BBQ Carol’s August 22/21

Hi,  I was told ,it was suggested, that I give a report on the BBQ.

Well sure, Carol’s is an older model Broil King 18×24 cooking area. The 3 propane fired burners gave us a good cooking surface, we didn’t use the side burner and ….. oh… sorry the people and stuff yah.

It was a sunny warm day in Cape Breton and perfect for a roundup of car enthusiasts . 19 gathered for conversation, laughs and shared food. Well we each had our own plate, sat a safe distance from anyone we didn’t want to share with and chatted for hours. Great salads in green, potatoes and pasta were piled beside beef burgers, hotdogs, chicken burgers.  A dessert table followed with Noelle’s cookies, Don’s special boiled icing cake and Kathy’s squares. [Noelle’s of Leitches Creek may be along again as ‘Cookie Supplier’ to the Club. In an effort to manage my calories I have stopped baking – now to stop buying.] Two fruit/ vegetable trays provided the finish around the main course or dessert depending on your approach to nutrition and scarce space allocation.


There were games as well.  Washer toss, Yahtzee with large lawn game dice and darts.  Great prizes were provide by  ???? Oh yah you had to play for your meal. Now a few people will say “I didn’t see that”.   Suffice to say you may have missed it all up behind the apple tree and ate anyway or was it that the games never made it out of the bucket because there was such fun just being together again.

Carol’s garden tour was a treat for all the plant people and those who like to eat as well.  The new paint on Ron’s B and Billy MacD Crab was enough to bring out drools so some had to stand well back.


As often happens when people gather in the direct sun and sip beverages- ideas are born. Sound and in great detail with all problems considered and resolved. Usually there is no collective memory to follow up.  For anyone with foggy recollections note – The notion of powering Barc’s wheelchair with a B engine will not be discussed at our next meeting.  The cooler of ice for drinks lasted until Wednesday, I can report no beverage of any kind was found at the bottom.

The people who helped were too numerous to mention so I will just talk about my self!  Another time perhaps?  Thank you to all who shared your time and food.  It means a lot to many of us.

I hope you can see yourself in a photo, if not plan to be in one the next time we gather.

Respectfully submitted as an accurate record capturing key points related to the August 22 event at Carol’s,  for Cub files .   Bill e