Back to the grass roots of the British Car Experience, where it all began here on the East Coast, Cymbria P.E.I. I can remember my first trip here to Cymbria back in 2005 with the British Car Club of Cape Breton. It was our second year as a group and with Barc Cunningham as Chairman, he suggested we should take in the this show. Well at that time there were only a few members of this great club and most of us took the trek to the Island for the show. If memory serves me correct, there was, Anita and Bob, Lee and Sheila, Ray and Georgina, Lonnie and Paula, Brian MacDonald, Dave Warr, Donnie Peters, Jim and Jane Ann in their Honda Del-sol, Bert and Carol, Francis and Bonnie, Brian and Arlene and good ole Barclay. I don't remember any breakdowns but I do remember the fun. We stayed at the Silver Wood Motel in Cavendish and the Banquet was at Rainbow Valley. It was a really good time and we continued to go to this show until it was opened to all international cars. The show somehow lost it's appeal as part of the British Car Experience, this can't be shared, it has to be lived. Others who own different brands of cars perhaps don't feel the camaraderie that come with owning a British Car. Just for a quick look into the British Car Experience as compared to.... lets say Porsche for instance. If you break down in a British car, there could be upwards of 15 guys and girls trying to get you going again. Break down in a Porsche and you stand alone. So this is our story of returning back to where it all began many years ago and I hope to be here for many years to come. Step inside the British Car Experience for a moment and read on.


Once again it was a two group departure, one from Sydney and the other from Bras D'or. Of course I had to double back to get my cell phone making me late for departure so Ricky and Sharon met Paula and I in Millville. Norm and Joan had left a little before that, not wanting to slow anyone down. Smart thinking as I often worry about over zealous drivers wanting to pass a string of cars, the smaller the groups the easier to pass. The log hauler behind Rick and Sharon will just have to wait for a chance to pass. I am thinking he is trying to intimidate Ricky by driving so close but knowing Ricky and his calm personality, this didn't knock a feather off him. Onwards we go. Peter and Sandy were waiting in Baddeck for us to show, so when Norm and Joan drove by they joined them. It didn't take long for us to catch up but I was surprised to see the Ambulance behind them.... I wonder did all that gray hair in these tiny sports cars concern them.


Timing is everything. As Norm and Peter fuelled up, in rolled the Sydney folks. Don, Brian and Arlene, Lee and Sheila, Paul and Estelle and last, Bill and Susan. To everyone's surprise, Lee and Sheila had the back-up car, the yellow B. A faulty Hydraulic clutch system sidelined their great looking and freshly finished MGB... Oh well, as we all know, this stuff happens. Yes it looked like a small car show in the Irving parking lot as heads were turning. Just before we got back into our cars I seen a gentleman going over Ricky and Sharon's Cambridge. I patted Rick on the belly and pointed. Ricky with that twinkle in his eye and smiling, he nodded his head. The guy said to Ricky that his Father had one just like it. I love when this happens, these cars bring back memories. Time has it's restrictions so there was very little time to chat so off we went.


Norm and Peter pulled out quickly as they are not 100K runners and I pulled out behind Paul and Estelle. My how I love the intimidating look of this Lotus. Coming up the hill towards Havre Boucher both Francis and I blew by the Lotus..... I was wondering, is Paul nursing this animal along.


