BATANS Xmas Outing to McAdam Railway Station NB 2019

On November 28th, avoiding various forecasts of impending “mixed bag” weather across the NS & into New Brunswick, “the group of 6” from Cape Breton ventured out to land in Fredericton for Friday, the 29th! They successfully navigated their way and more or less missed the weather happenings in both provinces. The change from here to there was dramatic to say the least…windy, very cold with snow  everywhere! It was a great backdrop to the Xmas dinner/theater at the McAdam Railway Station situated outside of Fredericton on the evening of Saturday, December 1st, which was the reason for being in NB with BATANS. Forty-three people from the Car Club were on hand to enjoy the lovely 4 course meal and historically accurate but funny theater antics put on by the hosts of the evening. A least 150 people took part in the event.

A little background: The McAdam Railway Station is a National Historic Site built in 1900 and served thousands of rail passengers during the height of train travel. It housed a hotel, lunch counter & formal dining room which all closed 20 years ago. Now there is a local group restoring it to its former glory and therefore hosting many events like the Christmas at McAdam to raise funds for this restoration.

While in Fredericton, we had breakfast at a neat spot Saturday morning called The Old Mill which offered a variety of items on the menu. The place was packed and many people were waiting to get a table. The food was definitely worth waiting for! After breakfast, we went to a local Farmers Market which served & offered everything you could possibly imagine. With a little time between then and leaving for the event at 4, we scattered and filled the day with our own “this and that”.

At 4 we gathered and set out for “uncharted” roads which after a few hiccups and U turns in navigating, even with GPS, we found our way to McAdam’s without a hitch. What a lovely winter scene unfolded as we pulled up to the Station along the snow covered tracks. The beautiful snow and frost laden 19th century architecture of the Station was beautifully decorated for the Christmas season. It was an iconic picture postcard which everyone virtually stepped into for the evening.

The menu did not disappoint. (Sweet potato or vegetable beef soup; NB Blueberry Salad, Roast Turkey or Beef Dinner ; a selection of REAL  homemade pies; coffee, tea). The evening unfolded with lots of entertainment, fellowship and song. After 10 p.m., we headed out into the winter wonderland for our uneventful 45 min drive back to the Inn.


A good time was had by all!!  It was a great adventure with BATANS and looking forward to other events in the future!

Submitted by DD