Hey Hey Hey here we go again, "The Bert Miller Memorial Fall Colors Tour". This, for me anyways, is one of our tours that I enjoy the most. No pressure, just get in your car, drive, sink in the sights, eat some great food and laugh with some of the greatest group of friends one could have. This tour took us on two ferry rides, over mountains and through valleys. This tour also took us through sunshine, rain, strong winds, very cold temperatures and the icing on the cake, hail and snow. I think I'll refer to this group on tour as the "BCCCB Roughnecks," as we concurred everything that came our way and won. The prize being an amazing weekend. Read on. 


The BCCCB Roughnecks gathered at the value Village Parking Lot on this chilly morning and we quickly moved indoors to Tim Hortons to wait for all to arrive. At the moment we have Bill and Moragh, Donnie, myself and Mary and Mike for their first Fall Colors Tour, in an MG anyway, as I am sure they did the trail this time of year many times on their motorcycle. A moment later Brent and Joy arrived in their pristine B. Joy is wearing a very warm looking winter jacket, good idea as these cars have perhaps the worst heaters ever made.  Maybe not the worst, they work really well when it's 90 degrees outside. They work so well that it will melt the soles off your shoes. Where is that heat today?


The rest of the group that was to gather here has arrived. Joe and Jean left their Bugeye and Alpine home and opted for a very British Beetle dubbed Ringo Star for this run. Joe and Jean are here for today only, they will peel away in Margaree to head to Baddeck to help celebrate a friend's 80th birthday. Also with us today in the German Healey, (a Volkswagen) is the very lovely Carol Miller. Her stunning Austin Healey is just finishing up a restoration. Not that it needed it but a very sudden stop forced her hand to make the car better then it was. If that was possible.


The BCCCB Roughnecks are not complete just yet, we have to hook up with Alfred and Donna at the Eskasoni turnoff and a little later on, Peter and Sandy in Whycocomagh. First Alfred and Donna. Gosh the tan top looks good on their car, much better then it would look sprawled all over route 4. Pulling alongside Alfred and Donna, they quickly said that they had a story for me. I guess that there is a lot of construction being done on the Eskasoni highway and the stream of tandem trucks is endless. At  the Highway 4  intersection to Eskasoni, one of these trucks pulled out on the #4 with Alfred and Donna in his crosshairs. Alfred and Donna passed within inches of the huge chrome bumper and I am sure the driver of the dump truck hasn't seen them yet. I guess there is a reason that new cars have daytime running lights. Maybe we should look into hard wiring our headlights into our ignition so they come on whenever we are driving, it isn't hard to do. Safety is never a bad thing as I am sure these cars, or passengers for that mater, will not fare out well in a collision. This was brought up at a meeting but as you'll see, only a very small number have either there park lights or headlights on. Something to think about. Welcome to the BCCCB Roughnecks guys.


I now see why all these tandem trucks are all over the place, about 10 k of the Eskasoni Highway is gone but there is a very smooth dirt road in it's place. We were warned about large craters in the road and people were blowing out tires but we kept our eyes peeled. There were some deep potholes but we were watching and passed by all without hitting one.  Then the dreaded dirt road sigh. Ugg! I just waxed my car! A few kilometres up the dirt road the guy with the stop sign...... oh man!. We waited and it wasn't long before Alfred a Donna made a friend. We waited so long I thought Alfred was going to ask if he had a sandwich to tide him over until lunch. Come-on! The Tim Hortons tea is starting to make my feet twitch.


Oh man.. The Grand Narrows turnoff better be close. Sure enough, we made it. I did the two step toward the washroom, thank heavens that door wasn't locked. The sky was threatening when I went into the washroom and it was a hail storm when I came out. Who the hell did the roughnecks piss-off  while I was inside. Oh man, this isn't good. The scurrying to and from the cars has begun.


Donna looked like she was prepared for the Arctic, smart lady. Lets get the heck outta here! Just on the other side of the Barra Strait, it was sunshine again. Funny what a kilometre will do. Just look at weather east of the Strait. The freak weather system has a very defined line. Glad we are on this side. We escaped this system but will we escape others this weekend, time will tell.


