Once more Carol hosted our annual BCCCB Lobster Fest and Auction and my heavens, this day, this location, this Lobster Fest, was perfect. The plush green lawn with plenty of shade trees and for those who brought a swim suit, a pool. How's that sound as a venue for this event. Please excuse if this story lacks in photos as a lot of my time was spent in the pool. Watch out for the enormous splash folks, it's just me doing cannon balls, I haven't done them in years. It's all part of the fun that we all had today. Have a look inside the BCCCB and you'll see why there are so many British Cars around lately. You need one to become a member.

The tent was already at Carol's, so once I got there, Donnie, Peter and myself started to put up the tent as it will be needed in the hot sun today. Doesn't it look good?

Tent up check, truck unpacked check, Pool time! Paula and Cameron (Peter and Sandy's Grandson) beat me to it. Cameron was doing donut dives and I thought what the heck. I was a little nervous my spare tire wouldn't fit through the hole of the float but with coaxing from Paula and Cameron and Donnie Peters with the camera, I took a shot at it. It wasn't as graceful as Cameron but I did it. 51 going on 12... keeps a guy young.

The pool became quite the popular spot in the mid afternoon heat, as a few of us took advantage of it to cool down. A few sat around the pool as we swam. I tried to coax Estelle in but she declined.

Enough horseplay, lets get down to business. As you know, for the last few years we have an auction at the Lobster Fest, members can if they wish, donate an item to be auctioned off. Now this can be anything from a long forgotten item found in the confines of your basement to a recent purchase. Car parts or something elegant for the ladies, it doesn't matter what you bring, all the money will go to something for the club or for awards. It's always interesting to browse the  table to see what people brought. Our first auction I purchased a license plate from England that Alan Hayter donated, it now hangs proudly over the door of my garage. I love it!. Lets have a look at this years donation. A keep Clam and Carry On tea pot and cups.. interesting. Looks like a 30s Rolls Royce model car, cool. A very nice candle holder that goes under your garden umbrella... Love it! Tools, Carbs, Coats, Vests, Wine, oh my heavens the list is endless.

This is the early crowd and as the crowd grew so did the auction items. Who invited these two young ladies... opps It's Carol and Nina, they went on a beer run... not really, just a few need items. Always at the ready these two.

Just look at Carol's yard, just gorgeous, not a weed. What a great spot for this, or any other event. No, these are not garden gnomes scattered around the lawn, these are the early arrivals I mentioned earlier. Lee is soaking up the sun while the others are sitting comfortably in the shade. Ahhhh yes the guests of honor have arrived via the back of Alan Hayter's pick-up.

Oh my gosh, Look at the lobsters! Alan tells me that they came out of the water twenty minutes earlier. Any fresher and we'll have to eat them on the boat. If you take the time to look up the Lobster Fest photos of 2010 you'll see that Alan brought a similar lobster crate strapped to the luggage carrier of his MGC. Now that was pretty darn cool.

Peter and Carol did a test run on the cookers and all is well.... for now. The yard looks as though it's filling up as good ole Barc entertains everyone with tales of MG days gone bye, Just for the record, there are many more MG tales yet to be written. Soon time for the auction and feast.

One of our newest members, Bruce McKinley dropped by for a chat. Bruce couldn't stay as he had pressing business at home but he said he and Noreen will return later in the day. Bruce did mention to me that he brought the his Jaguar S-type, I just had to have a look. Now this is a great looking prestigious car. V8 powered and this car has all the luxuries. Now, after seeing the Black Jaguar and now this and seeing not as much as a fleck of dust on either, this shows that Bruce is a true car guy. Great job Bruce and Noreen.

Oh my! the two auction tables are now full. I hope everyone had a chance to browse the tables. Everyone is now ready for the auction while Arlene and Estelle are having one last look.

Auctioneer Extraordinaire Peter Smith, with gavel in hand now controls the crowd. Peter's lovely assistant today is Paula G. Now, just before the auction started Peter had an announcement to make. The lovely Paula and also the lovely Joy either had or will have within days, turned 50... That's right the BIG 50. Girls... you don't look a day over 49.

Peter is doing an exceptional job getting people to bid up items, as it truly requires a well polished skill to get money out of this crew and Peter managed to raise $519.00. A new record. Bill English..... You now have big shoes to fill at our next auction.

Peter still has a few item to auction off so Donnie and I decided to start up the cookers. The red cooker was roaring away and in no time the water was boiling. Boiler number 2, well that is a horse of a different color. We tried and tried but we couldn't get the flame to roar. With all our efforts a warming flame was all we could muster. Donnie even switched tanks from the BBQ and still no roaring fire.

We now changed pots. The boiled pot is now on the slow burner and the other pot was brought to boil on the red burner so I (never have I cooked lobsters before) grabbed the lobsters and started putting them in the pot. Where's Craig I asked myself? He had work today so someone had to take the bull by the horns. Anyway... Ricky to the rescue. I guess your not suppose to cook the lobsters with the rubber bands on. Heck how was I to know, lobsters don't like me and I don't like them. this folks, is where Ricky the fireman, came to the rescue. The lobsters were just put in the pot and Ricky took them back out again. "No Alonzo, you don't cook them with the bands" he said and it begins, the removal of the bands. Now for a lobster lover and frequent cooks, this is a very simple task, For me... not so simple. The crowd was laughing at some of Peter's auction antics but to me, they were laughing at me. What a sight! I felt like I was shaking hands with a tarantula. The elastic would come off of one claw and the ba _ _ _rd would try and nip me while removing the other. Again, Ricky to the rescue, showing me how to do this correctly.

