The Cape Breton Auto Show now has about four years under it's belt and each year it's getting bigger and better. Just look above at the Bee Hive of activity going on. I am sure all who attended, be it participant or dreamer, all had a wonderful time. Read on and you'll know why I said that.  


Now, If your having a car show, and you want to attract a lot of people , you need to first. bring in some very interesting cars and second, advertise. Stevie Lewis and his army of volunteers has all this covered, right down to a stint on CTV Morning Live with Tina Simpkin. The call went out for some cars to gather at 6:30 am at the ATV building for support and background as Tina interviewed some owners of these great looking autos that were attending the show. The American autos were well represented as was the Italians with the Lamborghini and so was...................


The British car manufactures, thanks to (drum roll) "The British cat Club of Cape Breton". We had MGs represented, as was the Austin Motor company, the triumph Motor Company and also Jensen Motors. Thanks for the early support guys.


To start off CTV Morning Live, Tina needed a backdrop for her interviews and why not Barc and his trusty MG TC. This car, believe it or not was a police car in England. Above Tina is interviewing Blair Brewer, the go to guy for the Cape Breton Auto Show.


Barc's  turn at the mic. If you had the chance to see the interview you would have seen that Barc nailed the interview. Barc told her that he drove the car for Montreal and she said "and you only broke down twice" LOL I wonder does she have a British Car home in her garage. What a great plug for both the Cape Breton Car Show and the British Car Club of Cape Breton. Way to go Barc.


Time to get things ready at Center 200. Bring on the British Iron. Donnie Peters is the mastermind behind our participation in this and he had his hand in everything, all we had to do was get the cars there. Bobby and Anita had their rare Midget there ready to show and in comes Barc with the TD powered by Bobby's skinny legs. Barc shut off the engine to avoid the room from filling with exhaust. I wasn't smart enough to do that, I just drove in and parked.


Oh my! What is this? Another gorgeous Healey! My gosh these are beautiful cars and this is the first time I seen this one and now, the owner is a new member of this great club. Here before us is Stuart MacLeod and his pristine 1964 Austin Healy. Welcome to the club Stuart. What's this? Giuseppe (Joe) Renzi driving Barc's TD. Look out Joe, this is a lot larger then what your use to and don't let Ladybug see you (the Austin Bugeye Sprite), she'll be jealous.


A lot of miles on good ole Donnie as he was all business making sure all was perfect. Above he is guiding Brian MacDonald and his close to perfect Spitfire into the building. Next, this is the second time I seen this great looking Anglia of Donnie and Ann Marie Steele's and yet again I didn't get a chance to get a good look at it. What an great and rare car, I love it.


Look out, the Jaguars are coming. Here are two of Peter and Sandy's Jags and looking great. Sandy drove the XJS in from Baddeck and I am sure she just loved the V12 under the hood. I am sure she behaved as Peter was watching every move she made on the drive in. We even have an old Mini in our group today. Stuart MacDonald brought this baby in from Baddeck as well. What a great looking and rare car as well and it's great to have it here with us this weekend.


Holy huckleberry! Look at this, three little engines. Now this is a nice display.  We have, from right to left, an MG TD engine sporting somewhere around 54 hp, an MGB engine sporting around 95 hp and a rare Triumph GT 6 engine sporting around 103 hp. Round off this display with a work in progress MG TD belonging to Barc and you had a very popular display for the public to view

All the MGs are lined up and ready to show this area started with the Mini (you seen earlier) and ran the entire length of the concourse area. Starting with Stuart's Mini we had Norm and Joan's B, Lee and Sheila's B Paula's B, Don's B Mine, Jennifer's and Alfred's Bs and then starting the next group Bob and Judy's freshly restored B. It's great to see this car out and about. Finished in the nick of time and looking absolutely great. Continuing up the line with Bill MacDonald's B and Alan Hayter's Very rare MGC. I would love to get my hands on that "Go Fast C" for an afternoon. Followed this up with Barc's assortment of T cars and who wouldn't be impressed.


There's the Bugeye a.k.a. Ladybug. Her sister the Sunbeam Alpine, I am sure will make an appearance next year. Now you see the line of Jaguars is complete with the addition of Brian MacDonald's XKE. Does anyone have a leash to hold this animal back? Peter's white E Type is sandwiched between to big V12 Cats. My palms are getting sweaty thinking about these cars. Love to drive one.


How about a couple of "rare ducks". Above you see Donnie and Ann Marie's 1949 Ford Anglia and their 1951 Ford Thames Pick up. How cool are these? Great looking vehicles wouldn't you say. Next up Brian and Gloria's Spitfire. Brian has a sign on this car that says something like "Project Car Completion date ?". To my (what I think is a very skilled) eye this car looks done, flawless but knowing Brian, nothing short of perfect will be acceptable and there is nothing wrong with that. This is a nice car. After scooting around in the V12 Jag, this must seem a little shy on power. Can I interest you in a GT6 engine....? It will bolt right in.


Lotus - in the Botany world Lotus is referred to as a flower. In the car world, it's a street fighter animal of a car. Lotus is world renouned for racing and just look at those lines, what a car. You don't see one of these every day. Up next Stuart's Healey, Man oh man what a beautiful and prestigious automobile.


Next a couple of triumphant Triumphs. Ray and Georgina's 1975 white Triumph TR 6. This car is kept very nice and a show piece for sure. Next Brian and Arlene's  1968 Spitfire. Getting hard to find them this old and even harder finding one in this shape. Perfect!