Passing Paul and Estelle next we have Peter and Sandy. No, Sandy isn't driving, this great looking and prized possession Morgan is right hand drive. It must be a tad nerve-racking being a passenger in this great car as all the traffic is coming towards you and you have no control. One better have faith in the pilot. You know, it was funny, as we passed Peter I said to Paula, "this is funny, there are no cars coming towards us." Gulp! Could there be trouble up the road.... sure enough we came to a halt. Those who were stuck in the traffic will agree with me when I say that the traffic was backed up at least 5 K. I couldn't see over the hill but behind me.. the traffic was stopped for miles. Looking at my iPhone I see that ferry time is getting closer.... come on! Get the traffic moving! 30 minutes later the traffic, ever so slowly started to move. Yay we are passed the construction, lets get this show on the rooooaaaaadddddd....... What's this? Bill and Susan are on the shoulder with the hood up. I Flagged everyone on towards the boat and Don and I tried to get Bill going. Vroom vroom, he's going. Our joy was short lived as Bill hit the shoulder once more. This time Paul and Estelle stopped as well. Once again I flagged Paul on as Don and I stayed. I noticed that Paul's car was kind of over revving as he pulled away up the hill. What's that about I thought. Anyway back to Bill. We checked the fuel and I took off the fuel cap just encase there is a vacuum lock... nothing. I took off a plug wire expecting a shock and when Bill turned the car over, there was no shock. I took off the Distributer cap to check for spark and there was none. I jumped the coil just encase it was a bad wire and Bill fired her up.  Yay once more but my time to make my reservation at the ferry was close to gone but I had to try. I knew that once I passed Antigonish it would be open highway and I could push Paula's B to her limits. Ring Ring! Paul on the phone, clutch slipping to bad to continue. He and Estelle turned off into Antigonish. They didn't need any assistance as they had friends in the area but their trip was finished. To bad, would have been a great car to show. Passing Antigonish Paula's B had her roll on... 100 - 110 - 120  and bottomed out at 130. The GPS was saying 138 and my knuckles were white as I gripped the wheel. Paula blessed herself but knew that I would stop at nothing to get to the boat.


Your not going to believe this but Don and I stopped twice with Bill and at speeds of 130 - GPS 138 we caught up with all the others just before the boat. I couldn't believe it, and neither could the others for that matter. The gangs all here, we met up with Bob and Judy as well as Bill and Moragh and Mary and Mike, they left Thursday just encase there were problems. Now where is Don and Bill, there are only minutes to spare so I called. Don said that they had to stop again, it wasn't a bad wire like I thought. Time is ticking and they flagged us on.


I couldn't slow down the loading to delay the boat, I had to go. I followed Ricky and Sharon up the very steep ramp and settled in. The crew who spent the night in New Glasgow were the first on the boat. Here you see Bill and Moragh's great looking MGB and next to that for it's first long road trip Bob and Judy's very fresh MGB. Just behind Bill you can see Mary and Mike's white MGB. I had Mary's car at my place for a couple of days for a check up and I gave this car two thumbs up, I would take it anywhere. Just a little note to add to that... Just days before this trip a gas line broke on Mary's car. So there you go, anything can happen at any time so be prepared.


Now for some tense moments. Looking down from the boat into the parking lot we seen Lee and just behind him Francis, 8 cars back, Brian and Arlene. They didn't make reservations and were hoping for a chance to get on. Brian told me in the parking-lot that they said he may not get on .... I didn't believe him, my fingers at this point are now crossed. The traffic director flagged on one car at a time getting Lee and Sheila as well as Bonnie and Francis on. Next car, next car, next car, it was like watching the wheel on the "price is right" the anticipation was getting to the point of being overwhelming. Go Go Go! It was then, in this knuckle biting moment that Bill and Don arrived through the gate. Yay! It was at that point that the traffic director walked away..... Nooooooo! The boat is full. We'll hook up later. Oh well.


Myself, as like many of us, have traveled often across the Northumberland Strait. I found it a long ride but today with all these great people of the BCCCB the time flew and before you knew it, the announcement to return to your vehicle was made. Our route to Rustico was discussed on the boat and maps were out. The best route is to take the Charlottetown Bypass and Haylett had a shorter route to the bypass, so he lead off the boat. Sound simple.. Maybe.

Awe.. yes... the lovely ladies of the BCCCB. Where would we be without you all. Here we have Sharon, Moragh, Judy, Joan, Mary, Paula, Carol and Nina. Boy were we lucky to get this table on a full boat. Must have been the early arrivals from New Glasgow who scored this table.


