Yes here at the BCCCB we love to have fun. We love to drive our cars where ever we feel and when ever we feel, all in the name of fun and the enjoyment of these great British autos. The times where we truly shine as a club is when we gather to help a great cause. Today we gathered for just that reason, a chance to help out the I.W.K. Telethon. Our job was to set up our cars as a display to entertain the crowds of people who visited the area behind the Sydney Civic Center where the Telethon was taking place. We did just that and we had a great day doing so, read on.


Heading off to Sydney with the tunes on my iphone  playing through my radio when all of a sudden the music stopped. A second or two later the phone started ringing, Sharon. "Mike and Mary broke down" she said. I had just crested a hill and there they were, going down the road a fair distance ahead of me. Can't be I said, I was a few cars behind them. I guess the car quit and Ricky, in the Austin Cambridge, rolled up behind them and with a light touch of sandpaper through the points, had them up and running in a flash. These little things happen until you upgrade all the old stuff that is on the car. In time Mary and Mike's newly acquired B will be perfect but for now they may have to deal with a few quirky breakdowns.


Arriving at the Telethon, Mary started to point out all the things she had done to the car... I think she likes it, she even touched up a few spots in the paint that needed attention. Great job Mary. I think your hooked. The gangs all here, lets set up the sign and show off the cars. Today on hand we have Ricky and Sharon Cousin, Mary and Mike MacIsaac, Joe Renzi, Bill MacDonald, Bob Jardine Norm Connors, Peter and Sandy as well as yours truly.


I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see Peter and Sandy's Morgan, this car will please the crowds and with Bill MacDonald's continuing efforts to make his car perfect, how can the crowds not be impressed. Lets get to the Telethon shall we.

Steve Lewis, from Steve Lewis Auto Body is a fixture in the Cape Breton portion of the I.W.K Telethon. Steve devotes a lot of his time and I am sure, money, to this and other causes. Here today, he has some big money cars for the public to see... Very impressive.

There was about 100 feet or so of tent area set up for games and activities for the kids. My heavens the number of volunteers it takes to put the Telethon together, each and everyone was smiling, what a great bunch, our hats go off to you for all that you've done. Just so you know, one of our members, Ricky Cousins, made the Bean Bag Toss Game. Way to go Ricky.

I was standing by my car when a gentleman I work with came along for a chat. He told me his daughter was playing very shortly, Alicia Penney. I hear her music before, her father brought a cd to work. I have to say that I was impressed. Today I get the chance to hear her sing in person. Great job and a great voice. Check out her music at her blog. (CLICK HERE)

Next we had Frankie Sampson and his grandson Stephen Jardine, This duo was very impressive. Great job Guys. I have a feeling that there isn't to much that Stephen can't do.

Along with all the great music we heard today we had the opportunity to hear Michael Mombourquette and his band. What a great job this trio did. I'll have to watch to see where these guys are playing, I may have to stop by to listen to a song or two.

 Lets not forget the volunteers who manned the phones. From what I understand the phones were ringing off the hook all day. Great Job Folks.


There were more wires and camera men all over the place, all was needed to broadcast the countless donations that were presented. To watch this on television and actually being here in the middle of it all is two different experiences. The energy here was amazing, you can here the laughter, the applauses and hoots and hollers. You can also see the rushing and organization that it takes to line up a short 5 minute segment that is shown on TV.


Jayson on the Spot! Once more Jayson Baxter from CTV Morning Live had another flawless performance introducing people and accepting donations, live on air, on behalf of the IWK. A great job Jayson.

Broadcasting live always presents it challenges but because of all the volunteers everything is timed perfectly. Above you can see all the presenters lined up for their 20 seconds of fame. I don't have the names of the presenters or the amounts of their donations but I can say that each and everyone was an amazing amount of money and if my information is correct, Cape Bretoners donated somewhere to the tune of 400,000.oo dollars... Simply amazing.


BCCCB member Sharon Cousins is a volunteer with the IWK Telethon and she got the club involved three years ago. She never has trouble getting us to come along. We seen Sharon running around with her clip board all day. Way to go Sharon. While Sharon was doing her thing, members Bill MacDonald and Joe Renzi spent a little time in the Cape Breton Regional Police Paddy Wagon... hummmm Don't they both look like they belong in a paddy wagon.


During the Telethon, Jean Renzi arrived and invited us up to her lovely house afterwards for cake, tea and coffee. Who could refuse that? As a matter of fact Mary and Sandy left with Jean while we stayed at the show. During our little visit there was a steady stream of cars going by looking at our sporty little cars. I love when this happens.


Ohhh yes. Lets not forget about Joe and Jean's new acquisition, a Sunbeam Alpine. What a great car! Now mind you this gem is a tad rough but it's looking a lot better today then when Joe brought it home. This is a low mileage car that was just sitting unused. The engine was sent out for a freshening up and the under body repairs have been complete. A little tweaking of the body then the time consuming task of reassembly. The end result will be a rare and beautiful car for sure.


Time for Jean's delicious cake. This isn't the first time I was invited in for cake here and I know just how tasty her baking is. With Joe watching his diet I should have cut the remainder of the cake in two and taken it home. Just trying to help you out Joe. Thanks so very much Jean. It's folks like you who makes this club so popular.

It's moments like these, Supporting the IWK, or helping out any great cause, with us as a club, that makes me so very proud of being a member of the British Car Club of Cape Breton. It was a very interesting day watching things unfold at the telethon and it's always a pleasure spending time with other members of this great club. The Folks at the IWK Telethon treated us very well and with all the donated food, oh my, supper was lite after all I have eaten today. Thanks to all who donated the food and a huge BCCCB thanks to all who made donations. Pat yourself on the back. Well.... you know how it goes. If you weren't there you missed it, and that's too bad. Come along next time.