Here at the BCCCB, we like it when a member throws their hat in the ring to help out our great club. We also love when someone exercises their talents, be it electrical, mechanical, body work or writing, this all helps our club to become strong. Today, Sunday May 20  there was a run and only one car with two people showed up, Alfred and Donna Dinaut. Why only one car? I am not sure, it was a beautiful day. I guess the rest of us had something to do. So as it stands, there was no other takers for today's run so Alfred and Donna ran solo and by the sounds of it, a great run. Donna had put their day in words and she did such a great job describing everything, no photos are needed.

Here is Donna story of her and Alfred's BCCCB run.

O.K., so here’s the story and nothing but the story... and you know the rest of how that one goes... Alfie and Donna were all excited about their first official run together with the BCCCB on Sunday, May 20th. Finally everything was lined up... the stars , the moon and the rest of the planets...most importantly, the car was ready to go and the sun was a shining , providing plenty of heat, without any rain in the forecast. Good thing, since we were without a top, no top to be had for this ol’ baby. Hope it comes in soon.

                Without further a due, we headed east to the usual destination, Value Village parking lot to meet the onslaught of other BCCCBers raring to run for another Club adventure. You never know what’s going to happen with these guys and these cars, never a dull moment. With all the safety gear stowed in the “boot” (and for those who know our “boot”, it’s not the easiest place to access anything safety related) and camera ready to shoot, we were optimistic that the day would go without a hitch, literally hopeful no towing would be needed to require one of those thingies!!

                As we approached Sydney River, low and behold, what our wondrous eyes did see but an orange B heading west, by gosh...did we miss the rendezvous? With an enthusiastic wave from the driver, we realized he had the lone car in that parade, and was not a Clubber. Keep Calm and Carry-on to V.V.

                Arriving early, the suspense was mounting but as the minutes passed, it looked more and more like we were riding solo. So we made our drive plan, to St. Peter’s, here we come. The drive was great, the scenery outstanding and with “Summer of ‘69” playing loud and clear, for a few minutes, we were transported to another dimension.

                What a day!! Everything was going our way...except the...speedometer! With a few taps on the dial, it didn’t respond, self-determined to stay at “zero” as if to say, you have to have something to talk about when you get back. Alfie kept things in hand, stayed cool and watched those RPM’s. Before we knew it we were at the Cozy Corner in St. Peter’s having a bite to eat that was very tasty indeed. Our drive back was just as nice and at some point along the way, a sudden maneuver occurred, as Alfie steered the B toward a parking area off the road for some reason,  which  I was unaware of at the time. Was it the traffic piling up behind? No, the “bonnet” was coming undone! Good thing for that safety latch, a gentle “slam” and we were back in “B’s ness! On to Big Pond, at the once upon a time public beach, for a picture and what a pretty scene! It never ceases to amaze, how awesome this island is for so many reasons that nature has to offer.

                The arrival home was as exciting as the departure...we had made it without major incidents!! With the car tucked away for the day, the list of things to do for the next ride wasn’t too long...just find out how to fix the speedometer so we’ll know how fast not to go around those turns!!

                The first run as a duo with the BCCCB won’t be our last. The more the merrier, but any run in a sweet British ride is a good one! See ya’ll next time.


Alf & Donna

Fantastic job Donna