Time for the last prepping of the cars before the long drive to Rustico. The guys could be taking out sweaters for the ladies as the wind along the water was rather cool. That was short lives, as the further inland you went the warmer it got.


Mary and Mike are strapped in awaiting the British Car Days big adventure. Moragh has her sweater on and we are now waiting for the gate to swing open. Let the good times roll!


 The two pageant blue Bs are ready to go and so is Sharon and Ricky beside Paula in the Cambridge. The gate swings open. Another steep ramp and if you look closelym you will see Haylett and Nina waiting for us.


The gang is all here, lets go. Turning off the TCH onto route 23, the Selkirk Road. The road was a tad choppy but as straight as an arrow. I am sure this saved us about 15 minutes, much shorter then the coastal route. This is where things got a little fouled up and then a whole lot fouled up but all ended happily. Haylett flagged me into the lead and he backed off. Haylett was headed into the city and the rest of us were to take the by-pass. There was some distance between us as traffic lights created some havoc. I made the right turn onto the By-pass but due to the distance between us, some didn't see me turn and followed Haylett into town. A few did follow me and we waited for the others to catch up. Back on track. Boy the traffic was heavy on the TCH. Light after light we passed together but at one light I seen Bob jumping out of his car and opening his hood on one of the busiest intersections on the island. The light turned Green and some of us went through the light and pulled over. Once again I flagged everyone on as this was a dangerous stop. I walked back to Bob's car to assess the problem. He did get it started long enough to get off the road but this place was a nightmare. I literally threw a temporary fuel pump on and the car fired up..... lets get the hell out of here. A few miles up the road was our motel and we settled in.

There is a meet and greet this evening at the Cymbria Lions Club but for now a little nourishment is need to tie us over. We were staying in the Pines in North Rustico and wouldn't you know that there is a little eatery just across the street. Jo-Joes Seafood Eatery. Order your food at the window and go inside to get served. Some had hamburger but for me... fresh fish and chips.


Inside or outside you could eat. This was one great stop and I hope one day to eat here again. There is one great plus when travelling with this great group, the restaurants. We have found so many great eating places. Be it Cape Breton of anywhere, I can only remember one bad eating experience. That was outside of Brewer Maine at a Circle K. 8 years travelling the roads and one bad stop.... good odds I would say.


Still only early in the day and I had to pick up the BCCCB tent at Marco Polo Land. Good ole Brian and Gloria took the tent to P.E.I. in their trailer and had set up shop with their huge motor home at what I think is the best spot in the park. We had a great visit and plenty of laughs. Brian took this time to fire up the Jaguar XKE. Now, one truly has to hear a v12 fire up. It doesn't turn over like a regular car, it sounds more like a jet firing up. Sure enough the old Jaguar fires up with a roar, ready for the show in the morning. Getting close to "meet and greet" time and Paula and I had another stop or two to do before we all head over.


We don't visit P.E.I. without picking up some preserves at the P.E.I. Preserve Company, this place has some  great tasting jams. From there the Toy Factory to search for a little gift for someone special. All done... back to the motel


 Meet and Greet time. Bob's car wouldn't start. Oh My! He and Judy jumped in with Ricky and Sharon in their Cambridge. My heavens it's great having a four door in the group, great for situations just like this. Just look at the cars! This is only a handful of what's to come tomorrow. You can just imagine the goings on inside, yes it's a meet and greet and we did just that. I bumped into many people that we only get the chance to see at an event such as this. Well that's not 100% true... I am aware of Saturday morning coffee time at a certain Tim Hortons in Lower Sackville. While in the area visiting in-laws I stop in for a chat and a laugh. A great bunch of guys and I am sure it the loudest Tim Hortons in Nova Scotia, on Saturday mornings at least.



