people took the money, some didn't, some took only what they needed and returned the rest and others took it all. This is the reason I am proud to be here today. Knowing any money I spend here is going back into the community as aide for those in need is a great feeling.


As I said, the day was beautiful, the correct combination of wind and sun, it was a perfect day. Some of our members enjoyed the warm late August sun. Above you have Peter sitting with two lovely ladies of the BCCCB, Bonnie Boudreau and Nina Clark. And a couple of members, Bob, Myself, (out of shot) Norm and guest Gary enjoyed a game or two or three of crib under the patio. Norm will give you a run for your money at this game. So much so he skunked Gary in one game. Norm, not being the one to gloat, so I did it for him. Great game.


I mentioned that throughout the day the display of cars were changing. Well, this first picture was a late arrival. A Ford Bentley replica is what is written on the show card and it has a Jaguar radiator cap. A mixed bag of tricks built this great looking car and it attracted a lot of viewers. The Bonnets on these triumph TR 6s is a nice display. 


Once again from the patio, I had seen Bob, Bill and Ron looking over Ron's Car. There is another looker here as well, maybe a potential buyer. Next photo is of a few of our members lounging in the sun with a table of treats set out. Thanks for the treats, I am guessing Nina ad Carol.


No, Bill English isn't a late arrival. So what's he doing, your asking yourself. Well If you can remember me saying "Bill getting his car ready to take passengers on a tour of the show," This is what I was talking about. I guess a family arrived with a relative who was 99 years old. Well it's a big field and one of the first people the elderly gentleman ran into was Bill English. Bill being the man that he is, offered up his services to escort the gentleman around the field in his and Susan's 1972 MGB. In the first picture there is a lady taking pictures, my guess a relative. Now this is the way to see this show. I am very proud of Bill for doing this, a true Cape Breton thing to do. 

From my observation point on the patio, this is Bill and the gentleman driving by. I bet he never thought this was in store for him when he woke up this morning. He'll have lots to talk about with his friends when he gets home, if they believe him. Why to go Bill.

I mentioned the patio a few times, well this is it. Upper an lower deck, one for the sun worshipers and one for the shade lovers, a perfect plus for this show. If you don't have your own events tent that is. A couple of characters I seen resting on the lower deck was Ron Gray and Laurie Bell along with a few other British Car owners.


Here is a better shot of the lower deckers. Ron raises a beer to me as I take this photo. I am sure that I had seen Laurie Bell in a Kilt at a Windsor show a year or so ago, with the bag pipers playing their tunes, Laurie in the Kilt would have been a great addition. Those of the BCCCB know, with my personality, if I had a Kilt, I would wear it at all these functions...... and perhaps functions other then car shows. Just saying.  The second photo when Alfred is shaking the guys hand, well that's the Father of singer song writer Lenny Gallant. One proud Papa I would say. Lenny was suppose to be at the show but had gotten delayed somewhere. Maybe he'll be here next year. 

Now don't think bad thoughts of us for not attending the British Car Days Banquet, there are reasons for everything. The Lions Club did a great job looking after us last year but our time here on the island is short and we wanted to do something different. So with a couple of options introduced, it was decided that the New Glasgow Lobster Suppers was going to be our supper stop and as it turns out, an amazing dining experience.


Donnie made reservations for however many of us the day before and the only slot open was 7pm. Perfect! The show is over at four and there is time to freshen up, go for a drive, whatever we wanted to do. I went for a drive. Upon my return it was time to go to supper. Not knowing how this business operated, we arrived expecting to be seated right away. Not so. You had to line up and place your order at the front door, not as a group but individually and then pay. from there to through the gift shop where you will be seated when your table is ready. The line up at the door was a little slow moving but once that was over with, we were lead to our table. Here Tasha (our amazing server) looked after us like family. Still not sure how this all worked, fresh rolls were placed before us. Tasha then asked who wanted seafood chowder, there was a complete table of raised hands.


It's not just chowder, it's all you can eat chowder, all included in the price you paid at the door. The chowder was delicious, I had to have two bowls. "Who's up for mussels," Tasha asked. Once again a complete table of hands and shortly a bucket of mussels was placed at both ends of the table. Carol, Bill and Susan look like they are enjoying their appetisers, we even had a second bucket of mussels set before us. I am sure the second table had the same thing. main course. I see lobster bibs on Mike and Mary as well as Norm but I am not sure what the others ordered. I am thinking Bonnie is eating scallops. It was a very full plate indeed.