Two weeks ago, for a late afternoon drive, I checked out the Washabuck road thinking it would be a great alterative to the Iona highway. There is some great places for pictures along this route but my poor B suffered along the rough road. I had installed MGB GT springs on my MG and I still bottomed out. As a matter of fact, I hit a dip in the road so hard that not only did I bottom out but the tachometer stopped working. The wire on the coil popped off. I think I'll stay away from that road until it's repaired. Regardless which route you take, the quickest way to Whycocomagh is over the Little Narrows Ferry. You have to love these ferry passes that the club purchases, without them it's $5.25 a car. I think we paid $12.50 for a card with 10 crossings... you do the math.


Rain rain go away, come again another day. I love this area, rainy or not, it's just beautiful. So what if it rained, this is a driving club and with the air temperature being as cold as it was, the tops weren't coming down anyway. I jumped out of my car on the boat to take a picture or two and a chat and the only other person to brave the elements was none other then Bill MacDonald. Man does this guy love to talk. Bill isn't wearing a jacket, with all that energy I am sure he creates his own heat or maybe he adapted to the cold, if his heater is working similar to mine that is.


Lets hit the road shall we!! Whycocomagh is only minutes up the road and after we disembarked the ferry it was time, for me anyway, to wind my tach to the redline and on to hook up with Peter and Sandy.


There is Peter and Sandy, the last of the BCCCB Roughnecks waiting patiently for our arrival. I was out of my car taking pictures when the others rolled into Vi's Parking lot. Another quick pit stop and we were ready for a very interesting drive. I am not sure if you noticed yet but there is still a lot of green in the trees. Lets see what the colors are like on the other side of the island shall we. A couple of clicks up the road we will turn off towards Brook Village, a very nice driving experience with plenty of farms and beautiful trees. Lest see what colors the trees are laden with here.


Eureka! Looking a little better I would say. This is a very picturesque route towards the west side of the island. The silos along the road are always nice to see, add in the fall colors and  you have perfect eye pleasing scenery.


The dips, and curves in the road made for some great driving and the low speeds kept the cars closer together creating better picture opportunities. The first pic you have the Sexy Jag with Peter and Sandy warm inside, then you have Alfred and Donna with the headlights on followed closely by a chilly Moragh and Bill. The second pic you still have the same three cars (Alfred tucked in behind the Sexy Jag) and just rounding the corner you have Mary and Mike with more GREEN background. Helloooo! it's the 13th of October...... where's the color?


Time to pamper the BCCCB Roughnecks with lunch at the Glenora Distillery. 14 hungry souls here, and during a brief conversation with the pub manager last month I mentioned that there would be about 25 in our party. He said to call two days before to confirm the numbers so there will be enough staff. Well the count is now 14 so I didn't make reservations and the BCCCB Roughnecks stormed the place. On the Bert Miller Memorial Fall Colors Tour other years, the hills of Glenora were ablaze with colors. Today it looks as though we are a week or two early. Oh well, the BCCCB Roughnecks made the best of it.


The BCCCB Roughnecks filled the upstairs of the Distillery. For most of us it's the first time eating here, we often stopped to enjoy the grounds while in the area but to eat, this is new. The Distillery does have a very nice menu but like always, the conversation is always better then the food.  I do enjoy our drives but oh how I love the stops. It doesn't matter where you sit, there is always amazing conversation. My goodness we have some interesting members. I live a very humble life when compared to some of the tales others tell.


The plates look pretty full... now I can only speak for myself but my fishcakes were delicious. Not as good as mom use to make and a heck of a lot better then some other restaurants I had them. The only problem is that there wasn't enough. The service was excellent, add a little music and a smidgen of tea, coffee or alcohol to warm the blood and the end result was a perfect lunch.


All the time we were here at the Glenora, we were serenaded with Celtic music. Can I pick a restaurant or what. The itinerary I prepared for the day stated lunch at the Glenora and desert at the Dancing Goat. After saying our goodbyes to Joe and Jean, as well as Alfred and Donna, the rest of us headed of to Margaree and the Dancing Goat.  The popularity of the Dancing Goat is so vast that all one has to reply when asked where did you eat is, "The Goat," everyone knows what you mean. So off to "The Goat" we went.


