BCCCB with Cape Breton Classic Cruisers September 18/21

It was a perfect day with sun, cloud, warm temps and a little cloud burst thrown in near the end. Generally it was a stellar day with over 300 classic cars lining the streets to be viewed. It was a welcomed event and one that was well run. Thanks to all who brought their LBC's to the car show on … [Read more...]

BBQ Carol’s August 22/21

Hi,  I was told ,it was suggested, that I give a report on the BBQ. Well sure, Carol's is an older model Broil King 18x24 cooking area. The 3 propane fired burners gave us a good cooking surface, we didn't use the side burner and ..... oh... sorry the people and stuff yah. It was a sunny … [Read more...]

Canada Day 2021 @ Celtic Court

        Our kick off event went very well.  We had a dozen people for lunch then we headed up to Celtic Court. As the front car for the drive I felt rather disappointed with my skills when I arrived at St Anthony St with just 4 cars behind me.  I quickly turned back to locate the missing.  None to … [Read more...]

BATANS Cape Breton Regional Rep: Brian MacKeigan

Being a member of BATANS (British Automobile Touring Association of N.S.) gives members access to issues of Small Torque. It's a great publication for members with information on events, contacts, website info, interesting articles, pictures, online recommendations, meetings,  etc. It is very well … [Read more...]

October 13, 2020 Cabot Trail Drive

We knew it was going to happen and it did. October 13 Cabot Trail Drive. It started quite early, and not easily. 2C is a cold day for an open air drive but if you were outside listening closely you'd 've heard the low rumbling coughs – and the cars were noisy too! Through the mist and fog little … [Read more...]