BCCCB with Cape Breton Classic Cruisers September 18/21

It was a perfect day with sun, cloud, warm temps and a little cloud burst thrown in near the end. Generally it was a stellar day with over 300 classic cars lining the streets to be viewed. It was a welcomed event and one that was well run.

Thanks to all who brought their LBC’s to the car show on Charlotte St. Our group had 7 cars including 5 MG’s, a TR 6 and an MGA. It was really nice to see Barc arrive in the morning with Don!

There were so many spectators! So many of these cars bring one back down memory lane one more time. With music being played, food and refreshments, tickets on draws etc, there was something for everyone. Lots of photos were taken up and down the streets at the awesome lineup of vehicles!

Looking forward to more events with our LBC’s.