Time for the BCCCB Roughnecks to live up to their name. Leaving the Glenora, it was cool and windy and we should have taken heed to Mother Natures warning as just moments down the road, all hell broke loose. The cars had a hard time getting and staying warm all day because the of the cold wind seeped into every opening of the car.. How, on top of the cold, you have snow/hail mix bombarding the cars. The hail, combined with the fierce wind managed to make it's way into the car hitting some of us in the face and eyes. LOL but the BCCCB Roughnecks forged on. Now it's starting to accumulate on the roads. We have travelled the trail when snow was on the shoulder but never on the road. I took a quick pic of Bill and Moragh driving on the snow covered roads and the hail actually hurt my hand as I held the camera out the window. Slow and steady we drove, no sudden moves and all was well. The heaters were all on high but the snow still managed to accumulate on the windshield. This weather system was a little more intense then the one in Grand Narrows but we quickly drove out of it as we approached Margaree.


Desert anyone? My plan was to have a relaxing cup of tea and an oversized morsel of some tasty delicacies after lunch but pulling into the parking lot I knew there would be nothing relaxing about this stop, the place was full.  We did manage to get in the door and for those who wished to fight their way to the counter, they did get there rewards but then to find a seat. Donnie took his treat outside on the patio,, which wasn't all that bad being protected from the wind. I peeked inside and Carol was standing with here yummy looking lemon square and a drink. Hummm relaxing this stop wasn't. Everything can't be perfect but if we never stopped we would never know. Lets move on shall we.


Crossing over the mouth of the mighty Margaree river the wind was blowing with similar strength as when a speeding tractor trailer passes. The quick gusts would expand my roof to the tearing point but it was when you drove closer to Cheticamp that you could see what the strong wind was doing to the seas of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Just look at the waves crashing against the rugged shores. The spray was reaching over the 40 foot banks and spraying over the road. If alone I would have pulled over to watch the fury of the sea but with a group, perhaps heading to the motel was best.


Our home for the night.. The Acadian Motel, right in the heart of Cheticamp. You have to like the horseshoe style layout, every room in this configuration is close by. I booked the rooms and I had to ask for the largest room to make sure we all had a place to gather if the weather gods weren't seeing things our way. To tell the truth, the weather gods appeared to be down right angry at us judging by today's weathered.  Never the less, we are here and we don't have to worry about being warm for our evening gathering. The rooms were very complete having a microwave and fridge but no coffee maker. I took a kettle (old boy scout) just encase and as I settled in, I had seen Bill, Moragh as well as Mary and Mike heading out of the parking lot. On the way to the dollar store for a mug so they can have their wakeup tea or coffee warmed up in the microwave. Roughnecks???

Donnie stopped by for a pre supper drink and then we went out visiting. Carol wasn't answering the door, I wouldn't let us in either, then Peter came out of his room and said the girls are in here. So off to Peter and Sandy's room we went. It wasn't long before it was supper time and Bill suggested the Evangeline Restaurant, a very short walk away from the motel. Great! No one wanted to drive and with the wind as fierce as it was, we all huddled together and walked to the restaurant. Moragh and Mary were holding each other so they wouldn't blow away, it was a fun walk for sure. Arriving at the Evangeline Bill told the server 11 people and when we sat down.... there was a chair vacant. Bill quickly said... "Where is Carol." Oh my gosh, we left without her! Surely Carol would have blown away in this wind so I literally ran back to the motel to get her. Did you ever see an over weight man running in a wind storm, wearing black clutching his chest.... well that was me. Scaring the villagers I bet.  I am just at the foot of the motel driveway and I see Carol going from room to room looking in the windows. I yelled "The buggars left without us." (She'll never know that I ran back.) Anyway we walked through the wind to the restaurant where the others (who abandoned us lol) have gathered, unscaved.  There are plenty of restaurants in Cheticamp and we had a great meal at each one over the years but never the Evangeline. Folks, you have to eat here. I had the hot turkey and the server said that they have the best gravy around. Trust me, she wasn't lying. Another great meal with great friends. What more could you ask for.


Back to my room for a nightcap. Everyone was there but Donnie, I guess he needed his beauty sleep. The gathering started to break up around 10 with the last one out the door at 11.... Carol. Man this woman has more energy than all of us. I do have to put in a plug for the M&M Meats Cheese ball that Carol brought, it was delicious.


Day 2 and the weather forecast is cloudy with temperatures at 7 feels like 3. 3 degrees!. Last year we were partying on the step of the motel. this year we were freezing. Global warming my ass. Anyway, after the diverse weather conditions yesterday, a few of the BCCCB Roughnecks thought a car cleaning was in order, so with hot water in a trash bucket, we braved the elements to clean our cars for trail portion on the Bert Miller Memorial Fall Colors Tour. Above you see Brent and Donnie putting the shine back into their Bs. It's not a roof down day Donnie, not yet anyway.