  On the menu for the meet and greet was plenty of cold cuts, fresh rolls and Mussels..... Fresh P.E.I. Mussels and the pot was always full. All the time we were being entertained by and amazing sounding string quartet. I am sure all had a great time, as we do at all these shows. Have a look at Sandy and the smiles on Preston and Betti Ann. There you go, all had a great time.


   There was a little more going on outside of the hall. A representative for Gahan Beer. serving samples of their products. Paula wasn't to please with her first taste test but the second one hit the nail on the head. She loved it! Pleasing Paula's Picky Palate is no easy task but her second sample did just that. This brand of beer has to be good. Next we have the P.E.I. Preserve Company with plenty of tasty jams to try. Little did this gentleman know, there was plenty of bottles in the trunk of Paula's car. We picked it up earlier. We love this stuff.


Awe yes, the evenings of our trips are always a blast. Paula and I scooted over to Moragh and Bill's Chalet for a beverage and a laugh. What a very nice Chalet, a small home. Plenty of room for guests and we took advantage of that for a while. Lots of laughter for sure. British Car owners are always the best people I always say. You have to have patience and a good personality to own one or you'll go mad. At Moragh's, Sharon had mentioned Breakfast at The P.E.I. Preserve Company and what a great idea. So plans were made. Paula and I were like Mummers tonight, visiting cabins. Next it's Haylett and Nina's. Brian and Arlene were just leaving when we got there and the rest have all gone home for the night but that didn't stop Paula and I. Nina, Haylett and Carol are just going to have to stay up a little while longer. We didn't stay long, just long enough for me to finish my refreshment.


You know what they say, "The early bird get the worm" or at least gets their cars washed. I am usually up with the birds but some how Peter always beats me and today so did Preston. Going to be a busy day so lets get them shinning and check the cars over.


I took a little walk around the Motel and Cabins to see if anyone else was out and to my surprise most were up and outside. Mike was enjoying his coffee on the step of there Chalet and what a great way to start your day while away. Nothing more relaxing then a morning coffee on the patio on a warm day. Throw in a great view and it's nothing short of perfect. Mary is up and roaring to go as well. This is going to be a great day folks. Just wait until you see what today has in store for you.


I continued my early morning stroll and snapped a couple of more photos. The three great looking Bs nestled between the chalets with the early morning sun shinning on them looks great. Walking back to the Motel I noticed that the bright morning sunshine almost makes the yellow motel glow. Put the great looking B of Bob and Judy's in the pic and it's perfect. I am sure you all noticed by now that I am a little over enthused about these cars and the British Car Experience and why not. It's these cars and outing such as this that brings friends closer together.


Gosh, morning come to early when your on the road.  I needed another hour or so sleep and perhaps an Advil but how could one miss breakfast here at the Preserve Company. Sharon made all the arraignments and oh how I love when someone takes the bull by the horns. The view from here is sooo beautiful and for those who have never been to the British Car Days in the past, next door, up the hill is Bob and Sandy Bentley's place where we all gathered at for the Friday evening meet and greet. Their place is absolutely beautiful. The pristine older home on  such a beautiful treed property with a view that will stop your heart was something not to be missed. I hope that maybe one day, those new to the British Car Experience will get the opportunity to sink in the view that I did for so many years. Just gorgeous.


 Sharon arranged for the private dining room that was just big enough to seat all of us. It was just beautiful. The food and service was a perfect way to start your day. As you can see by the photo of Lee's car in front of the Preserve Company, the sun shine was strong early in the am. This is going to be a hot day. We're a little slow getting started here today as the endless products in the Preserve Company has caught the eye of most of the crew. For those who haven't tasted this stuff before and purchased some jams I guarantee you won't be disappointed.  Leaving here, there was two routes to the show, the more direct route, back the same way we came or go through New Glasgow, down the road towards Marco Polo Land into Cavendish and then on towards our motel. Paula wanted to go back to the room for the day and play in the pool so a few of us took the route that passes Marco Polo Land towards the motel.