I rarely eat lobsters, I love the taste but they don't seem to like me but today, I am going to take a chance. When the food arrived Donnie grabbed the camera and took a couple of pictures saying I am never in the stories. There is a reason, I look like a cartoon character after a day of sun and wind. Ah go ahead, take the picture. I had ordered a two pound lobster and my heavens it was big. Picking at a lobster isn't my thing but there wasn't much to pick as the lobster was cut from head to tail  and the claws were pre-cut as well making it so that the meat just falls from the shell. Perfect! What a meal! You really have to eat here. What a great dining experience. How do you tip a waitress when you already paid? So I asked her. Oh some people just tip me others don't, so I passed the word along the table and before I knew it, there was a wad of cash sitting in front of me. Great job Tasha.


Home again at Cavendish Corner. Time to tuck in the cars for the night The weather is suppose to be nice again tomorrow but with the extreme morning dew, it's best to have everything covered or roof up. Above you have Sandy putting the final touches on the Jags car cover. I see Alfred had a cockpit cove in place and Bob has the roof up.


Bonnie and Frances are seen here putting the tonneau cover on their great looking B and John and Bev have their car tucked away on the trailer, ready to head out in the morning for Ontario, for yet another show.


I mentioned the extreme morning dew, well look at Alfred and Bob's cars, they are soaked. The engine hood on both cars look as though they changed colors. Haylett and I took a quick run to Tim Hortons for our on the road coffee. Haylett is seen here getting ready to depart as well. I am not sure what happened before we left,. there was concern about leaving early. The planned group booking was for the boat at 10:30 but to me that is late. I am to hyper and want to get on the road. Breakfast is available on the boat so I made arrangements to leave on the 8:30 boat as did Donnie I believe Carol changed her booking early in the day Saturday. Peter and Sandy though it was a great idea as they were heading to the Valley once off the boat and Nina and Haylett just live minutes from  the boat, Alfred wanted to go home early as well so although they were all booked for the 10:30 they took their chances to travel with Don and I. Thinking that there was a breakdown in communications, there were concerns about us leaving the rest behind. Leaving people behind was never in the plan, I am sure everyone knew I was leaving early, (personal reasons). Little did anyone know, my plan was to leave for home directly after the show Saturday but had a change of heart. My apologizes for causing any concerns.  

I mentioned the heavy dew. How heavy. As we were approaching Charlottown, in amongst all the traffic lights, all of our windshields fogged over at the snap of ones fingers, I mean you couldn't see a thing. I literally had to unhook my seatbelt and raise myself to see over the windshield. I passed the approaching green light but we all had to pull over to clean our windshields. I never seen anything like it, even Peter said if it wasn't for Sandy doing the same as I did, he would have been in big trouble as there is no room behind the steering wheel of the Jag to lift yourself over the windshield. Anyway.... We made it to the ferry and the clerk was very obliging and changed the reservations for the rest for 8:30. Time for a quick bite and some java and it was time to board.


What does one do on a boat on a hot sunny morning when one is beat from driving drinking and eating. A few chose to sit and chat but me, I found a vacant bench outside, top deck with nothing but blue sky and hot sun. Yeah I laid down and fell asleep for almost an hour. I opened my eyes and I could see land. Sweet! Exiting the boat, a few miles up the road Haylett and Nina peeled away to go home. A little further up the road Peter and Sandy Peeled away for the long trip to the Valley. Myself, Alfred, Carol and Donnie well we headed towards home. Outside of fuel our next stop was home. I received a text from Moragh saying all was well with the second party and why not, all cars are in top notch shape.

Well there you have it a perfect tour put together by Bill MacDonald and Bob Jardine. Part one of this dramatic BCCCB Adventure was to the Maggies. Finally I got to go there. The second part was here in P.E.I. to attend the British Car Days in support of the Cymbria Lions Club. A feel good event for sure. We passed the last 6 days with some amazing people and had great experiences. There was a ding or a scratch on a car or two but these things happen, this is why we carry insurance and it didn't slow us down a bit. I do wish we had more time on both P.E.I. and the Maggies but we did what was planned and had a ball doing it. Now to go on another diet. As usual you know how it goes. If you weren't there you missed it. I don't like hearing `I should have gone.` Come along next time.

Photo contribution Alfred Dinaut ....................... and a big BCCCB Thank you to Bill MacDonald and Bob Jardine for all the hard work.