Time to get ready for the road. It was a one nighter at the Acadian Motel so we all packed very light. Above, as I was walking around, I captured Bill putting away his pink poka-dot overnight bag. We may have to remedy that one day. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Also we have Mike checking the oil on Mary Mac's car. Hummm, Donnie and I just replaced the cracked head and yet it is still down on oil. There is a small amount of oil on the ground and I am thinking a rusty oil pan but it could be so many things. Further investigation is needed. This car handled the mountain like goat and no smoke, so I m sure all the oil lose is due to leaks. It will get fixed over time.


Breakfast anyone? We had our Supper at one great restaurant now lets try another restaurant for breakfast. Lets try the huge restaurant at the other end of town, the Hometown Kitchen. I am sure we laid out a great display of cars in their parking lot and they laid out a great meal for us. I placed my order as did the rest and Peter had ordered the hungry man breakfast.... Hold up! I didn't see a hungry man breakfast... I asked for a do over. The waitress was very willing to rewrite my order. The Hungry Man breakfast was enough to keep me going all day. Carol had a huge breakfast as well, to much for her so she shared it with her Mummy. The night before, Mary had mentioned her dislike of all these mountains and of a fear she has driving over them. She was a tad uneasy driving in a 33 year old car and asked Carol if she could drive with her in the German Healey. Carol was more then happy to have some company and away they went. I think Mary Mac and Dave Warr have the same fear of heights affliction. Have a read of Dave's experience in the "This Is Warr" story.


I spy with my little eye something that starts with the letter G....... GREEN! I often mentioned our great BCCCB timing at so many different venues but today, the BCCCB Roughnecks missed their mark. Not a big deal as this run is more about the relaxing drive and seeing some great sights but some blazing color would be nice. Behind me now is Don with a video camera in the car. Lets see how this looks as we enter the park. (CLICK) and (CLICK)


Time for the BCCCB Roughnecks to attack the first of many mountains along our way. Finally some great vibrant colors, surrounded by green that is, but still nice. You have to love this part of the island, the way the road cuts through the side of the mountains is so picturesque. Add a few MGBs and a Sexy Jag, oh lets not forget the German Healey into the scene and for those coming from the other direction, it's a scene that will never be forgotten. You'll see a little later on how attractive our cars are to some visiting photographers a little later on in the story.


You can't do the Cabot Trail without stopping at some of the iconic look offs. Here at the look-off on French Mountain, the old British Cars sure look good with the rugged coastline and high mountains in the background. There were only a small number who exited their cars to sink in the beautiful view here, man oh man was it cold. I can certainly understand why some chose to stay tucked inside their cars. Last year at this stop both Donnie and Brent had their roofs down, mind you it was a cold morning and there was a frozen tear on Joy's face but it wasn't as cold as it is here today. Mary did get out of Carol's nice warm German Healey to check on her car... I mean Mike, to see if all was well. And it was.  The fun has only just begun Mary, get your blinders on girl. The road just ahead was washed away and only a narrow path of a road lays between the high mountainside and a steep plunge to a valley far far below. Forge on roughnecks forge on.


The narrow path of a road wasn't all that bad, there was even a set of traffic lights governing the traffic flow. We did have to wait a few minutes for our turn to cross the washout so when all was green (yup more green) the BCCCB Roughnecks forged on. Being in these little cars you couldn't look over the barriers to see what was in store should the rest of the road gives way. Check out the drive through the construction (CLICK)


But for those who have a fear of heights, I did have in my photo collection from a recent walk on the skyline trail, a photo of just how far one would drop should the road giveaway. Remember... it's not the fall that will kill you, it's the sudden stop.


We stopped at the lake just atop of French Mountain for a peek. I was so hoping to see a moose but as I was scanning the lakeside for one of these magnificent creatures, a wondered if perhaps the polar bears may have scared them away. Perhaps not but it sure felt cold enough to have polar bears in the area. I was the only brave soul to venture outside of the car to check. The rest were all huddled close to the heater vents trying to stay warm. Come on Roughnecks, toughen up. Next, as we drove across the plateau between French and MacKenzie Mountains you can see Peter and Sandy's white Jag begin to blend into the snowy shoulder. I am not sure how many years Peter and Sandy were owners of this amazing vehicle, some 15 to 20 years, but for that duration, this car has never set foot outside in the snow. Well lets say the car was christened this weekend. This Jag has now proven tough enough to be true member of the BCCCB Roughnecks. As are the MGBs behind it.