Show time! Brian still had the tent and he was there waiting for us... we were late. I didn't get pictures of the tent going up because of the amount of member helping to put it up. Many hands makes light work and like a well oiled machine the tent was up in a jiffy. Thanks to all who helped. To inject a little humour in the build, once the cover was on and the legs from one side were set in, a few of our beautiful ladies were standing ready to lift the other side of the tent. "Lift ladies" I yelled as I stood back to supervise The banner is set into place and so is the flags. Thanks to Donnie Peters, we are the only club sporting a Queen's Jubilee flag. It may not mean much to most but I am impressed with it. The  show hasn't even started yet and Donnie and Ann Marie Steel's Anglia is getting plenty of attention. Great and rare car.


Yes I have a soft spot for Brian and Gloria's Jaguar XKE. I have this on my list of cars I shouldn't drive. This car sports a v12 and knowing myself better than anyone else I will forever be stretching it's legs until the police shut me down. I did get a chance to sit in this car at one of the many shows here a few years back and it fit my large frame like a glove. I looked up at Paula that very day and she, as if reading my mind, said "Don't even think about it." Above I caught Sandy going over the car with Brian. Peter, you may get that second hoist yet. You'll need it to park a XKE Convertible next to your hard top.


A couple more heavy hitters of the BCCCB is Peter and Sandy's beautiful Morgan and Haylett and Nina's perfect Healey. A little info on the Healey. This is no secret and it's something that only a very very small handful of people can say about a 45 year old car that they own........ Haylett is the original owner of this car. He perhaps knows every oil change and every nut and bolt of this car. Me.... what I would do to still have my 1970 Challenger but I traded it for what I thought was a better car at the time. How I wished I never sold it and my hat goes off to Haylett for never selling it or trading it in. Being an original owner is a very rare thing to come across. Next to them is Norm and Joan's MGB. They may not be the original owner but outside of tires and perhaps a battery, this is an original car. Having an original car that is 32 years old is a very rare thing as well.


Mary's (Mary reminded me that it's her car, Mike has a Motorcycle) 1979 MGB  looks great as well. Mary just loves her car but Mike rarely gives her the chance to drive it, he is always behind the wheel. Speaking of heavy hitters of the BCCCB, Ricky and Sharon Cambridge is one. this is a rare car and Ricky has it looking great. With all the great looking sports cars that surrounds this car, this car seems to attract the most attention. Ricky refers to the Cambridge as the "Geezer Mobile" but with so many who are interested in it, young and old, I am not so sure that this is the right name for her. Geezer Mobile it is but a gem for sure.


A lot of people and a lot of cars and by the looks of things Mary and Ann Marie are enjoying the show. Just under 100 cars here today and there was a few that were on the outside looking in. I can't figure this out. At events such as this, it doesn't matter if you think your car isn't good enough. My first showing here I though I had a great car until I started to look around. I quickly realized that I needed to step it up a bit.. and I did. It is shows such as this where one learns what to do and how to do it. You learn what is out there to buy and if there is something that your thinking about buying, chances are someone here has it already installed and you can get a review of the item directly from the purchaser. It's then you find out if the item is something you wanted or needed.


I captured a few of our members... in their blues I might add, up on the patio overlooking the show grounds. I am guessing by the turned heads that they are looking over at their cars as people give them the once over. I had to take a run up to their vantage point to get some great shots of the grounds as well.

From the patio, I spied with my little eye a TVR. I seen my very first TVR while attending a show in Stowe Vermont and fell in love with it's style... ohhhh man! the one in Vermont was a 4 cylinder MGB motor... this one had a big six cylinder. Now I have to add another car on my list of cars I shouldn't drive. I would be killed in this. Toward the center of the field I seen a newer MGF. A 1996 MGF to be exact. Nice car. This car belongs to Karen, Allison and Laurie Bell and what an interesting car. Right hand drive and engine in the back. A radical change from the older blueprints but beautiful all the same.

