BBQ 2018

BBQ 2018    

Wasn’t it amazing, a great time, fine food! And such a fine car showing, did you see the…. sorry some of you may not have been there so I’ll start at the beginning.

August 18th was too wet for a BBQ at Barc’s so we gathered on the 19th, Sunday. 18 British cars arrived with owners and partners. Jags were well represented. A’ s, yah, more than one A,  a rare blue land Crab and the Alpine. There was the expected B hive swarm. The T class was large enough to warrant a list of drivers and only one Triumphant TR. And that Lotus, just where is its engine? It was the only car that needed shorter grass to park on so the doors would close.  

And wasn’t the food just what we needed? Oh yes I have to describe it. Salads [Green, Pasta, Fruit, Potato, bean and more] were delightful and nicely complimented Billy MacD’s grilled items [chicken, burgers, sausages]. Need I say- Barc, those buns, a hit again! The desserts looked and tasted beautiful. I was a bit late to the dessert trays. I had to enjoy the ‘oooh you should have had the…’ and ‘did you get one of….’. Late in the day I crept to the upper level and a chocolate brownie or two did pass my lips. Thank you for the help in the Kitchen both during food prep and clean up.


Now you know a social gathering must have ‘talk’ and follow that with gossip. Laughs at anyone’s expense are expected. Bill the Grille guru, and Bill’s -ladder to success [by the way who filed the heads off the ladder steps?]. But most notable to me were the quiet arrival of 3 German sports cars. Whispers of why and who circulated around the deck. Wonderful people in each and welcome at our table. I worried just a little though as they tried to glean tuning tips and spied on the masterful power plants found under the British hoods. At one point I tried to photograph the 3 with their car hoods up crowds gathered around them when all the Brits were down. Who was getting helpful tips? I was given a ride in the BMW- sad story. I blacked out with the G force and missed the drive! Boy, you don’t have that problem in my B! The air conditioner on that one was running the same horsepower as our car.

We had a special guest this year. Barc welcomed Barney [MGA Guru] and his son who had joined us. They were heading to Nfld on their 4 year North American Tour. They are driving their red MGA towing a trailer. His stories of back roads, breakdowns and exciting encounters were a welcome part of the chatter. He wondered how close he might get to Greenland. Well there isn’t a road North in Labrador but those guys may just be the first to drive North of 60 on that coast. May I suggest the winter ice as a preferred option? Thanks Don for the housing our guests.

As the afternoon faded into a setting sun cars began to pull out. Oddly not all the German units made it off the lawn! Well we’ll help Barc clean up on Monday. 

In closing I will say once again nobody was hurt in the making of this memory, no British car failed us, the sun set on closed car bay doors. Special thanks to Brian MacD who came back with his truck and really cleaned up after us!

Bill e