I am sure most have seen an MG or a Triumph. A Lotus an Anglia are rare to see yet people know them but when it comes to a Morgan, hummm. I asked around at work if you know what a Morgan is and many never heard of one. Well it appears many at the car show didn't as well, as this was one popular car. It even attracted some Professional Photographers who basically stopped the flow of the countless public viewers to take pictures of the car. What a great addition to our great club. I have to make note of Norm and Joan's car. Their B is virtually untouched, unmolested if you will, more of a time capsule. The only thing missing off this car is the smog control and why not. These cars are run so little there is no need for it, it just robs power.


Everyone loves a nice mini, these are just fun happy cars and Stuart MacDonald's is a great example of that. Nice car! Next. I wish I was there when Alan's Jensen Interceptor rolled in. I wonder did they push it or did he drive it in. This car has a 440 Chrysler under the hood and the first time I seen this car at Alan's place, the garage floor vibrated when she started the car. Now, I know my limitations. If I had this power, matched up with right hand drive, I would be killed. Ill have to keep my distance from this one.


The prep work is done, Donnie did a great job setting things up and now it's show time. The British Car Display was a huge success. I love it! I missed most of this but from what I understand our members were around all weekend dressed in their blues answering questions and allowing visitors the opportunity to sit in a car and experience what it feels like behind the wheel. this is a great touch that we allow this. There isn't many who get the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of such great cars, as those that were on display here. Nice to look at but don't touch doesn't apply here. Of course you will need the owners consent.


Above. Joe Renzi and Bill English took a pic of a few young car lovers in action behind the wheel of the TD project car. Who knows, maybe one day they will have a car such as this


Now down to the main floor, just look at he the cars, colors and crowd. Perfect! Without a doubt this is one popular show. There was basically three areas full of cars and Trucks. There was the upstairs filled with great looking British Cars, the main floor with countless cars of various makes and models and then there was the outside parking lot with a lot of very interesting vehicles as well. You just couldn't go wrong for a mere $5 entrance fee. Take a look at the old Chevelle SS. Lots of money invested here.


I am pretty sure that this Corvette is Wayne MacLean's, a very nice car. Next we have a 1969 Oldsmobile. My very first car was a 69 Olds two door similar to this. I wish I still had it.


Next a few old Fords. I am sure you don't see these babies out going down the road very often. They look like they would be seen in a museum more so the on the TCH. This show or any show is a great opportunity to see some very rare and old iron. In the line of trucks, this old 1950 Ford pick Up 4X4 was an eye catcher. 


A couple of show stoppers for sure are up next. A Lamborghini Countach and a 150? Thunderbird. These cars in itself was worth the $5 admission fee. You won't see these outside of a show such as this


Oh my! Another Anglia. And here I though our club had the only one. I have a feeling this is heavily modified. Again, I wish I had gotten a better look. Next up Carl Harrett's 1970 Chevelle SS convertible. I believe this car received the best in show award. Well deserved. A very nice car.  


I couldn't show all the cars on the main floor, so the last car I'll show from the American muscle side of things is Ronnie and Jean Reid's 1972 Yenko Nova. A lot of time, money and passion went into this car and what a nice display. Nice car.


Back to us. Prize for best British Car goes to Alan Hayter for his MG with attitude, the MGC. You'll see plenty of Bs out there but a C, well I am not sure. This car actually has a story and one day I'll write one up for it but for now... Congratulations Alan. A great car. Also in the line of awards the best Display went to The British Car Club of Cape Breton! A great honor for our club and it's stuff like this that shows club spirit as we all came together, under Don's guidance, to put on a great show. Once more in the line of awards, or more so prizes, Paul and Estelle won a NASCAR vest and Paula won a Chevrolet Jacket. Myself, I won $50 at KIJUS Restaurant and $200 from Accessories Plus. It was well worth our entrance fee just to have a chance at some of the great prizes. What a great show!


Moving on, and for that matter, moving out. The Cape Breton Car Show is over and our time to vacate Center 200 is short as there are decorators coming in to set up for the next event, so everyone had to pitch in to get the cars out. We even had the girls putting their backs into it. With Ray steering and Paul and Alan at the back, Carol was pitching in, pushing Barc's TC out. Next Barc's TF with Norm, Bobby, Don and Yes Jennifer pushing the car out the door. Way to go girls. Leave it to me to stand back and take pictures while the women do the work. Hey! Someone has to take the pictures.


The TF hasn't run for a while and Barc preferred that the car be trailered to and from the show. Not a problem when you have a guy like Brian MacDonald as a club member. This guy did many runs with his enclosed trailer and a big BCCCB Thank you from all of us for your helping hand. Once again, it's stuff like this that makes our club so strong.


Back at Barc's, Three T cars arrived waiting for the big guy to open the bay doors. Above you have Bill English enjoying a TC a little to much, I don't think he wanted to leave the car. Shortly afterwards the first of two runs with Brian and the Car Hauler. First the TF. Not to worry, the gangsters inside weren't locked in for the drive.


The second delivery had a bit of a problem. When Brian opened the door, he seen that the TD had moved. Behind the TD, where the engines were tied down, had all broke away and all three toppled. Very little damage thank heavens. I am so happy that none had hit the side of the trailer. Outside of a broken distributer cap and a dented air filter housing, all was well.

So there you have it, The 2012 Cape Breton Auto Show. I have to thanks Steve Lewis and his gang for getting the show up and running and of course I have to thank good ole Donnie Peters for all his efforts in getting the British Car Club of Cape Breton to put on such a great show. Lastly a big thank you to all BCCCBers who attended. Your cars looked great and you all looked great in your blues. Club pride truly shows. I for one am very proud.

You know how it goes. If you weren't there you missed it.... heck, what am I saying ... most of you were there. But if you were one of the few who weren't. Come along next time.

Brian McKeigan did up a Photo show of this event. Check it out


Photo contributions Bill English and Joe Renzi