A 1948 MG TC caught my eye. Barry Clark from New Glasgow P.E.I. is the owner and one couldn't help but notice the white wall tires and the color. A very nice clean car. Now you know how it is. You go some place and you always see someone. You don't know who they are but they always seem to stand out. This is so with Curry and Sherry Alders. I seen them in Cape Breton two years ago as they did a tour of the Cabot Trail, They even stayed at our motel in Windsor N.S. that same year and I never had the chance to meet them. He made a speech at this years Windsor show representing his club in Fredericton N.B. and today I finally had the opportunity to meet them. This 1969 E-Type caught my eye and I went over for a look. Sure enough it was Curry and Sherry's car and now is our chance to meet. What a great couple and they surely enjoy the British Car Experience, so much so that I believe they have 3 British Cars. There noting wrong with having a spare. As it turns out Curry loves to write and take photos. Now I hope I have this story correct. Curry told me he wrote a story with pictures to a Healey Magazine and his photo was selected to me the cover photo for the magazine. What a great honour! Why to go Curry.


From my vantage point on the patio of the Lions Club I can see everything. I seen Bill and Moragh buying a little memento of their experience here, a t-shirt from the P.E.I. club and why not. I have a sweat shirt as a memento I bought at the Bentley residence a few years ago. Now the next photo. No British Car show would be complete without a chat with the legend himself, MGB Bill Johnson. This guy knows his way around an MGB and wouldn't you know who is talking to him.... Bob with the broken car.  Actually, at this point of the show I believe that Bob's car was up and running. Don, Bob and Brian took Carol's German Healey... the Volkswagen back to the Motel to get him going. I am no Bill Johnson I am more thrifty around these cars than a mechanic. I guess in my haste to get the hell away from that terrible intersection where Bob broke down, when I put on the temporary fuel pump on his car, I taped the pump to the rad support. I guess a kinked the hose only allowing enough fuel through to get to the motel. The heat from the engine and the weight of the pump stretched the tape kinking the hose even further cutting off the fuel supply. An easy fix and he was up and running for the rest of the trip without as much as a hiccup. Thank heavens.


Speaking of hiccups, Norm's B had a problem. Brian McKeigan, the BCCCBs mad scientist of electrical works to the rescue. He checked everything leading the problem back to a dirty battery post. This is how simple it is to be sidelined. Norm, a former Stevedore turned Principle is not afraid to get his hands dirty as he dove right in to fix the problem. This is the tings I like to see. First the people who jump in to help and then the owner fixing the car. The British Car Experience in all it's glory.


Once more our tent has provided great shade on a hot day. Now late in the afternoon, Betti Ann finally made her way here out of the heat. I don't think Betty Ann stopped for a moment. Even in Windsor it took her hours to get from her car to our tent. This fine lady knows everybody and she loves to talk. I am sure Betty Ann and Preston loves these events, as a matter of fact I believe they are headed off to the Magdalene Islands for a tour the day after the show. I should have adjusted my schedule to come along. Maybe another time. I spoke earlier of  legends, in the east coast British Car Experience and we have yet another legend, Ron Gray. I think everyone knows him and Lynn and he has his hand in everything. Now from an introduction from Mark Bond at the British Motoring Festival, he may just have his hand in your wallet as well.... Quite the wheeler dealer from what I understand.  


Yay! Bill and Susan made it! Carless but they made it. Their car is still at the ferry to be towed home Monday. Baffling symptoms, as soon as you hit the gas the car stalls. I am sure it's happened to someone out there but it's a new symptom for me. I thought electrical - distributor - some one else said fuel but there was little time to check it out. Bill English will tell us the problem after he finds out what it is. In the next photo Mike looked the same way I did when I came here for the first show. Amazed at the condition of all these cars and the passion the owners have for them. Careful Mike, It cost me thousands to get my car up to the caliber these cars are in, just enjoy your car. This is what it's all about.


