“The Sunday Run – May 19th


Alf & I were just settling in for a day of painting. The room was prepped, trim started... couldn’t wait to get into it…NOT really but it’s one of those have to do’s we all like to put off! We were hoping for a little diversion from painting. Of course “the Sunday run” was on for today but we sort of decided that it wasn’t an option, weather considered and other priorities in place…painting! However, as we started on the much dreaded job, we noticed the sky was getting brighter! Within minutes, we decided to do “the run”. Alfred was starting up the car while I packed the supplies away for later!! Off we went and boy was it nippy!! Not a day for the faint of heart but with the proper clothing and a hot drink, everything was fine!

It was close to 10 a.m. when we arrived in Sydney River. We had just enough time, we hoped, to pull in and get some gas. Good thing Alf noticed the car was getting away from him a bit when he started to take off the gas cap!! Quickly he jumped in and put the brake on and put her in reverse! Guess he’ll need a checklist!!

After getting gassed up, we zipped across King’s Rd, down the hill to the rendezvous spot. Lo and behold, we spot a few more brave souls…John Inch with his sporty TR6, Lee & Sheila in their orange “B” and Paul, Estelle in the Lotus. Lee and Sheila thought we could shorten up the trip and with all on board with the plan; we waited for some others that might show up. Robert then arrived with his Midget. After checking with a few by phone, we set off to Marion Bridge, Albert Bridge, Mira Gut, Morien to Glace Bay return with a stop at Jay’s to eat lunch.

 It was great that Sheila mentioned that we were going to miss some camera shots without our fearless picture taker, Lonnie. He’s got the knack for that one hand, out the window, while driving, camera shots. With that I thought about my phone…Guess I could give it a hook and take a few pics along the way to mark the day in some way. With that I set out to give it a try. Here’s a nice shot of the group waiting at Sydney River.



We were just waiting for Estelle to arrive back from Walmart. As I jumped out to get a shot, my hat blew off through the window of the driver’s side and luckily Estelle was right there to pick it up! With everyone in their cars, I hurried to get a picture and we were off with Lee & Sheila leading the way.

The weather was staying dry but cold. Everyone was in good spirits as we headed out on the road. Nice to see the cars cruising along and of course there’s always a few stares and waves! The new pavement along the Mira at Hillside is a welcome change. Great turns for these cars!! Too bad we didn’t have a proper camera! These “smart” phones can slip through your fingers pretty quick, so it will be pics through the “looking glass” only!!

We landed in Marion Bridge by 11 with Paul ahead, Lee in the lead, Jay and Robert on the tail. After turning onto Hillside, we stopped to let Jay and Robert pull ahead, with us taking up the rear.  There are some nice developments along this stretch of the Mira and nice views along the water.


The S turn in the picture below allowed for smooth sailing, no bumps or potholes, just new pavement, can’t beat that!  Along the stretch, Jay had pulled over after Mira park to make a few minor adjustments. Before long, Jay breezed by with the unmistakable sound of a well-tuned 6 cylinder TR6!


Drat…another desperado shot, without a real camera…guess we’ll have to settle for a lot of “bonnet” shots with the other cars ahead!

            Ahhh…sun poking through…wishful thinking. It might get warm but keep the gloves and hats handy! Hey, look…those by-standers sure get a kick out of seeing a train of British cars…made their day, judging by the big smiles and the waves we’re getting!

Here we are heading now across the bridge at Mira Gut as more curious onlookers are fishing and boating on the shore. The waves were huge, crashing and breaking, on the other side of the breakwater. Too cold for a dip, yet!




As we head through Port Morien, you can smell the sea salt from the ocean. Going past Doc Yur Dory, another fine restaurant with home-cooked meals, it’s plain to see that there’s room for some patrons. Downtown Morien, the fishing boats are tied up and boy the wind is howling! The size of the waves were huge! Wouldn’t want to be out on a boat today!! As we headed for Donkin, the road was not so glorious. It was like an obstacle course. Just watch the guy ahead and get ready for a quick maneuver, left, right or middle.  There was a red Elantra that wanted to join the group. It passed each car and then ended up pulling over anyway down the road but I think the driver was trying to get a good look at all the cars as he passed. Can’t say we don’t blame him for that!!

As we pass the Donkin Mine site, the ocean is screaming now!! The view is amazing but daunting. Now we’re in Port Caledonia, but a huge pot hole looms ahead. The jockeying for position to get around this one was a tactical maneuver. As we approached, it looked more like a crater. Time to slow down to a crawl or we might end up in it!

The site of the former Heavy Water Plant is upon us now. As we near it, the remediation of the site is obviously underway. There’s lots of construction and the road is better on this part of the Marconi Trail.

Glace Bay is the next landfall and now the red Elantra is back in the game as it pulls in behind us once more. Go figure!! As we ride around the downtown, we all come together on the turn-off in town, to head to Jay’s for a fine cooked meal.


Looking forward to something piping hot to eat and drink! As we drive into Jay’s parking lot, we are greeted by a huge sign offering FREE cheesecake! Can’t go wrong with an offer like that!


As we enter the restaurant before opening time, we are graciously welcomed by friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere. Needless to say, we were cold and looking forward to a good meal. In the picture below, everyone is chatting about their drive in and figuring out the seating arrangements while waiting for everyone to settle in.



We were all seated having a hot cup of coffee or tea with orders made, when Joe and Jean arrive! Apparently Joe forgot his wallet, so they were a little off schedule. Luckily, they knew the plan and caught up with the group at Jay’s. Here they are below, enjoying some hot refreshments as Estelle, Paul, Jay and Robert  dig into their meals in the booth next door.


We can’t forget to include a shot of the Bugeye, after its’ arrival in the parking lot at Jay’s. Where did the eyelashes go, Joe? Have to say, Joe’s ingenuity with the flower-pot eyelashes he made for the car at the Mayflower Mall show was an “eyecatcher”! They were a hit with all who came by for a gander. Here’s the back of the lovely car below with the rest of the crew.


The trip would not be complete without a picture of John and his grand-daughter. She arrived near the end of our visit. She was so pleasant and didn’t mind getting her picture taken one bit! She sure loves her “grampy” and his keys!

We sure loved the free cheesecake!! There were four or five choices to pick from including the traditional strawberry and blueberry. We all could have a sample of each and any leftover was taken home. The main meals were delicious and enjoyed by all, thanks to Jay and the staff!

Now it’s back to the parking lot to make our departure. The six British cars sit handsomely in a line with “boots” and “bonnets” gleaming but tops on tight waiting for much anticipated warmer days of summer so they can ride freely with the open sky above.

As the engines get revved up, we say our farewells as we depart after another great run with the BCCCB. As Lonnie usually says, “If you weren’t here, you missed it!” Come along next time ‘cause you never can tell when a not so great day will turn into a gem. Glad we ditched the paintbrushes for a while to make the run.


Thanks Donna for taking pictures and writing up a wonderful story.