Beach Time August 8/20

I didn’t hear of any police reports from Saturday about excessive speed, naughty behaviour, reckless driving – though we were wreckless.  There was mention of over eating and too much sun!
Well it was a swarthy lot of old seadogs washed ashore in Main a Dieu this weekend. Having wandered the globe for weeks they assembled in a loose vehicle train led by a blind driver [he missed the exit]who some say had a heavy foot! 10 land yachts of mixed size, colour carried 17 hungry souls from food stop to food stop.  As the attached photo shows there was a cooling off period, some needed more cooling than others.
Our hosts at the Coastal Discovery Center were very kind in meeting our needs for food, drink and entertainment – the museum was a bonus.  The nearby beach afforded us a chance to skinny dip which we considered, partially unclothed.  Others discovered the kilometers of old and still lovely boardwalk and vowed to return to enjoy the salty breeze.  When the cinnamon buns and tea ran out we beat’er through the Lorrianes to dine in the open air of Louisbourg,  Haut Cousine.  Haut because it was a food truck that we had to look up to! no cousins….
As the evening air blew off the water topless cars and roofed conveyances carried the weary travellers back to home ports and quiet surroundings –sharp contrast to the busy noisy, demanding day with friends.
Thanks to Carol for joining Bill for a swim, Joan for paddling with us. Wilf and Sandra for watching out for spys as we dipped.  A prize to Peter and Sandy for longest drive; Joe and Don bached and entertained. The sunbathing beauties Moragh, Bill Mac, Susan, provided comment as the washer toss tournament held Peter and Norm busy.  Judy, Bob, Brian and Arlene added class as they walked the promenade.
See you all on our next outing.  Any ideas where?  Bill e