4 o'clock, time to break camp and we did it in record time. No one out there could dismantle  10 X 20 tent this fast. The Girls and Guys of the BCCCB really showed support here. The tent tear down wasn't left to one or two, they all pitched in and before I could get a picture the tent was in Donnie Steels truck. Thanks Donnie for taking the tent home and Thanks Brian MacDonald for bringing it. You guys sure made this trip a little easier.


Returning to our Motel after the show a fuel stop was necessary so not to delay the run for the boat tomorrow. At the gas station Haylett and Don did the ole switcheroo, Haylett tool the LE and Donnie took the Healey. I though we would never see Don again. Both returned to the motel behind me, one with the emergency flashers going the other with the park lights on. I think both were looking for the switch to turn the car on. Anyway, I am sure it was an experience for both. Coming up the driveway shortly afterwards was Bob and Judy. Bob said he had no brake lights, tail lights or blinkers. God what did I disturb when I hooked up the fuel pump? All were aware of this by the time we left for the boat the next day so all gave Bob some space. Bob.... It's a British car thing. Fix one thing and another beaks. After you have the car for a number of years, all will be fixed.


Awe yes, the after show gathering. This gathering had a twist, or shall I say a pool. Sharon came over with her swim suit on, so I did a quick change as did Don and off to the pool we went. Ricky was already in cooling off after a hot day in a field of cars. A few other came over to just relax by the pool when all of a sudden the girls by the motel began to cheer and made cat calls such as a woman would hear as she walked by a construction site. Looking over we seen Peter with a his swim trunks on and a towel over his shoulders. Peter surely knows how to wind up the women as he made his way to the pool. A cool dip and soon time for the Banquet. They weren't letting people in the hall just yet so we all grabbed a refreshment and set up a place on the patio.  We made a great friend here, Rene Doucette. Rene (from the Lions Club) came to our table and entertained us a few times and he said before they open the doors he will come and get us first... and he did. He lead the BCCCB through the doors first and the rest followed. Again some good ole BCCCB luck


Inside the hall the setting was very nice. Due to the help from Rene we all managed to sit close to one another. The crew of the BCCCB took up 4 tables. No need for the blues here, I think everyone knows who we are by now. I truly believe that Preston and Betti Ann are enjoying their long distance membership with the BCCCB and we surely enjoy having them amongst our band of merry men and women of the BCCCB.


What a great setting for a banquet, comfortable and cool. In the second photo we have a few more cherished members of this great club. Ron and Lynn Gray. Ron sporting the club T-shirt and he has his name embroider on it. Club spirit at it's best. Sitting across for Ron and Lynn we have Roger and Irene Phinney. A very nice couple indeed. I mentioned Ron's shirt and Irene said they don't have one. Sharon, our regalia office sends out the email  once a year. She'll be in touch with you throughout the winter. 


I was strolling around the hall snapping picture as I usually do and I seen Brian and Gloria strolling in, we had seats saved and that filled all our tables. Continuing my stroll I came across Bob and Carol Tunnah. This lovely couple joined us on the BCCCB / BATANS tour of the Cabot Trail. Carol is one of those people that you just can't help but love. I swear her smile will brighten anyone's day. It's always a pleasure when our paths cross.


Sitting at our table awaiting the food, Don grabbed the camera and snapped this picture of our table. I hope I look  better in person then in a picture. Looking at Paula I see she has a big smile. she must be enjoying herself. Heck what am I saying, she should be smiling, she spent all day around the pool at the motel relaxing while the rest of toiled in the hot field...... enjoying ourselves as well. Meal time! These folks at the lions club know what they are doing. In a very orderly fashion we were all served. Salad and your choice of Lobster or steak. I can only speak for myself, I was happy with my steak and I am sure the rest were happy as well


Allan Peters form the Cymbria Lions Club had a few words to say and Danny (Sorry I didn't get your last name) said a few words and gave out the prizes. People's choice, Barry Clark for his 1948 MG TC. I see this car caught more then my eye. Participants award went to  Bernie MacIntyre. Best effort award went to a couple from New Hampshire and to car number 61 a 1972 TVR. What a nice car and the next day was their 40th wedding anniversary. I couldn't think of a better place to spent my anniversary but here on P.E.I.


