Father's Day is a celebration honouring Father's and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, but it is also celebrated widely on other days. Father's Day complement Mother's Day a celebration that honours Mother's and motherhood. The history isn't as astounding as the beginnings of Mother's Day but hey, lets face it, where would we be without our Mother's. That being said, a couple of BCCCBers decided to take in a run to celebrate today. Here is our story.


It appears that many members, knowing that the next few weeks will be busy, they decided to stay home and attend to chores around the house. I for one decided to do the same by installing my garage doors. I was working away, installing my doors when the usual country tranquility was filled by the very familiar sounds of a British engines. Looking over the third of four door panels, I seen Bobby and Anita followed closely by Don cresting the hill. I guess they were out recruiting for a run to Baddeck and the Baddeck Forks Golf Course. It was a beautiful day and I was getting a tad frustrated so it didn't take much coaxing to get me to come along. Away we went!


There is nothing better then driving down the road with the roof down on a sunny day. The air was a tad cool so a jacket was in order but that didn't matter, driving down the road checking out all the sights and the thick green foliage with the top dropped was what it's all about. Anita and Bobby kept their top up but that's ok, they were comfortable.


The sights from Kelly's mountain always impresses me and I can only imagine what someone, new to the area must think when they crest the mountain heading towards Sydney. Donnie, the tail gunner, always keeps up with the pace, soon he'll be putting his newly restored MGA through the same paces.


Looks like Bobby was running around with a big box of MacDonald's fries on the roof of the car. I think this is the good lord's way of saying that it's time to eat and yes the time was near. We're not quite to our destination just yet but we're getting close as we turn off the T.C.H. towards Rear Baddeck. Now, I do remember being on this road before but I don't remember it being this beautiful. Just look at the good ole Cape Breton Highlands in the foreground.


This is a great drivers road, from narrow bridges to quick switchbacks and lots of scenery. Rear Baddeck has a lot to offer, such as the Uisge Ban Falls as well as the Baddeck Forks Golf Course. Seeing whereas we have never been at the Golf Course before, this was our choice today for lunch.


Bingo! In the midst of all the beauty that was surrounding us, there is was, the Golf Course. They could have use whatever it is they use on dirt roads to keep the dust down but that was the only drawback. The stately trees that lined the driveway looked very inviting, coupled with the plush green fairways and you couldn't help but be impressed. And then, there is the clubhouse. It looked rather small I though but my concerns were quickly put to rest, this place has two floors.


Peter and Sandy had mentioned this place to us before and now we have the opportunity to try it. I know the course has been around for some time but this building was built in 2010 and it's gorgeous. The place was set up very nice and very clean. The server was right on cue throughout our visit, very professional. Now don't let the empty chairs fool you, our timing, once more was perfect, because within moments, the place was full, not a seat to be had.


Alrighty, the food! Don had the club n fries and Bobby, I think it was a hot hamburger, that's a lot a beef.


Anita and I opted for the chicken wrap, me with fries and Anita, salad. I can only speak for me here, very good and that was one big wrap.


After lunch, a little relaxing on the patio over looking the course was in order. The sun was warm now and to tell the truth, these chairs were so comfortable, I could have taken a 20 minute nap before heading home.


Time to head back. I think I'll give this place two thumbs up, not only for the the great food and service but also for the drive. Great!


One last stop before parting ways. From the highway one could see the nose of a spitfire sticking out from under a tarp, we had to take a look. Oh man! Under a tarp is a great place for this car. How unfortunate for this little car, I believe it was unappreciated it's whole life and  now it has come to this. I am sure there is something to salvage off it but I sure didn't see anything.

Our Father's Day run has come to an end. While Bobby, Anita and Don zipped into Baddeck, I took off home via the highway and back at installing my new garage doors. I have to say, the break was nice. Well, once more, you know how it goes. If you weren't there you missed it. Come along next time.