There was more then lobsters here today. For those who detest these coruscations, there is a BBQ available. My steaks are searing and above you have Brent cooking up his and Joy's very thick steaks. The auction is now over and it brought (as I said) in 519.00. Woo-hoo! Not only Woo-hoo for the auction amount but Woo-hoo also for Peter getting the other burner roaring. Now Ricky and Don, the boiling buddies, have things on track. we're a tad behind schedule but as you can see there are a few ready to be served up on the side of the patio. And the crowd gathers.


Jennifer's job for today... not only to look good and have fun but to be the collections agent for the lobsters. I just love when other club members helps out. Bob the Brit Fuller is here squaring things up with the lovely Jennifer. Have at it Bobby, enjoy the lobsters.


This is an interesting photo. I have teased Ray and Arlene on a few occasions during our Lobster Fests because of their love for these horrendous monsters. I may have even referred to them as eating lobsters like the Muppet Chef , shells were flying everywhere. Not really but there was a lot of shells at the tables where these folks were sitting. Time to square up. I think Ray is reaching for his money belt while his lovely and charming wife Georgina is ready to pounce on the bounty.


The pots are still boiling away and the line up for lobsters is still there. From right to left, Frank, Peter, Brian, Ray and Donnie. Looks like Ray has his lobsters but for how long, as good ole Brian does what he's told to do by Arlene.... Steal his lobsters. Actually, there was a bit of a lobster caper. I guess I didn't forward an email concerning some ordered lobsters so we were 4 short. It all worked out in the end.

Looks like good ole Anita is sitting back watching the show as Ray and Georgina look like they are doing the bird dance, as their elbow were flapping while they were breaking open the lobsters so fast. I know Arlene is glaring at me with angry eyes as I snapped the next picture... I don't think I'll make fun of you in fear of bodily harm. The two lovely ladies in front are Nina and Donna. Nina and Haylett drove 2.5 hours to get here today, I sure hope you enjoyed yourselves. I just love when members travel some distance to join with us for an event. This shows that we are worth the trip.

The party tent did offer some great shade but only a few sought it's shelter. Under the tent we have Norm, Jean, Susan, Alan and his lovely wife Joan whom we never get to see very much of. Busy Lady but to tell the truth, on my days off, I wouldn't leave that lovely home nestled on the shores of the Mira Bay. I mentioned most of those in the next picture already but for those whom I haven't , we have the very lovely Bonnie in the background talking to Bobby the Brit and in the foreground we have Donnie and Ann Marie Steele. I sure hope you guys enjoyed your first BCCCB Lobster Fest.


I told you in the beginning to forgive me for not taking many photos, I was busy having fun. So as for the feast of salads, which by the way goes extremely well with lobsters or steak, by the time I got to take a picture of this, most was eaten. A very good sign I would say. Next the desserts.......... Oh my sweet mother of god! Ok forgive me guys if I missed something here but I had... I mean I seen, (I hope I get this right) Death by Chocolate, a trifle like desert. Damn that was good. Almond cake, yum, apple pie, chocolate cake with boiled icing from the Cedar House, cup cakes and.... Blueberry Cake. I hadn't had that in years. All was delicious. I minute on the lips a life time on the hips but what the heck

Bruce and Noreen returned just as the last of the lobsters are being cooked, Great timing. I see Frank's travel bag is still empty. Franks lovely wife Theresa worked the backshift and couldn't make it so Frank took his lobsters home with him. The next pic shows what a true lobster fest should look like. Great friends in the great outdoors. Less of a mess in the house.

Three photos to finish things off. Jean and Joe just before leaving. Looking nice and trim Joe. With Jean being such a great cook how do you stay trim? Next Bruce Don and Brian MacDonald. Bruce holding the last of the lobsters, except for those for the cooks. Time for Donnie and Ricky to crack a shell or two. Next the lovely Jennifer bidding us farewell. Hope you and Alton had fun.

Yes a whopping $519.00.. Great! Paula had bought a few awards already so some money will go to her and there is a little issue of tent repairs but that is a very small amount. Rest assured there will be  moneys spent in helping the club. I have an idea or two I'll share at our next meeting.

Now for the thank-you's. Carol you are a great hostess and thank you so very much for the hospitality and use of your pool by the way. Alan and Joan Hayter, Thanks so very much for going out of your way to secure and deliver all those lobsters. Again it's always nice when members pitch in to help make an event exceptional. Peter Smith. What would we have done without you. Your Auctioneer talents brought in a record amount and you also managed to get the second burner fired up, saving the day. Donnie and Ricky the boiling buddies. If it weren't for you two there is no telling what I would have done to the lobsters. Thanks for looking after things at the flame. Also Donnie Peters and Brian McKeigan Thanks for breaking down and putting away the tent. In my haste to leave it's always nice to know things will be looked after. Paula G. Thanks for the great record keeping. You know who owes what, right down to the penny. Oh ... and Happy Birthday! Jennifer Rice. Thanks for the Lobster money collection. Again, pitching in is greatly appreciated. For those who helped with the clean-up, we thank you. Your help made the day less stressful for Carol. In closing I would like to thank everyone for the auction donations, the food donations and most importantly for coming. The British Car Club of Cape Breton is nothing more then a name without you.

The events are getting bigger and better and there are many BCCCB stories yet to be written. So as it goes. If you weren't there you missed it. Come along next time.