Descending MacKenzie Mountain one has to wonder if the brakes on these old cars are up for it. I hope so. The steep straightaways ending with very sharp switchbacks has to push the brakes to their limits. A brief pause at the look-offs could aide in the cooling of the brakes but when I pulled over all, but Brent and Joy whizzed on by. I did manage to get a great shot of Brent and Joy's car high on the mountain over looking Pleasant Bay. The BCCCB Roughnecks did stop at the next look-off and when we got there we continued on with our journey.


Time for a pit stop. We were going to stop at the Rusty Anchor but the sign said Closed, for the season I am sure. Our next choice for a pit stop was the Mountain View Motel and Restaurant in Pleasant Bay, well what a stop this was. We did get a chance to shut our engines off when we were stormed by members of the Photography Guild of Nova Scotia who were out for a Cabot Trail Fall Colors Tour of their own. I am not sure how many were here but there was thousands of dollars worth of equipment being utilized. The Guild took photos of our cars and anything that caught their eye on each car. They say that it isn't the camera that makes the photographer, it's your eye. and I believe these fine folks have an eye for a great photo.


I sure hope the crossing of our paths was one of the many highlights on the the guilds tour, they certainly seemed impressed by the BCCCB Roughnecks, we sure were of them. Anyway, one of their members asked if they could take our picture... heck, not a problem. I even passed them my camera and asked if they minded taking one for our website. Not a problem they said. Above we have Bill and Moragh, Peter, Sandy Mary, Brent Joy, Don and myself. Mike must be taking a pit stop. Hey, did we forget Carol again?

Next stop.... Lone Shielding. I just think that there is something magical about this place. Despite all the wind and the cold temperatures we endured today, here, all has seemed to have stopped. The breeze blowing through the trees is very hypnotic, I could have stayed all day and listened to it. The air temperature here has mysteriously harmed up, it's no wonder the early settlers gathered here with their livestock during adverse weather conditions. Normally this time of year there would be a canopy of color but today green green and more green. Have a look. (CLICK) Time to press on.


Next up a slightly off green North Mountain. Still no vibrant colors but I am still hoping for that colorful scene that will almost stop your heart. Here we are negotiating the sharp turns of the steep decent of the mountain but if you really what your heart pumping, try this in the latter part of February or early March. North Mountain truly stands up to it's name then as the snow can reach 16 feet and change on the roadside. 


Even in the valley below North Mountain the colors of the season eludes us. The color eludes us but the scene of Bill's B negotiating the last turn of the mountain is very captivating. The only true color in this area was t he burgundy colored barn, which by the way i take a picture of every time I pass. I would love to know the story behind this place, The family history and why so far in the middle of nowhere. It does say A. MacDonald &Sons 1930 on the side of the barn.


Next a brief stop at the Cabot Trail Food Market to await delivery from a local artist a painting she had done for a charity that Carol is involved in. Here we had a grand conversation with a few locals and I asked if there were any of these old cars around. They did mention Bruce Hatcher in Niel's Harbor but outside of that the said the only other old car was a 63 Chevy belonging to a local shop owner. Above we have the lovely Sandy sharing her infamous Cabot Trail Cookies. Sandy has been supplying us with Cabot Trail cookies for some years now and a big BCCCB Roughneck thank you goes out to you.


Ahh yes the artist, Celeste Freisen-Nikkel from White Point Rd in Dingwall, Check out her website. Her beautiful painting was a donation to a charity that Carol is involved in. She did invite us to her gallery in Dingwall but time wouldn't allow us the opportunity. I did ask if it was an open invitation and she said it sure is. A run for 2013. Sounds great to me. Next we have the lovely Moragh nestled warmly in Bill's car. It was here that Bill discovered that the floor vent doors are open on their car. He closed them up and I sure hope the remainder of the drive is much warmer. A true BCCCB Roughneck for sure. Oh I must add.... Moragh has a hockey game she has to play in at 5. I hope nothing in this story upsets her, I may get a hockey stick in the skull.. A temperamental lot these hockey players.