 It's all over but the crying, time to relax back at the motel and have a laugh or two. We talked about Breakfast and departure times and the mother hen in me was worried about a breakdown and making our 11:15 reservation at the boat. We discussed it at length and we decide on 7 am for breakfast, which should take an hour and it's over an hours drive to the boat and if there is a car problem we should still have plenty of time to make our departure time. As it turns out, some arrived fro breakfast at 7 am and others at little after 7 at the By The Bay Restaurant giving the waitress and cooks a little time to make 25 breakfasts. Folks... if your a big breakfast eater you have to eat here.


This place has no problem looking after our high numbers. The service was extremely fast, I am not sure if they are truly this fast or if it's the fact that Peter had me call in advance to warn them of the 25 plus people that were about to storm the place very shortly. Anyway as the first group were being served the second group arrived.

Even Donnie and Ann Marie Steel joined us for breakfast.... now the gang is truly here. Just look at Brian's pancakes! Holy molly, there huge! Told you, a big breakfast. Before heading off to the boat we had one last check of Bob's car. The lighting problem should be a quick fix but wouldn't you know, everything checks out. This requires a home repair more so then a parking lot repair. Just take your time to the boat Bob and all will be well.


   We left after breakfast before the second group and made our way to the boat. Rather then take highway 23, the shorter route, we took the highway all the way. Traffic was very light and with a small number of cars we didn't slow up to many people. We dove on and before we knew it, we made it to the boat. I pulled up at one wicket and Brian the other and I passed the lady my reservation number. She asked if I was interested in going now and of course I said yes and that we all had reservations. She yelled to the lady in the other booth to change us all to this boat and before anyone could say what happed... we were on the boat. What great timing once more.


Once again the crossing time flew by. This is what it's like with great company. We all sat and chatted and some took a stroll. Me... I was looking for a place to lay my head, I was beat. No place could be found so chat I did and before you knew it, we were back in good old Nova Scotia. We said our good-byes to Haylett and Nina before exiting the boat and we all headed home.


We originally thought of Swiss Chalet in New Glasgow for lunch but with this early departure we decided to head up the road a little further. China King Buffet in Port Hawkesbury was our dinner stop. Maybe a little to much food for this time of day but it sure was good. From here the group broke up again. Some took the number 4 highway and others the TCH. Boy was I tired, the old face slap from time to time and the head was bobbing. After Peter and Sandy pulled off into Baddeck, Paula and I drove up the road to St. Anns. Here I had to stop and lay on the grass for a moment to take a break before I killed someone, or myself. I must be getting old, I never had to pull over before but today I did. Maybe I was exhausted from the great weekend. Yeah that's what it was, I am not getting old at all.

I received a text message from Sharon while eating at the China King saying they just got off the boat. Great, they made it and no breakdowns. Perfect, that's the stuff I like to hear. Every car has a hiccup from time to time but these cars from the BCCCB, I'll follow anywhere.

To sum up this weekend is easy. A great drive to a very nice destination and spending a weekend with some great people and seeing some great cars and sights. A perfect weekend if you ask me. Maybe next year we'll leave a day early and get to take in some of beauty this great island has to offer. I'll be your guide if your interested. 

So jump in your old British Car Take a tour, go for a drive and maybe stop off at your Sons or Daughter's place and tell them of where you went in your great looking British car. Let them know that your having fun with their inheritance. These cars do open the door to a lot of fun, all you have to do is take advantage of it. So in closing, I have to say. If you weren't there you missed it. Come along next time. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

Thanks to everyone, members or not, for making this a great weekend.