BATANS Cape Breton Regional Rep: Brian MacKeigan

Being a member of BATANS (British Automobile Touring Association of N.S.) gives members access to issues of Small Torque. It's a great publication for members with information on events, contacts, website info, interesting articles, pictures, online recommendations, meetings,  etc. It is very well … [Read more...]

October 13, 2020 Cabot Trail Drive

We knew it was going to happen and it did. October 13 Cabot Trail Drive. It started quite early, and not easily. 2C is a cold day for an open air drive but if you were outside listening closely you'd 've heard the low rumbling coughs – and the cars were noisy too! Through the mist and fog little … [Read more...]

Beach Time August 8/20

I didn't hear of any police reports from Saturday about excessive speed, naughty behaviour, reckless driving – though we were wreckless.  There was mention of over eating and too much sun! Well it was a swarthy lot of old seadogs washed ashore in Main a Dieu this weekend. Having wandered the … [Read more...]

Bits & Bobs…Odds and Ends for June 2020

 Here's an interesting ad from a 1960's Sunbeam dealership in Ontario.  My 1968  Sunbeam was           the final year of production.... Joe  A couple of items below sent by Barc... Completing a project MG in Barc's garage.  Master technicians at work ....Barc's garage. Barclay’s … [Read more...]

Austin Healey’s Spring Wake-up 2020

Carol has sent along an update on Baby Blue's readiness for the road for 2020. Thanks Carol! "My maintenance is waiting for parts. The clunking in my car was due to a faulty steering idler arm. Actually needed all  but the housing for it. Decided it was as cheap to buy the whole thing assembled as … [Read more...]