I took so many pictures that it was hard to select which ones to place in the story. One group of photos that didn't make the story was pictures I took along the scenic route that leads into Neil's Harbor. There was extensive work done on the road and the smooth asphalt was a pleasure to drive as you pass what could be some of the most beautiful scenes along the trail. Hard to believe that this route isn't even part of the trail, it's a side road. Driving into Neil's Harbor is always nice, with all the wind and rain that we had today and yesterday it's had to believe that the waters here were calm. Oh this must be one wild spot on a strong gale. I am sure our great looking cars made a bit of a splash here as a few stopped what they were doing to watch us drive by. We didn't stop as we normally do, we just drove through sinking in the sights. Check it out (CLICK)


On through Ingonish we drove. I know the first photo of Mike as well as Moragh and Bill passing in front of St. Peters Church is repetitive but I do like how it looks. From here on towards the Keltic Lodge. Oh how I hoping that this is where all the color would be, but it wasn't to be. It really didn't matter when it comes to photos, our cars look great wherever they go,


Another pit stop, this time at the Keltic Lodge. What a beautiful Backdrop. The views for here are simply amazing. Here we took the time to check the oil in Mary's car and it was down again, Not to bad but still down. I pushed the car back and the was a oil spot a about 3 inches across. Very localized and I am guessing a rusty oil pan. I hope anyway. Here at the Lodge, Donnie and Brent spent some time talking to people from San Francisco. These folks flew to Montreal and Bicycled to the East Coast. Wow a long haul and so late in the season. They looked no worse for wear and as a matter of fact the were smiling the whole time. Kind of like they were living the dream.... Just like us. Our next stop, for a late lunch is the Main Street Restaurant and Bakery. Here folks is where you'll get a great meal and excellent service.


Here we are at the Main Street Restaurant enjoying a great meal. We surely don't look like a bunch of Roughnecks here, more like a group of pampered socialites relaxing after a day shopping. We are here all laughing and smiling and I joked about everyone leaving Carol and I behind the night before. Carol quickly responded that I ran back to get her.... the jig was up. Laughing I said, "who sold me out." Ever so slowly Joy raised her hand. To funny.... I so though I got away with it. Sorry Carol. We may have to do a head count before heading out to supper while on one of our tours.


The last leg of the Bert Miller Memorial Fall Colors Tour was the run to the ferry. Smoky Mountain always is an entertaining part of our tour, I do drive the mountain a little faster the I should. I so enjoy the excitement of the steep decent and the quick turns, it gets my blood pumping. I am sure Mary, in Carols German Healey, doesn't feel the same way I do. The feeling of excitement I have, I am sure, is replaced by the feeling of terror for Mary. Close you eyes Mary! Not to worry, your in great hands. Alas, the ferry at Englishtown, and wouldn't you know, it was waiting for us. Check out Donnie's video (CLICK)


Raise the ramps and lets get the show on the road. I am sure that we all agree that it sure is nice to get away and perhaps it's even nicer to get home. Well here on the Torquil MacLean, it signifies the end of this great adventure. Here is where we said our goodbyes and our thank-yous, and here is where Mary got back into her car with Mike. I hope they all had as much fun as I did. If you look closely at the videos Donnie had taken of the tour, you will see that the video camera captured more color then the still camera, so it wasn't a total colorless tour but it could have been better.


Yes it could have been better. There's Knot Enuff color on this tour, Knott Enuff sunshine, Knott Enuff warm temperatures and Knott Enuff time. There was however Enuff great sights, Enuff Food and Enuff Laughs. I spied this boat behind the Main Street Restaurant and though this picture would make a great closing photo to The Bert Miller Memorial Fall Colors Tour. I joked about Knott Enuff this and that but to tell the truth... it was perfect. Every little abnormal characteristic of this weekend are things we rarely deal with. That being so, this tour will be talked about for years to come. The snow, wind and cold was nothing for the BCCCB Roughnecks, we're a tough hardy lot. 

So there you have it. The Bert Miller Memorial fall Colors Tour closes out the 2012 driving season. There may be an unscheduled run in the near future but this is the last of the great runs this year. It was a great year with great adventures. Who would have ever though that buying an old British Car would open the door to such great fun. Well you know how it goes... If you weren't there you missed it. Come along next time. Perhaps bring an extra sweater.

Thanks Donnie for looking after the car DVR